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of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $24M  $21.6M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $124K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $21.6M valuation cap
$1K, $2.4K, $12K, $24K


Launching 24 businesses in 2024 #24in24
7 businesses launched, 11 founders supported across tech, ops, finance, sales and marketing.
$3,087,592 in revenue in our first 3 months with $5,332,633 additionally contracted in 2024
Margins: 88% Gross, 80% EBIT, and 59% Net

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Two things keep business owners and founders up at night...

#1: Relentless Demands:

People and businesses constantly clamor for your attention, resources, effort, and money - and they want it now.

#2 Uncertainty

The nagging question of “Will my time, energy, and capital investment pay off?”

Constantly navigating these challenges often pushes business owners to their limit and slows business growth to a crawl.

Understanding The Problem Is Simple. Solving It? That's Where We Come In.

We're NineOneSix Systems.

We're all about making business less overwhelming.

Our focus? Helping businesses succeed, giving their founders (and backers) peace of mind.

When founders are overwhelmed, business stalls—harming investors, customers, and the entrepreneurs themselves.

Our platform functions as a technology hub, a full service agency, and an investment platform, all designed to streamline the startup & growth process - reducing the overload entrepreneurs face daily. 

By blending these elements, we've created a unique ecosystem that comprehensively supports businesses, helping them thrive and adapt in a constantly shifting, competitive marketplace.


NineOneSix Systems offers advanced, integrated tech solutions that streamline and enhance business operations. Our technology platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems, providing scalable, user-friendly tools that boost efficiency, drive growth, and save valuable time. By removing technical barriers, we enable entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and business development.

  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Business Systems Integration
  • Data Management
  • Training & Support

Full Service Agency

At NineOneSix Systems, we provide a complete suite of business services tailored to meet the diverse needs of startups and SMEs. Our offerings range from strategic advice and operational support to marketing, sales, and legal services. We simplify complex tasks, allowing founders to concentrate on their core competencies. Our comprehensive support ensures that every aspect of your business is expertly managed, fostering sustainable growth and success.

  • Financial Services
  • Marketing & Media
  • Legal & Governance
  • Sales & Customer Support
  • Executive & Business Coaching

Investment Platform

We don’t just offer advice and tools; we back it up with financial support. NineOneSix Systems de-risks investments by providing seed capital and taking equity stakes in promising startups. Our unique approach combines financial backing with holistic business services and technology solutions, aligning our success with the growth of the businesses we support. This makes us a true partner in their journey, sharing both the risk and the rewards.

  • Equity Investments
  • Capital Raising
  • Investor Matching
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Management
  • IP Protection

Financial Performance & Revenue Model

Revenue Generation at NineOneSix Systems:

NineOneSix Systems generates revenue through a diversified model that spans our three core functions: Technology Hub, Full-Service Business Agency, and Investment Platform. This comprehensive approach ensures stable and scalable income streams, empowering us to support entrepreneurs effectively while driving our own growth.

Subscription Fees:

Businesses pay for access to our advanced suite of integrated technology solutions, comprehensive business services, and strategic investment support. This subscription model provides a steady stream of revenue, allowing clients to benefit from our platforms on an ongoing basis.

Service Charges:

For businesses seeking targeted expertise, we offer personalized consulting and strategic planning services. These include tech integrations, marketing strategies, financial planning, and legal compliance, for which we charge service fees. This model caters to businesses that need specific support without entering into a long-term partnership.

Startup Funding & Equity Investments:

For businesses looking to partner more closely with NineOneSix, we take a 10-20% equity stake. By aligning our success with theirs, we offer continuous support and guidance, sharing in their profitability. Additionally, we manage and de-risk investments for external investors who want to fund our partner companies, earning revenue from due diligence services and investment management.

By integrating these revenue streams, NineOneSix Systems creates a resilient financial model that supports our mission to simplify and enhance business operations for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Our competitive margins are maintained by leveraging technology to minimize operational costs, ensuring a high ROI for our investors.

Proven Traction & Financial Success:

In just the first three months, we generated $3,087,592 in revenue from our initial contract with a national health tech firm. With $5,332,633 of additional revenue contracted through the remainder of 2024, our financial trajectory is set for rapid expansion.

Our unique ecosystem creates a foundation for growth and shields business owners from the all-too-common burnout that can jeopardize their business.

By freeing up founders time, we help them focus on their vision and put their energy into forward thinking, high-impact tasks and avoid burnout.

Help us transform the business landscape into one that’s simple, burnout-free, and customer-oriented, ensuring peace of mind for founders and their investors.

Use of Funds & Future Plans

Our roadmap focuses on expanding our tech platform, enhancing our start-up support program, and scaling our own general operations. We are poised to increase our market share by leveraging the growing demand for streamlined business solutions, targeting a revenue growth rate of 40% year-over-year.

  • 👩🏻‍💻 Platform Development $960,000
  • Platform's technology infrastructure, focusing on introducing new services, features, and improving operational efficiency.
  • 🗄️ General Corporate Purpose & Fees $840,000
  • General operations, marketing, administration, and fees for legal, auditing and capital raising, including 6.9% fee to intermediary.
  • 🚀 Strategic Capital for 24 firms in 24 $600,000
  • Acquisition of minority stakes in client businesses and startups to grow our ecosystem of complimentary services.

Exit Strategy:

Our exit strategy is designed to maximize investor returns through strategic acquisition offers or a public offering, targeted within the next 5-7 years. This approach aims to provide liquidity and rewarding exit opportunities for all stakeholders.

Your Investment:

Your investment through WeFunder directly supports the expansion of NineOneSix Systems itself, not just our portfolio companies. By funding us, you're backing a platform that nurtures numerous startups, multiplying the impact of your investment across various sectors.

Investment into a Mission:

NineOneSix is dedicated to simplifying the business landscape so that small businesses, founders, and investors can thrive.

✅ Strategic Diversification:

By investing with us you diversify across an array of revenue streams while gaining exposure to a range of start-ups

✅ Growth Support:

Your investment helps fuel the strategic expansion of NineOneSix Systems into new markets, impacting more businesses and increasing your potential gains.

Join us and be part of the journey to redefine industry landscapes.

(Estimate available based on successful Reg CF and Reg D capital raise of $2.4 million. Additional funding may be available through other sources in the future.)

Financial Terms:

By investing in NineOneSix Systems, Inc. through a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) with a valuation cap, you secure your investment price for future equity rounds or company sale. As we grow our revenue and profitability, your investment could potentially multiply, depending on our market valuation and subsequent funding rounds.

For example:

A SAFE purchase at a $24M cap could lead to significant returns if the company's valuation rises to $100M, potentially increasing your investment fourfold, subject to dilution from future equity issuance.