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🚀Mission: Transform healthcare by empowering patients with easy-to-use success tools.
🧩Founder Fit: Founded by NICU parents and physicians with deep knowledge of the patient journey.
👊Partners: Backed by Backstage Capital, Cedars-Sinai, Techstars, Boomtown, WM360, and more.
💥Competitive Advantages: Patent-pending tech, EHR integration, network effects, and first-mover.

Our Team

Phil and his wife Jude had extremely premature twins (25-weeks gestation) and struggled to navigate the NICU journey. They made decisions they would now do differently, they signed consents they didn't fully understand, and they missed valuable opportunities to participate in care. Their experience led to Phil co-founding Nicolette.

We empower patients to be productive members of their own care team. ✅

Nicolette empowers patients and their caregivers to be members of their own care team in three ways:

Data Transformation: Most patient data is trapped inside a hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system and is challenging for patients to access. When patients do have access, the data makes little sense. Nicolette’s technology transforms this data into easy-to-understand updates, insights, and visualizations that put everything right in the palm of the patient’s hands.

Rapid Education: Receiving a new diagnosis can be a confusing and scary experience. At the same time, finding detailed and complete information regarding the diagnosis is difficult and time consuming. We’ve created an education engine which provides our customers with evidence-based, up-to-date education that is specific to them.

Participation Tools: It’s hard to be involved in your own care; we provide tools that prompt patients on when to take action and how to do so. The more engaged the patient, the more likely it is that the best possible outcome will be achieved.

These components result in health literacy, which is the greatest tool available to empower patients and their caregivers to self-advocate and be part of their own care team. CEO Phil Martie discusses health literacy here:

One of the greatest days of my life was also the worst. It was the first day I got to hold my daughter Nico. It was the only day I got to hold her. Born 15 weeks prematurely and suffering complications, she died at 27 days old.

Nico was a twin, whose brother Bex spent 110 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) before coming home. Throughout our time in the NICU, my wife and I experienced profound helplessness, especially in the tumultuous early going. All around us in the hospital were incredible medical devices, yet there were no tools for us to navigate the journey as parents.

We made decisions we would do differently now, signed consent forms we did not understand, and missed opportunities to be hands-on in their care. Most importantly, we could have advocated more effectively for them, but we didn’t know enough or have the confidence to keep pushing where we thought there was an opportunity.

Everyone reading this has experienced the same helplessness with their own health or that of someone they love. It’s a big problem because health journeys will not be as successful as possible until patients and their families are treated as partners.

At Nicolette, our mission is to transform the healthcare experience for patients by putting them at the center. Patients will be partners with their providers, having the competence to participate in their plan of care and the confidence to take action. The heart of this new experience is data-driven technology that is easy for anyone to use, regardless of tech proficiency or education level.

This is the technology we’ve built.

We launched this year with a focus on the NICU, and soon will expand to new health applications for young and old alike. Powerful technology built solely for the patient experience will be a standard part of receiving care, and we are passionate about leading that charge.

Phil Martie, CEO & Co-founder

What the Technology Looks Like

Here is a demo of our first product, NicoBoard:

The Business Model

We sell our products to hospitals and insurance companies, billing them a subscription fee of $21 per patient day. Each deal averages hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in recurring revenue, and the gross margin is 80% at scale:

Why Would a Hospital or Insurance Company Pay for This?

Empowering patients with data-driven technology improves their health outcomes and satisfaction while also reducing costs significantly. It effectively adds a member to the care team for no additional cost and is focused solely on themselves.

Our first product, NicoBoard, focuses on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and delivers strong return on investment for hospitals and insurance companies:


We are happy to say that we recently installed NicoBoard for the first time on a 3-year commercial contract at CHOC Children's Hospital. We have an additional pipeline of over 150 hospitals and insurance companies where we are actively engaged in sales at the c-level of the organization. Lastly, we are launching a distribution partnership with Ricoh Corporation, which has a footprint of over 1,000 hospitals in the US and more globally. 

The Results So Far

NicoBoard has now served over 600 families at CHOC's NICU and the results are excellent. Parents are reporting greater input and say in care, receiving more consistent information from the NICU team, and more timely updates on changes in their baby's status. CHOC recently published this research:

Next, CHOC will be conducting a proactive study on reduction in length of stay and readmission rates. 

Our Team

We are a team of patients, clinicians, and product experts with deep experience in our areas of expertise. Most importantly, we are passionate about empowering patients with success tools.

The Investment Terms

We are crowdfunding a minimum of $100,000 to fuel growth to new NICUs and expand our product to new areas.