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Invest in NexGenT

🔥 Revolutionary military-grade cyber-security and network engineer training



of a $1,000,000 goal
 $100M  $75M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $250K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $75M valuation cap
$5K, $10K


🏆$32 million+ gross revenue in the last 3 years (Mostly ISA contracts)
🔥50,000+ students currently learning on the platform
🎯NexGenT Alumni placed in Google, HCL, Visa, Walt Disney, and hundreds of other major companies
🎯On a mission to help 1 million Americans secure high-paying tech jobs by 2030
🇺🇸Next-generation online tech school founded by two US Air Force veterans
📰Company featured in major business publications and on Lifetime’s ‘Military Makeover with Montel’
💵 Over $18 million raised from Top Investors and VCs including Joe Montana, Angel Pad, Y-Combinator, and many more
📈$57 billion market opportunity with 3.5 million unfilled cyber roles in US alone

Our Team

Why NexGenT?

1. People don't need more low-paying jobs.

Hard-working families can't make the ends meet earning $12-$20/hour. They need tech skills so they can land high-paying jobs at major companies like Google, Tesla, etc.

2. Over 3.5 Million high-paying cyber security jobs are expected to go unfulfilled by 2022.
These jobs, if fulfilled, can help millions of families lead better life.

3. Most students spend 3+ years in college and graduate with $100k+ in student loans.

This needs to change. 

NexGenT is a real-world IT school where you can get real-world skills training on the latest technologies. 

So why invest in NexGenT?

NexGenT’s Zero-To-Engineer program helps people out of low-income jobs and into exciting tech careers.

The harsh truth is that in modern America we don’t need to put more people on cash registers and other menial jobs. Here, they live paycheck to paycheck, in fear of losing their livelihoods to automation in the near future.

At NexGenT, our engaging Zero-to-Engineer program is battling these problems head-on.

We focus on real-world skills training over theoretical education, with mentor-led, skills-focused courses that build the next generation of network and cybersecurity specialists. With such a focus on engagement, our program blurs the line between online and offline training.

We help close the skills gap by providing people with an affordable education that prepares them for a career in cybersecurity.

Today, you have the opportunity to invest in a successful company committed to improving the lives of millions of undervalued American workers.

And the results are incredible.

Just take the story of NexGenT student Chase Mitchell, who went from $50k in college debt to a debt-free network engineer making 6 figures!

Chase’s story is just one of the many success stories we have received from our students. We receive messages every day from students who are on a prosperous new path thanks to NexGenT:

“I get to spend more time with my family and make a living doing what I’m passionate about. Thanks, NexGenT!”- Keron Taylor
“This new job gave me a 50% pay-bump and I can’t thank the Zero To Engineer program enough for helping me achieve this milestone.”- Chris Mendez
“NexGenT helped me get my passion back, to come up with a solid and sound vision. It helped me remember not to give up on myself and to keep learning every day.”-Makeia Jackson
“The Zero To Engineer program helped me understand the IT industry and my career options. Soon after going through it, I was able to double my salary!”-Andy Pra

NexGenT’s exclusive program was developed by industry leaders from Lockheed Martin, Ford, Cisco, Dimension Data, and other top companies. 

The cybersecurity landscape in the United States is under threat, suffering nearly $1 trillion dollars of hacker-led damage in 2021 alone.

This explains why there will be a call for an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs in the country by 2025, leading to a $57 billion market opportunity.

In fact, there’s a 31% projected growth for cybersecurity roles over the next decade. 

This poses a huge opportunity for NexGenT to take a lion’s share of this GIGANTIC industry yet to be tapped into by any major players. 

NexGenT has grown year by year and generated over $32 Million in revenue in the last 3 years.

In fact, our revenue grew 500% from $3.2 million in 2019 to $16.2 Million in 2020 even during the COVID which is a testament to our business’s growth potential.

We are projected to more than double up our revenue to $40 million by 2024.

We are projected to hit profitability by late Q3 2022.

To date, we have raised $18.1 Million from top VCs and institutional investors like Y-Combinator, Altos Ventures, ACME, AngelPad, Joe Montana, and more – and that was just the start.

This is a rare opportunity for you to invest alongside top investors in the world and own a piece of NexGenT before we go public.

We firmly believe that we have a Unicorn potential (not guaranteed) and before we go public, we want to build a strong community of people who share our vision. 

“I’m Terry Kim – co-founder of NexGenT and Air Force veteran. Along with my co-founder and fellow veteran Jacob Hess, we have a hunger to make a difference to the lives of undervalued Americans. We plan to help 1 million people secure tech jobs by 2030.
We were both instructors in the military and trained thousands of personnel to be job-ready in only a couple of months. In the military, the focus is on job readiness. It’s no longer about having a diploma or a qualification, it’s about asking ‘can the student perform the specific task?’.
This is the same military-style training philosophy we bring to NexGenT – preparing job-ready students in an expedited fashion with no B.S.
Our mission is to get people out of low-income jobs and help them build amazing careers in information tech. We’ve helped students land jobs at tech giants including Google, Samsung, T-Mobile, Apple, Intel, Visa, IBM, and many more.”- Terry Kim, Co-founder of NexGenT

    In our latest round of funding, we want to open the company to both accredited and non-accredited investors via Wefunder and build a strong community of people who share our vision.

    Join us in our mission to train the next generation of cyber warriors and change the landscape once and for all.

    Let’s change the way America upskill, together! INVEST TODAY