Mental health minus the medicine

Last Funded January 2024


raised from 169 investors


$2M+ cumulative revenue; $1M+ trailing 12 months revenue
$275K exit ARR, 300% YoY subscription growth
World-class, award-winning team of neuroscientists & engineers (Boeing, Netflix, Samsung)
2K+ Crowns sold with users across 56 countries

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Why Neurosity?

Neurosity is the brain device for universal mental health.

Backed by venture investors including Boost VC, Hanwha Investments, and Founders, Inc., Neurosity’s patented neurotech device is set to revolutionize the $383B global mental health market. 

Our vision is to make neurotech as ubiquitous as the smartphone. By transforming brain data into a powerful, self-administered antidote, Neurosity is mental health minus the medicine. 

Stress, anxiety, and mental health disorder rates have exploded — and it’s getting worse.

950M+ people struggle with mental illness globally. 

Millions of people use substances and stimulants like energy drinks and coffee just to get through a day of work. Go-to solutions such as therapy can be inaccessible - demand is skyrocketing while the supply of qualified mental health care professionals is abysmal. Medication can have long-term negative health consequences, too.

Envision a future in which we have direct insight into our own neurobiology. A world where panic attacks can be avoided, ADHD can be easily managed, OCD can be treated, and thoughts can turn into productive action.

Neurosity is building that future.

Doctors have had access to neural activity for a long time, but consumers have not had software to understand that data collected by doctors, let alone the ability or means to collect the data themselves.

Neurosity software leverages state-of-the-art AI to create personalized feedback loops that build the foundation of a healthy mind. 

80% of users report a positive impact in the first 2 minutes. 

It’s simple: users place the Crown and earbuds on their head, select their desired mental state, and complete a 5-minute personalized neuroadaptive audio program - making productivity, mindfulness, and soon quality sleep achievable in five minutes or less.

Backed by science, the Crown is an at-home personalized brain wave management system. A lightweight, patented neurotech device, it’s easy to put on and portable. The Shift app is available on both Android and iOS and users can reset their mental state with Neurosity anytime, anywhere.

Decades of research prove the scientific correlation between mental states and brainwave frequencies. 

Neurons send messages all over the body to allow people to do everything from breathing to talking, eating, walking, and thinking. When groups of neurons fire together in a certain way to send signals to other groups of neurons, the resulting patterns are known as brain waves.

The Crown measures brain waves and identifies patterns and how you respond to different music, vibrations, and inputs. The data allows Neurosity to use stimuli to create desired mental state. The Crown uses EEG to measure brain activity in real-time.

Alpha brain waves usually occur when you are engaged in activities such as daydreaming, meditating, or practicing mindfulness. Research suggests that this type of brain wave may play a role in reducing symptoms of depression and improving creativity. We designed Alpha mode because the data showed users have to be in almost meditative state to shift their mood.  

We’re launching mediation based on Alpha brain activity because we saw a correlation of high Alpha with those who are able to increase their gamma power. Users use the Shift App to relax their mental state and let go.

Gamma brain waves are the fastest brain waves produced inside your brain. Brains tend to produce gamma waves when they’re intensely focused or actively engaged in solving a problem. Many users use the Shift App before they begin work to help them enter an optimal state of productive flow.

Delta brain waves are the slowest recorded brain waves. They’re associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. Once launched, users will have the option to turn their brains to sleep.

Every brain is distinct. Unlike other products on the market, the Shift app uses personalized NeuroAdaptive Audio custom-tailored to the user, increasing the impact and influence on their unique mental state.

Our trailing 12 months revenue is over $1 million dollars and with double-digit month-over-month subscription growth, our exit ARR just surpassed $276K. Crowns are used across 56 countries and the science behind our patented technology has been featured in 23 scholarly publications.

We’re all over the press. Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance!, Cheddar, and more have lauded Neurosity’s entirely new category of wearable EEG devices.

Neurosity’s team is led by top neuroscientists, engineers, and business strategists with experience at some of the biggest brands on earth including Boeing, Netflix, and Samsung. With their collective expertise and a commitment to brain health innovation, Neurosity’s team is well-positioned to capture the massive global mental health market.

As consumers demand alternative solutions to manage their mental health, Neurosity is at the forefront of the $1.5 trillion dollar global wellness market. Our vision is to become a disruptive player in the $383B global mental health market.

We’re creating an alternative solution for mental health and this is your opportunity to change the future of human brain functioning as we know it.

Neurosity generates revenue through hardware sales and subscriptions. The Crown was available on a subscription for a year-long pilot where users can pay $99 monthly to receive the Crown. We organically tripled subscriptions in the last year and are ready to compound these learnings into our next generation of hardware. 

With our new generation of hardware, we are tapping into immense growth possibilities by shifting from device sales to a subscription model. Crown devices retail for $1,199; our next generation of hardware will cost less than a quarter of the Crown. A monthly subscription will be required to get daily insights into a user’s changing mind, as well as the mental state management software currently loved by Crown users. 

This move in subscriptions not only provides users with the sought-after additional features but also integrates them into a broader Neurosity ecosystem– a one-stop shop for optimal brain health.

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Neurosity has closed capital from top-tier VCs including Boost VC, Founders, Inc., & Hanwha.

We opened a community investment round to give our users, fans, and supporters the opportunity to invest alongside our institutional investors. Why? Because this is about community. Together, we can fix mental health, for everyone.