Navisyo Inc

Redefining travel, lodging and realty

Last Funded April 2022


raised from 1,489 investors


In 6 months - Navisyo successfully raised over $1,070,000 during its first seed round on Wefunder
Over 1,400+ Investors from 52 countries around the world have backed Navisyo
Marketplace is LIVE, 1000+ boat offers in Spain, Greece and Italy updated as of 7/2023
4 - for innovative and affordable housing solutions on the water

Our Team

Navisyo is not just another project. It was born out of a passion for the seas and fueled by the sincere desire to make the world a more enjoyable, healthier and safer place. We also believe in an environment-friendly approach to business by giving back to the marine world and its communities.

Navisyo Group - The Story

“Navisyo Group was conceived during a self-reflective and inspiring voyage on the seas, where I underwent a personal ‘awakening’ and decided to share with the world a new found gratification for the simple, yet powerful, benefits Mother Nature’s waterways can offer humanity”. Alexander Michaels, CEO/Founder


A Perfect Storm

Although the Covid-19 crisis continues to disrupt entire world economies, we know that the travel, lodging and realty segments will never disappear. 

Today, more than ever, the world is in desperate need of innovative and sustainable alternatives to remedy the health, safety and financial challenges that this pandemic will leave behind.

What better alternative than on the water?

Navisyo is taking a step towards parity and sustainability. Our timing is pertinent and offers an unprecedented opportunity to connect, unite, share and prosper together in making travel, lodging and realty, affordable and accessible to one and all.



A ‘breath of fresh air' for recreational boaters and travelers in our new world

Navisyo is the first, online community based booking platform, to initiate authentic recreational boating experiences - by connecting certified boat owners with new world travelers, all while allocating lifetime commission based royalties to all of its users and participants.

Just imagine… a revenue sharing ‘Airbnb’ for the boating world!

Our Navisyo platform enables the world to sign up for free and join our dynamic and trusted Navisyo community and its community forums.

New members can search for/or post - budget-friendly boat offers within our three distinguishable categories:

  • Floatel (entire boat or cabin accommodations) in selected marinas, private docks, or moorings around the world - with or without the boat owners on board.
  • Voyage opportunities to share an authentic, overnight journey with the boat owners on all types of waterways, in addition to daytime experiences on the water.
  • Event spaces on a boat for private or corporate celebrations as a fun alternative to standard venues.

The Navisyo Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program, is an online revenue sharing ecosystem which truly rewards all of its users - making the booking process a win-win’ for all!

A lifetime of financial rewards

Our Ambassador Rewards Program is the first of its kind, within the online travel community. It is the ‘real deal’ and open to all, with no financial commitments, no hidden qualifying criteria and/or quotas to be reached.


Smart Living Starts with Smart Housing Solutions

Today, sustainability is no longer an option. It is a necessity! Mobility, simplicity and practicality are the keys to a more sustainable future at


As property prices, on dry land, are ever increasing and supply is dwindling, home boats are gaining in popularity and will soon become an attractive alternative for home buyers, wanting to purchase a primary residence or coveting a secondary home.

Based on recent statistics*, more and more job seekers are choosing to work remotely while others are opting for an early retirement. Home boat living will therefore provide millions of Americans - the freedom to work, move and change locations easily.

Navisyo Homes intends to redefine the world of realty and take smart living to new heights by offering innovative housing solutions - for independent living on all waterways around the world.


The Ultimate Build and Design

The Navisyo home boat model, is a premium quality motorized home boat, with a sleek and sophisticated build - exclusively handcrafted by our avant-garde houseboat designer and manufacturer.

Modern and stylish self-catering units, for independent year round living and eco-friendly anchorage - allowing maximum freedom with a minimal footprint.

- bright and cozy interior spaces, as well as optimised outdoor views and decks

  • 2 bedroom configurations (3 bedrooms will be available in Q4 of 2024)
  • can accommodate 4-6 adults
  • designed to promote fast and efficient housekeeping and rental turnovers

Environmentally friendly

  • autonomous water storage and filtering systems
  • freestanding sewage disposal solutions and wastewater treatments
  • high insulation with cost efficient and sustainable heating and cooling options

Production will start by 2024 - an electrically propelled model, powered by photovoltaic solar panels and batteries - offering its homeowners complete autonomy.

A smart housing solution, at an affordable price

The Navisyo home provides you with all the creature comforts of a traditional home without the financial constraints of purchasing and owning a property on land. 

Financial advantages

  • no real estate closing costs
  • no annual real estate tax

Unlimited business opportunities 

One-of-a-kind long term rental

Property home investors may consider purchasing a home boat, as a waterfront cost friendly investment option, which can be moved around anywhere in the world.

A unique vacation property rental

Home boats are becoming a more exciting holiday rental alternative for travelers - seeking safer, healthier and more authentic experiences on the water.

Want to start fresh and obtain the freedom to relocate anytime and anywhere around the world?

Click here to order your Navisyo home at



Police, firefighters, military, teachers, social workers and medical professionals are dedicating their lives to serve us - most often, putting their lives at risk for the safety and welfare of our community.

Navisyo Homes would officially like to acknowledge and thank all these front line warriors for their everyday hard work, sacrifice and courage!

Are you an everyday hero aspiring to purchase a home? Navisyo Homes is here to assist and help you fulfill your dream!

Redefining ‘the art of giving back’

We are committed to aiding all of our nation’s heroes acquire their first home on the water by awarding a $5,000 grant* per household, anywhere in the United States and Canada.

*limited to one Navisyo home per household 

Today, for us it is a privilege and an honor to, in turn, lend a small helping hand…

To find out more details click at


An exclusive collection of authentic Floatel stays around the world, handpicked and managed by the Navisyo Group.

Introducing a Revolutionary Eco Friendly

Vacation Rental Concept on the Water

Turn your real estate on water into a lucrative venture. Highest return on investment opportunity available in North America. Whether you are a marina owner or a private owner of a waterfront property, you are now able to turn that real estate into a high yielding return by introducing a Navisyo Home and offering it to guests with an option for cruising.

To find out more details click at



January - Navisyo concept is created

March - IT development begins

April - Navisyo sets up a LLC in the state of Florida

September - desktop beta version completed 

December - First crowdfunding begins on Wefunder


January - 222% of the funding goal is achieved in just 3 weeks from 183 investors

February - Pilot test territory is identified (Balearic Islands of Spain)

May - $ 500,000 is successfully raised through Wefunder with 744 investors

recruitment and training of first onboarding team in Spain

Navisyo Group website is launched at

June - Navisyo attends the Palma International Boat Show

July - Onboarding Team (Spain) begins enlisting boat owners

August - Booking platform is launched at with 125+ live offers

October - Crowdfunding campaign closes - $ 1,131,150 is successfully raised

more than 1,200+ investors from 50 countries back up Navisyo

250+ live offers in Spain and growing

November - Onboarding begins in Greece

company conversion to a C Corporation in Delaware

December - Priced equity round is launched on Wefunder

1,000,000 shares are made available to the public


January - Onboarding begins in Italy

3 additional brands are incorporated into the Navisyo Group

Navisyo Homes, Navisyo Floatel Collection and Navisyo Heroes - Thank You Fund

Pre-orders for the Navisyo Home are launched

February - Over 500+ offers on in Spain, Greece, Italy

June - The first showroom of Navisyo Homes is successfully delivered to California

July - Top Management team members are being formed. Chris LaManna is named VP of the Navisyo Group

August - The second showroom of Navisyo Home is successfully delivered in Miami Beach.

October - Navisyo Home attends the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


Navisyo considers all of its team members and key players to be a part of the family. We strive to build a meaningful and healthy work environment - filled with fun, adventure and memories which we create together.

We cordially invite you to join us on this incredibly exciting journey!

Welcome all aboard to the NEW WORLD of NAVISYO!