Nature Nate’s LLC

Sorghum Foods and Snacks

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$1 Million in Gross Sales for 2023
~95% of the popped sorghum market and ~30% of the sorghum snack market
Ownership of Production Facility
Growing List of Grocery Stores All Over the United States & Canada

Our Founder

Join The Sorghum Revolution!

Food shouldn’t be complicated. 

But sadly, the vast majority of the food industry is fraught with health hazards and unhealthy practices.

Allergens, heavily processed food, inflammation, and high blood sugar/diabetes are prevalent in the food industry today. Droughts and pestilence make natural farming more expensive, and the existence of health food deserts and rising inflation can make it nearly impossible for some people to have healthy food options. 

That's why we want to introduce the world to sorghum. 

Sorghum (also known as milo) is an ancient grain similar to millet and quinoa. It is free of the top 12 allergens (including gluten and corn), lowers inflammation, and helps prevent diabetes. Growing sorghum uses 66% less water than growing corn, which makes sorghum ecologically friendly and more durable during droughts. 

At Nature Nate's LLC, we pop sorghum like popcorn, grind it into flour, and sell it in grain form as a gluten-free, lectin-free replacement for oats and rice. Our sorghum products are produced in true artisan fashion with high quality ingredients, and all the sorghum we use for our products is grown organically in the United States.

The Word Is Getting Out

We sell our products through our website, Amazon storefront, and grocery stores both large and small. We've been expanding to as many stores as possible, and we are working to keep prices low despite rising inflation and increased costs of ingredients and manufacturing. Our products are in over 400 stores throughout the United States, and we are starting to distribute to more stores in Canada. 

We are engaged in direct marketing (through shows, store demos, word-of-mouth, and farmer’s markets) and digital marketing (through our website, email/SMS lists, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Amazon). As of 2024, we have ~95% of the popped sorghum market and ~30% of the sorghum snack market. 

Join us! 

We are rapidly expanding and first-to-market across a variety of innovative products, and our proprietary equipment and processes have allowed us to corner the market. 

Your investment in Nature Nate’s LLC is also an investment in healthy food, making better food options more available, and sustainable farming and food processing practices. 

We want to use the raised capital to invest in a larger facility and better machinery so we can meet the growing demand for our products, use more ecologically-friendly packaging, and make our products available and affordable for everyone.