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Award-Winning 3D Food Printer — 300+ customers, $1M+ revenue

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Established company: founded 2012. 7+ years of development and proving the concept/market. First product is in-market and selling globally.
VC Backed and funded by multiple grants, including European Union H2020 Phase 2 valued at €1.8M.
IP protected. 7 patents filed to date, covering design, the general process and 5 systems; more patents to come.
Foodini is with over 300 paying customers around the world. We have offices in Barcelona, New York City, Milan and Beijing.

Our Team

We want to inspire individuals to lead more sustainable lifestyles and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet... both for the inhabitants and the environment. We care about the planet and sustainability, and we want to provide solutions that help people move towards long-term food sustainability.

Named as an incredible food innovation that will change lives.

Our goal is to produce a full range of innovative kitchen solutions improving the quality and enjoyment of food, making it easier to be in full control of all your foods and have a positive environmental impact by lessening food loss/waste. 

Natural Machines is honored to be ranked in the top 5% of the official FoodTech 500 list - billed as the Fortune 500 of FoodTech.

Our first released product already selling globally is Foodini — a 3D food printing kitchen appliance with 7 patents filed to date.

The premise of all 3D printers is the user becomes the manufacturer. The same concept applies with Foodini. Foodini works with food capsules end users can fill with their own fresh ingredients.

Now, we are raising funds for the next version that has the additional capability to cook - with lasers. 

We are industrializing the next version of Foodini, dubbed FoodiniPro, which has one additional major piece of functionality that Foodini does not have: the capability to cook. It's a multifunctional kitchen appliance that cooks in a new, healthier way: we cook with lasers.

If you eat anything from a food manufacturer - like packaged food you buy in a supermarket - then you practically are already eating 3D printed food: a food manufacturer takes food, pushes it through machines, shapes it, forms it...

See more prints in our dish gallery - click the image above!

We’ve taken that same concept of a large food manufacturing facility and created a stylish appliance for your kitchen counter. But the big difference is we allow you to use your own fresh ingredients and customize your foods.

300+ customers around the world with over $1M in revenue.

We are selling Foodini around the world. See some of our customers and testimonials.

Partial Customer List

We have long term visions that extend beyond 3D food printing.

Foodini uses many technologies that can be separated out and integrated into new kitchen solutions. 3D food printers are our first released product line. 

How we make money

We make money in 3 ways:
1) Machine sales and accessory sales
2) Professional services, e.g., onboarding, customized print creation, training, develop client products and services, on-site support.
3) IoT data services - recurring revenue


Use of Funds

Our story

It all started with a friend who owned a vegan bakery and wanted to expand outside the country. But there was a problem—80% of product costs were tied to manufacturing and distribution... with raw ingredients and labor accounting for only 20%. So, we thought of building  a mini-manufacturing kitchen appliance. Read our story in full.

Join us to inspire people to lead healthier lives and help make our planet more sustainable...

...both for the inhabitants and the environment. Our goal is to produce a full range of innovative kitchen solutions improving the quality and enjoyment of food, making it easier to be in full control of all your foods and have a positive environmental impact by lessening food loss/waste. We further the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, #12: responsible consumption and production.

There are a lot of questions around 3D food printing... we have a lot of answers. Here are a few topics that you might want to read more about:

We hope you join us for this journey. It's super exciting, never a dull moment, and you'll be part of an exclusive team of innovators and forward thinkers that are creating new kitchen solutions that are good for individuals and good for the planet. 

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