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The planets 1st fully independent professional soccer league, breaking free from the establishment.
Pioneering licensed teams over expensive U.S franchise model, giving ownership back to the people.
Introducing the world's first tour-based professional soccer league, bringing soccer to the fans.
Reviving America's original soccer teams, honouring the sport's deep heritage and legacy.

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Igniting the Future of American Soccer: Join the Revolution with the National Soccer League™ (NSL)

A lifelong devotee of the beautiful game, Scott "Matchmaker" Michaels witnessed with dismay the commercialization sweeping through American professional soccer. For Scott, soccer is more than just a sport—it's a passion shared by billions, and he believes it should remain firmly rooted in the hearts of its fans.

Motivated by a desire to restore the essence of the game, Scott embarked on a mission to launch the National Soccer League (NSL). With a fervent commitment to empowering supporters and preserving the purity of soccer, Scott envisions the NSL as a beacon of fan-centricity in a landscape increasingly dominated by corporate interests. As the specter of the 2026 World Cup looms large, Scott is determined to reclaim control for the fans, ensuring that the spirit of soccer remains untainted.

Leveraging his experience as an entrepreneur and international soccer agent, Scott sought to establish the NSL as a platform to connect fans, team owners, and players in unprecedented ways. His goal is to create a stage where fans were the true stars, reviving original teams from American soccer's golden era to infuse new life into the sport. Understanding the need for innovation, Scott opted for a unique tour and licencing business model , hosting matches in winter and spring to enhance fan engagement and minimize commercial distractions.

The NSL emerges as a league driven by the people, reflecting Scott's commitment to democratizing soccer ownership and fostering a sense of community among supporters. However, his mission is ongoing, as he invites fans from diverse backgrounds to join him in shaping the future of American soccer. Together, they aspire to revolutionize the sport, ensuring that fans remain at the forefront and that America takes pride in its soccer legacy once more.

Soccer in America, despite global prominence, faces hurdles: mismanagement in the U.S. Soccer Federation, closure of 150 plus clubs since the '1990s, and MLS challenges with high costs and over commercialization. Foreign player dominance and limited domestic growth persist. MLS struggles for viewership despite market control. High costs create exclusivity, hindering accessibility. U.S. Soccer regulations stifle fan ownership and investment.

However, hope arises with the NSL, we believe in a new professional soccer ecosystem that transcends boundaries, fostering a culture of meritocracy competitive soccer. Every match is a battleground where talent and hard work reign supreme, pushing players and teams to strive for excellence. In our world, success is earned, not bought, and we're here to level the playing field.

The data is compelling: 27% of U.S. sports enthusiasts, 83 million people, show a keen interest in soccer. Compared to the global average of 40%, American soccer has remarkable growth potential. With 3.5 billion soccer fans worldwide, the U.S. has vast untapped potential. Yet, only 30 elite soccer clubs exist in North America, highlighting a significant gap between demand and supply. The future holds promise. We aim to bridge this gap, unlocking soccer's true potential in the United States.

The NSL distinguishes itself from traditional soccer leagues through a range of exclusive features. As the sole globally operating professional soccer league independently governed and tour-based, it prioritizes fan value. Our initial plan is to turn the existing league tour-based to grow the sport, an idea birthed by studies that show that tour-based models can optimize and amplify a non-core sport quicker than a city-based model. 

The NSL's innovative tour-based model simplifies team ownership complexities, drawing inspiration from successful tour-based leagues like UFC, PLL, U.S Open, UFL and PGA. By staging matches across various cities, NSL fosters inclusivity and excitement, aiming to revolutionize American soccer. Matches are strategically scheduled in winter and spring, enhancing attendance and ensuring ideal playing conditions. Embracing technology, NSL plans digital platforms, data analytics, and fan engagement technologies, aiming to create an immersive experience while avoiding direct competition with established leagues.

Soccer should be a sport for all, devoid of politics, activism, bullying or discrimination. That's why we're committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where every fan feels welcome. With a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, the NSL is a beacon of integrity and respect in the world of sports.

The NSL isn't just another soccer league; it's a movement that empowers fans to become more than just spectators – to become true stakeholders in the game they love. Imagine the thrill of owning a piece of your favourite team, where your passion translates into tangible contributions to their success. That's the power of fan ownership, and it's at the heart of everything the NSL stands for.

Fans wield the power to drive change in the game. Globally, many independent fan-owned soccer clubs exemplify this strength, showcasing the collective impact of supporters. These clubs embody community spirit and grassroots involvement, emphasizing fans' crucial role in soccer. From decision-making to financial support, fan ownership underscores the principle that soccer belongs to its supporters. As guardians of tradition and advocates for inclusivity, these clubs inspire pride and belonging among fans, highlighting the significance of fan engagement in shaping soccer's future. Through its focus on social responsibility and community engagement, the NSL strives to be more than just a soccer league but a force for good in society.

With a vision that encompasses some of America’s most famous clubs, including the U.S federal trademark applications of the Atlanta Chiefs, Los Angeles Aztecs, Chicago Sting, Washington Diplomats, Boston Minutemen, Philadelphia Atoms, Detroit Express, San Antonio Thunder, California Surf and Memphis Rogues.

With a rich heritage featuring icons such as George Best, Johan Cruyff, Eusébio, Carlos Alberto, Bobby Moore, Trevor Francis, Wim Suurbier and many more legends, the sport is experiencing a thrilling resurgence, ready to reignite the global soccer scene. as well as the relaunch of the Trans-Atlantic Challenge Cup.

The NSL aims to forge new opportunities for American talent. Currently, the chances for Americans to play top-level soccer in major leagues are nearly one in a million, mainly due to the industry's limited size and foreign player dominance. We've identified numerous American players with exceptional skills who have been overlooked by the current system. We advocate for talent assessment based solely on ability rather than socioeconomic status.

The league is keen on partnering with youth academies, scouting networks, and player development programs to create pathways for these players. By leveraging technology and hosting a national NSL showcase, funded by the league, we aim to uncover hidden talents within US soccer. With top-notch coaching, we're confident we can nurture these talents into elite players, raising the game's standards.

We're breaking down barriers to make soccer more accessible to everyone. From low-cost ticketing options to complimentary NSL tickets for underserved communities, we're ensuring that no fan is left behind. And with free NSL game broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook which has collectively over 5 billion monthly users as of 2024 , we're bringing the excitement of soccer to fans around the globe partnering with fans and creators. NSL is also committed to social impact initiatives, such as promoting diversity and inclusion, supporting grassroots soccer programs, and giving back to local communities through visits and free tickets for the underprivileged.

We're dedicated to a comprehensive strategy aimed at attracting and retaining fans, enhancing brand visibility, and building deep community connections. Tailored marketing campaigns, emphasizing NSL events as soccer festival weekends, ignite excitement among local enthusiasts. Community outreach, including partnerships with schools and youth clubs, forges meaningful grassroots relationships. Interactive social media contests, polls, and exclusive content foster supporter belonging. Dynamic pre-match festivities, halftime entertainment, and post-match activities, complemented by top food and entertainment, ensure memorable experiences. Our innovative digital platform extends the NSL experience beyond the stadium, with live streaming and interactive forums. Collaborations with local businesses drive event attendance, reinforcing our integration within the community. Through community service and fan feedback, we prioritize giving back and shaping the NSL's future.

The NSL aims to measure fan engagement and satisfaction through metrics like attendance, ticket sales, merchandise purchases, social media interactions, and fan surveys. By analysing these indicators, the league can understand fan sentiment and areas for improvement. Post-match surveys and online forums will gather valuable feedback on fan experiences. The NSL plans to invest in technology, including mobile apps for real-time updates and interactive content, to enhance fan engagement. Prioritizing fan feedback and data-driven insights, the NSL is committed to continuously improving the fan experience.

The NSL aims to revolutionize fan engagement and operational efficiency through innovative technology adoption. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences will immerse fans in matches, while wearable technology captures real-time player data for enhanced analytics. Artificial intelligence (AI) personalizes fan interactions, and blockchain ensures transparency in ticketing and merchandise. Embracing outlawed FIFA technologies, NSL sets new standards in soccer innovation, prioritizing an unparalleled fan experience and long-term growth.

Soccer Entertainment Rise

The triumph of Wrexham has seized the global spotlight through a tremendously successful Netflix documentary featuring Rob McElhenney & Ryan Reynolds promoting the soccer club. Additionally, the hit soccer TV show "Ted Lasso" has garnered immense popularity in the USA.

Alternative soccer is gaining global momentum, evidenced by packed stadiums at Nou Camp in Spain for Kings League matches and millions tuning in for exhibitions featuring the Sidemen YouTube charity event. England's Soccer Aid charity matches draw massive revenue and online viewership with sell-out crowds, showcasing non-traditional formats' rising popularity. These events offer fresh entertainment-sports fusion, attracting diverse audiences worldwide. As alternative soccer gains traction, it transcends traditional boundaries, reshaping the sport's landscape.

The NSL aims to revolutionize fan engagement and operational efficiency through innovative technology adoption. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences will immerse fans in matches, while wearable technology captures real-time player data for enhanced analytics. Artificial intelligence (AI) personalizes fan interactions, and blockchain ensures transparency in ticketing and merchandise. Embracing outlawed FIFA technologies, NSL sets new standards in soccer innovation, prioritizing an unparalleled fan experience and long-term growth.

Launching ahead of the 2026 World Cup is a strategic move for the NSL. With the tournament set to spark nationwide interest in soccer, the NSL aims to leverage this momentum by introducing fans to a fresh and innovative approach to the sport. By bringing games directly to cities, the NSL intends to establish a deeper connection between fans and their local teams, fostering a vibrant domestic soccer culture that persists beyond the tournament.

As anticipation builds for the 2026 World Cup hosted in America, excitement for soccer is palpable. However, despite the massive fan base, only a fraction actively engage with US soccer and its franchised domestic leagues. This represents a significant untapped market, and the NSL is ready to seize this opportunity by transforming the sport and taking it directly to cities nationwide.

The NSL envisions long-term growth and scalability through strategic expansion and international engagement. By introducing the Transatlantic Challenge Cup™ during summers, it aims to promote cross-continental competition and attract global teams, thereby enhancing the league's prestige and broadening its fan base. With accessible club ownership and flexible financial arrangements, the NSL plans to increase team participation, promoting healthy competition and enriching the fan experience. By nurturing existing clubs and facilitating the entry of new ones, it seeks to strengthen its presence in American soccer while making significant strides on the international stage, solidifying its position as a premier soccer league.

Our club operators are poised for dynamic partnerships with NSL, where the initial three-year term fosters adaptability and flexibility, laying the groundwork for mutual success. Anchored by a licensing fee and an additional NSL operations fee, our commitment to flexible financial arrangements is clear, promoting flexibility in financial transactions. Ensuring operational flexibility, clubs maintain a minimum annual working capital, covering various costs. NSL exercises flexible control over gameday operations and player approvals, while also granting authorization for exhibition games outside the league, all in a bid to maintain exclusivity through adaptable strategies. With no limit on club participation, scalability remains flexible, offering abundant growth opportunities within the league's dynamic framework.

This isn't just about investing; it's about joining a revolution. We're teaming up with Wefunder to raise $5 million in our first community funding round, and we want you on board. Establishing strategic alliances with sponsors, broadcasters, and stakeholders is crucial for our league's success.

This initial community funding round is pivotal for setting up a robust operational infrastructure essential for a smoothly running sports league. Our priorities include identifying emerging American talent, securing top-tier athletes, securing premier stadium venues, establishing solid legal agreements, and assembling a top-notch marketing team, among other critical tasks. Under our model, the NSL retains intellectual property rights over all assets, empowering team owners/operators to commercialize them within established guidelines.

Our vision is to nurture and elevate these clubs into significant assets within the soccer community. While recent MLS franchise sales reached a remarkable $500 million, and USL expansion costs $20 million, we plan to offer teams without any upfront franchise costs. Our innovative strategy involves accessible licensing for club ownership, eliminating traditional high franchise fees that often deter participation. We're committed to enabling passionate owners to join the NSL journey without financial constraints.

Sports valuations have consistently outperformed the S&P 500, indicating a lucrative investment trend. Globalization broadens revenue streams, and technology enhances fan engagement, driving growth. The enduring love for sports ensures market resilience, even during economic downturns. This dynamic landscape offers investors opportunities for stability and growth potential.

IPO Valuation and Future Prospects:

As we continue to grow, we envision an Initial Public Offering (IPO) As the company expands, there may also be opportunities to capitalize on economies of scale or implement cost efficiencies. The NSL is prepared for revenue diversification, cost containment measures, and measures to ensure the league's viability beyond the initial growth phase. In the event of potential risks or unforeseen expenses affecting profitability, the league will promptly adjust its operations to align with the changing financial environment, ensuring adaptability and sustainability.

Identifying specific KPIs that will be used to measure the NSL's progress and success can help investors track the league's performance over time. These KPIs could include metrics related to fan engagement, ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise revenue, and market share growth, among others.

NSL's Investor Opportunities:

Investing in the NSL isn't just about supporting soccer; it's about shaping its future and securing your place in sports history. By investing, you're not only embracing the inclusive spirit of the sport but also becoming part of its enduring legacy. This isn't just a financial opportunity; it's a chance to be part of a revolutionary movement that's transforming American soccer. With the NSL's rapid expansion and growing influence in the sports world, there's never been a more exciting time to get involved.

Imagine the thrill of being at the forefront of a game-changing venture, with the potential for significant returns on your investment. Join us in this exhilarating journey to redefine soccer in America and ignite the passion of fans nationwide. Invest in the NSL today and become a part of something truly extraordinary. The soccer revolution is here, and you can be a part of it.