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Public Launch on Jul 15 @ 9:00 AM ET
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Secured 10-year contract at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX
Curated 10k+ rest experiences globally
Positioned to disrupt the fast-growing ($2B) global airport sleeping pod market
CEO + Founder is former Vice President of Strategy at Fortune 100 company

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We are solving the sleep deprivation epidemic one nap at a time.

Picture this: You're a business traveler stuck in a never-ending layover or a leisure traveler craving a peaceful escape from the airport chaos. That's where we step in. And let's not forget about our hardworking TSA agents, airport crew, and flight teams—they deserve a break too!

Our wellness pop-ups have been a hit ever since our appearance at the 66th Annual GRAMMYs. Celebrities loved it, signaling that we're definitely onto something special!

Our competitor (pictured above) is the only major player in the industry who has monopolized the airport sleep space since 2009. There is NO competition out there for them...until now!!

According to data, the company generates over $16M in revenue... there's your proof of concept. *high five*

Their products/services are sufficient; however, we have a luxury concept that incorporates innovation.

Nap Bar's key differentiator (pictured below) is the ultimate eco-friendly, luxury rest sanctuary outfitted with cutting-edge virtual reality experiences designed for exhausted travelers and airport staff who enjoy the lap of luxury.

Modern-day travel for the modern-day family or solo traveler. Travel doesn't have to be chaotic or stressful. Imagine a private place for mom to nurse, the other parent working, and the kids watching TV. Or, an entrepreneur facilitating a Zoom meeting in the privacy of their suite.

When you book using our app, you get to pick between the 'Beehive' suite, showing love to Queen Bey, or the NASA suite for chilling out and diving into MetaSnooze™—our exclusive VR software that we own the license for.

Sports fan? We've got just the thing for you—kick back in our 'Champion' suite, decked out with Astros gear to honor our World Series champs. Plus, check out the 'Bayou City' suite with cool murals from local artists showcasing Houston’s diverse vibes.

As we scale, the themed suites will reflect the culture and vibe of the city we are located in. 

The experience is unmatched. We're all about keeping it safe and comfy with hospital-grade infection control and security measures. It’s all about napping, resting, meditating, and practicing mindfulness. The zen-like space has access to secure Wi-Fi to Netflix and chill, or catch up on emails!!!

Our company’s ethos revolves around turning sustainable rest into sustainable productivity. Our approach to rest is rooted in science and designed to engage all your senses, making sure you can recharge to the max.

Ever tried catching some Z's in your car during lunch or dealt with those uncomfortable airport seats on a trip? That's the exact scenario of how our founder, Khaliah O. Guillory dreamt up the idea of Nap Bar.


After investing her entire retirement fund, Guillory has secured a 10-year contract to open Nap Bar’s flagship location at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.

Khaliah's all about intentional moves, which is why she's rolling out a Revenue Share round. She knows the power of commUNITY, and this move lets everyone potentially grow wealth while supporting Nap Bar's reach across airports, hospitals, sporting venues, and colleges. Plus, you get a potential return on investment, all while backing a minority-owned business.

When you invest in Nap Bar through Wefunder, you're not just making a financial move; you're joining a movement to revolutionize global wellness with cutting-edge innovation and technology. It's your chance to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to solving the widespread issue of sleep deprivation.

Returns not guaranteed

Our wellness pop-ups have been blowing up ever since we rocked the 66th Annual GRAMMYs. Celebrities couldn't get enough of the experience, showing us we're definitely onto something huge!

We've been gaining significant traction since our launch in 2019, with year-over-year growth.

We own the license for MetaSnooze™, our exclusive VR experience.

Even though Nap Bar had just been up and running for five months before the pandemic hit, Khaliah didn’t let that stop her. She embraced the power of adapting, curating virtual reality experiences, and a custom Better Sleep Box to champion mental health and mindfulness.

Watch the full video Dr. Melita Moore, Team Physician, WNBA

Did we mention that lululemon has signed on as our uniform sponsor...WOOT-WOOT!!!

Watch customers rave about their MetaSnooze™ VR experience

At Nap Bar, our comfort concierges are experts at creating the perfect rest experience. You can relax and feel at home, even when you're away from home while traveling.

Global virtual reality is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15%, global wellness CAGR of 12%, and sleeping pods at a CAGR of 5%, respectively.

Source: Global Wellness Institute, Grand View Research, SkyQuest

Travel is blowing up, with millions of folks jetting through airports daily. And guess what? Terminal D, where Nap Bar is at, is projected to welcome a staggering 4.5 million travelers every year.

We've got a three-pronged strategy to bring in revenue. We're sticking with our B2B pop-up gigs, hitting up colleges, convention centers, and corporate hubs in our lineup for this model.

This letter of intent (LOI) will be our launch pad for growth. We predict we will get $400k from this first contract (based on 4.5M travelers per year of which we will transact 5k) and four revenue streams (naps, VR sales/rentals, lululemon merchandise sales, and strategic partnerships). In year two, we predict opening an additional location in a new airport. This would give us $720k from both the new location plus 10% growth in our existing location. In the third year, we plan to open a third location in another airport.

This is a wild graph!!!

In just three years, operating in three major airports with conservative estimates across the board, Nap Bar is on track to become a million-dollar company with positive EBITDA and impressive 93% margins. And here's the kicker: these projections don't even include expansion into other verticals like hospitals and sporting venues. YOW!! Talk about hitting a home run!! 🤯

The primary revenue will include:

  •  Suite & shower rentals
  •  Wellness services
  • VR headset sales & rentals 
  • Merchandise (exclusive lululemon nap swag, white-labeled Better Sleep Box) 
  • Strategic partnerships (product placement)
  • Our diversified revenue streams cater to various travelers’ preferences and desires

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed

By investing in Nap Bar through Wefunder, you'll be backing a grassroots, bootstrapped, and innovative business. We're thrilled to introduce a new revenue-based lending approach where investors can expect a 2x return (early bird) on their investment within a targeted 5-year repayment period.

Early Bird Investors will receive a 2x return on their investment while other Investors will receive a 1.5x return on their investment.

The company will repay 3% of the previous quarter’s revenue to investors until we have returned 1.5x (2x Early Bird) your initial investment.

Early Bird Example: $10,000 today yields $20,000 in 4-6 years.

In the event of accelerated company revenue, you may receive your 2x investment sooner. On the flip side, if revenue growth is slower, the repayment period could extend.

Conservative - 6 years

*Target - 5 years

Aggressive - 4 years

We're tentatively planning to start construction in Summer 2024, with the grand opening slated for Fall 2024. Repayment is expected to commence in Q2 2025.

Join the Dream Team in funding a rest sanctuary located in one of the busiest airports in the country!

Learn more about Revenue Share Crowdfunding here.

Construction and repayment schedules are subject to change.

This raise will be solicited through Wefunder. The minimum amount we need to raise to access funds is $50k.

Returns not guaranteed


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We predict...

In today's fast-paced world, globetrotters and business pros are on the lookout for innovative ways to make the most of those layovers or flight delays. They crave restful experiences that not only recharge them but also make those idle moments count.

Guess what travelers are really after? According to a recent survey, sleep suites top the list, beating out private dining, shopping, lounge access, and even gaming.

Each year, Nap Bar proudly partners with the Cynthia A. Guillory Foundation and sponsors the Giving Tree Initiative. In 2023, this collaboration, along with generous donors, made it possible to take deserving students from an underserved community in Houston, TX, on an all-expense-paid senior trip to Belize. The previous year, the giveback initiative treated 40 fourth graders to a holiday shopping spree, each receiving $500 to 'shop til they dropped! Being a part of these moments is something we will forever cherish and be grateful for.

Watch the Fox News interview of the giveback

We are oozing with an immense amount of gratitude for all the investors out there considering Nap Bar for their next investment move. We truly appreciate your support!!!

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