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The way streaming was meant to be.


reserved of a $1,000,000 goal
$14M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$100, $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $100K, $1M


Want to stream all your favorite videos from one service? MyStreme is Spotify for video streaming.
Miss the train with Tesla or Amazon early shares? This WeFunder round is MyStreme's ground floor.
MyStreme's AI dials in your mainstream movies and series, sports, faith, hobbies, and more.
MyStreme’s access to everything, from everyone, costs just $89 per month.
Now you can set streaming content "boundaries" across the internet and avoid "Oh No!" moments.
MyStreme never interrupts with ads, yet its “Marketplace” pays you to watch those you choose.
MyStreme's leadership team has worked on projects with earnings exceeding $4 billion.

Our Team

MyStreme Overview

The way streaming was meant to be. All your movies, shows, and hobbies in one place.

Remember music before Spotify and Pandora?

That's where streaming TV and movies is today. It's too segmented and too expensive.

With MyStreme, no more multiple subscriptions, no more jumping from app to app, and paying for services you haven't used in months.

What if you could have invested at the ground floor of Spotify? What would that be worth now?

MyStreme's three offerings together will total more than $1 Billion. This current 3-month WeFunder offering is the first and most beneficial for investors of the three. Now is the best time to invest, as each offering gives its investors 10x more share value than each subsequent offering.


Every investor receives ownership in a company with the potential to become one of the world's largest companies (think Tesla, Amazon, Google) plus the following perks:

Everything, All in One Place

Never ask, "Hey, what should we watch tonight?" again!

With MyStreme, you can forget about the wasted hours spent jumping from app to app looking for something you might want to watch. MyStreme brings every streaming service into one, easy to use app that is completely catered to you and your preferences.

Plus, having one app means only having one subscription. So, you can forget about having to juggle multiple subscriptions, with different prices. And, you won’t have to worry about paying for a service you haven’t used in months.

It’s one app, under one subscription, for one affordable price.

Completely Focused on You

While every other streaming service is busy making content to entice their subscribers, MyStreme is focused completely on bringing you exactly what you want to watch.

MyStreme curates each viewer’s favorite content from everywhere, putting you in the driver seat. From the most popular streaming providers, to live news and sports, and everything in between. If it’s what you want to watch, it’s what you’re going to get.

That means the sports you watch (and play), your hobbies, faith, clubs, social media, music, schools, hometown, weather, will all be in one place, right next to your new favorite show or movie we know you’ve been dying to watch.

MyStreme’s AI serves up ALL the programming each viewer wants and ELIMINATES clutter.

Sensible and Fair Pricing

Chances are you're paying over $100 each month while still having to waste time scrolling and switching between apps. MyStreme is $89/month with access to everything, from everyone. Certain premium content such as movies still in theaters and sports packages are available as well, but at their lowest price.

To keep things fair, MyStreme pays each provider their portion of the content you watch. So, you pay a reasonable fee and each content provider receives their fair portion, everything transparent and accounted by actual use.

Everyone Has Boundaries

Sometimes, getting exactly what you want means removing the stuff you don’t.

All too often, we’re torn between wanting to finish a show or movie we really enjoy, but prefer to avoid the parts that are personally upsetting. MyStreme’s Boundaries AI gives you the power to set your unique boundaries for…

  • Drug Use
  • Sexual content
  • Violence
  • Explicit language
  • Nudity

After you set your personalized Boundaries, MyStreme can serve up all the content you want to see, while you rest easy.

And of course, you'll have the option to create "kids" boundaries, giving you even more peace of mind.

A New Kind of Ad Experience

It's time for YOU to get something more out of the ad-watching experience.

For the first time, be paid to watch as many ads as you want, earn as much as you choose, and spend it on whatever you decide.

Your content on MyStreme will never be interrupted by ads. Instead, we’ve created MyStreme Marketplace, a subscriber-directed area, where brands and consumers engage. This is how it works:

  • Brands won't bother you directly, but will be able to see your MyStreme profile interests, and offer to pay you to watch their ads.
  • For ads you watch, their fees are immediately transferred into your account (earning you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars),
  • You can then use those funds to apply to your subscription, pay for things like movie rentals, premium sports events, or anything else available on the platform.

Just when you thought the ad experience couldn't get worse, MyStreme makes it better.

A Successful Team

Robert Ghim | Founder | International CEO

Robert is renown for his achievements in the world of international business, mergers and acquisitions, and project capitalization.

Robert’s professional career started over three decades ago as a newly commissioned Ensign on board the USS Camden. Since then, Robert served as a top executive officer of many distinguished organizations around the globe. Many years of upholding the responsibilities of top management positions have taught Robert how challenging it is to transform complex organizational goals into reality.

Robert has served as the Head of Strategic Planning for Dongwha Group in South Korea, Managing Director/CEO of Genesis Advisors after being recruited by Lennox Global Financial, and the CEO of iCommunication Dynamics. Over the years, he has had high-level involvement in mergers and acquisitions between major corporations, the development of proprietary technology, and the execution of strategic action plans aimed at positioning companies to weather extreme market fluctuations and remain viable.

Robert holds an Executive MBA degree from Brown University; a CFP designation program from Bryant University, is fluent in Korean and holds FINRA series 7 and 66 licenses.

Chuck Hasek | Founder | North American CEO

Chuck is a technology innovator who has delivered industry firsts in every role—designing, building, and deploying robust and highly scalable platforms that advance the state of the art in media and communication services. Chuck thrives in climates of uncertainty. From startups to new technology introductions, he's seen and done what others see as impossible.

Chuck is an expert in managing businesses, technologies, and people. As the VP of Video Technology at T-Mobile, Chuck helped develop T-Mobile’s first video service and comprehensive OTT streaming service offered in conjunction with mobile phone and fixed wireless home internet service. And before that, Chuck led the charge in developing a first-of-its-kind IP video service combining local and multi-platform streaming content into a single source, and helped develop a groundbreaking video streaming service for Time Warner Cable, giving customers control over where, when, and on what device to view content.

Chuck has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, 64 granted US patents covering a wide variety of media and telecommunications technology areas, and has won 7 Technical Emmy Awards as a key contributor.

MyStreme is a company of OneDoor Studios

OneDoor has been changing the way major, studio-level motion pictures are made, giving every day investors a chance to help develop globally released films. After raising over $3 million for multiple film projects, OneDoor is ready to launch another game changing venture, this time, in the world of streaming.

John J. Lee, Jr. | MyStreme Founder and Chairman | CEO of OneDoor Studios

Successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities, and provided business services for 23 studio released motion pictures, TV network series and specials, with global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion.

As a MyStreme founder, John participated in originating and developing its services, global business and funding models, forecasts, and the MyStreme executive team.

Stephen Wollwerth | MyStreme Founder | Executive VP and CCO of OneDoor Studios

Stephen is a seasoned writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor. His content has been seen all over the world, and includes productions for Fox Sports, National Geographic, and a PBS Docuseries watched by millions.

As a MyStreme founder, Stephen produced almost all of its promotional materials in-house, and has been the creative mind behind MyStreme's branding and corporate image.

Jason Brents | MyStreme Founder | President and COO of OneDoor Studios

As OneDoor’s President and COO, Jason continues to oversee all of its entities, developing and producing their in-house story properties and connecting OneDoor Studios with its various production partners, helping set OneDoor’s development funding and bank production financing.

As a MyStreme founder, Jason was integral in connecting the company to some of its most important partners to date, and helped to develop MyStreme's innovative fundraising strategies.

Risks & Challenges

Competing with Streaming Giants

All signs point to someone creating a service like MyStreme in the near future. So we know we'll be entering a space with some massive companies, all vying for a piece of a very large pie. That's why we don't plan on making any enemies. We want to give streamers and content creators the majority of each subscription that comes in, and each content provider will be paid based on the actual amount of time spent viewing their content. That way, everyone wins!

Building Something Big

MyStreme has a lot of big ideas. From using AI to curate your recommendations and set your boundaries, to reinventing advertising into something you enjoy, we know how much work it will be to bring everything to life. That's why we've put together a team that has done it before. MyStreme's executive team has created and launched highly-complex streaming platforms within a limited timeframe, and has the experience and expertise to bring this new platform to the world.


How does MyStreme plan to convince streaming platforms to license their content?

This will be quite the difficult hurdle, but it isn't impossible, especially for the many streaming services trying to carve out a bigger space in the streaming landscape. MyStreme is not positioning itself as a “service canceller,” but rather a service aggregator–a vitally important difference for our business plan. Spotify gave listeners access to all the music they wanted in a way that gave the music labels windfall benefits they never had before music aggregators, and thereby overnight happily redefined music listening. MyStreme is structured to do the same for streaming.

Crucially for viewers and studios. Viewers will finally have their awesomely individual AI serving up their favorite programs from all sources. Content providers will receive the lion’s share of subscription income, yielding some of them more income than they presently receive. And every content provider on MyStreme will have not have the burden of marketing costs, dropped subscriptions, and other related overhead.

This may mean MyStreme has to operate at a loss in some areas for a time in the beginning. Yet, content providers will have access to all viewers, viewers will be happier subscribers, and eventually MyStreme will be profitable.

How are you able to access so much content?

As with music aggregators, MyStreme partners with the full range of major to obscure content owners. We provide content providers as close to 100% market saturation as possible, and most of the income and data from their content viewed. If we fulfill our objectives, our content providers increase their profits and operating efficiencies. Specialized audience content providers, including hobby, unique sports, occupation, and faith, to name a few, are often as eager to connect with their viewers as they are with them.

Will MyStreme have a box and/or remote like Apple TV or Roku?

MyStreme will be an app and accessible on boxes (like Roku), Smart TVs, phones, tablets, and everything else.

How do the free subscription perks work, and what if MyStreme doesn't have "every" service when you launch?

Everyone who qualifies for one of our free subscription perks will begin their free subscription at the time of their choosing. So, if you want to wait to claim your 6 months of free MyStreme, you can. The lifetime subscription begins when we launch, and lasts forever. That's right, FOR...E...VER.

Your funding goal seems pretty small, won't you need more than that?

MyStreme's three offerings together will total $1.076 Billion. This current 3-month WeFunder offering is the first and most beneficial for investors of the three. Now is the best time to invest, as each offering gives its investors 10x more share value than each subsequent offering.

Does Mystreme have a patent or a proprietary technology/design that differentiates if from other streaming services?

We don't currently own any proprietary technology, but the Boundaries AI technology should be able to receive multiple patents and our premium advertising technology should receive at least a Use patent. The good news - our executive team is uniquely qualified to not only develop this technology, but acquire the patents needed to successfully launch them.

What would prevent a bigger company from duplicating this same type of platform?

We are of the mindset that it isn’t a question of "if" someone develops a platform like this, but "when". Just like Spotify came after Pandora and won most of the global market, radically improving the music streaming landscape, we are preparing to meet and overcome our competition, regardless of whether they release first, or after we premiere. We may not be the “first mouse to the cheese,” but we plan to be the best and the coolest.

How many family members can I have on one account, and how many devices can stream at the same time?

You may have up to 12 family members on your account, and currently, our pricing model allows four independent devices to be used simultaneously at any one time.

Will you be able to download content for offline viewing?

Downloading aggregated content may be an option for MyStreme. It will heavily depend upon how we’ve aggregated the content onto the platform and/or what things our licensing agreements allow for. We definitely see the value in this functionality, and would like to make it available, but it might not be feasible.

Isn’t this just cable TV all over again?

In a way, it makes sense to compare MyStreme to cable because they are essentially both aggregators of content, not creators of it. The main difference is that MyStreme will have the ability to curate the content, using AI technology, in a way that cable never has and likely never will. And what’s more, MyStreme is introducing other technologies that we believe will separate us from the pack in a big way (like our Boundaries AI and revolutionary advertising model).

How is MyStreme different from traditional streaming services?

MyStreme is like your favorite no-ads, all content available, perfect AI curated music streaming service - only video. So, MyStreme is a content aggregator. Everything in one place for a price lower than what you are currently paying for all your services. MyStreme’s AI exclusively selects your unique favorites from everything produced in video, globally. Goodbye clutter. And in addition to Movies, Series and popular sports- it delivers even your unique sports, faith, hobbies, career(s), schools and special interests. And its superior AI curation even prompts your favorites by day and time. And connects your requested brands and category favorites--paying you to connect with them. And provides real-time social media viewing with friends and family. It’s wonderfully different.

How will I subscribe?

It will be as simple as downloading the MyStreme App on your device or smart TV, then feeding MyStreme some of what you like and let MyStreme’s AI feed you more of your favorites, including finds that may send you binging.

What content does the service include?

MyStreme ONLY delivers you your favorites. What you do not like has no access to you. Your movies, series, sports, news, User Generated Content, music, podcasts, audiobooks, user-selected learning platforms (accredited and non)—all these from major to obscure studio, streaming, broadcast, cable, indie TV station and other sources around the world, in most languages.

What does the service not include?

MyStreme shields you from everything you consider clutter and unwanted. If it isn’t in your world, or the way you like, it isn’t on your system.

What does MyStreme cost?

$89 per month or $999 per year. This does not include premium content such as movies currently in theaters, and some special sports and international language content packages.

Subscribers provide MyStreme their proxy to engage content providers to be paid, cost-per-second, according to what each viewer consumes and actual viewing time. Depending on each viewer's choices, some content providers will earn more than their current monthly subscription fee. Others will be paid less. It completely depends on viewer choice--and it is always fair and transparent for viewers and providers.

Whether or not you still use a cable service, or have gone all streaming, your monthly total subscription cost is likely more than $120. Because most programming is now streamed, or soon will be, MyStreme will save you money compared with your current combined fees. It will also save you time, streamline your life and increase your viewing and listening pleasure.

When you register, MyStreme reconfirms all your streaming, cable, satellite, and whatever other related media sources.

MyStreme’s ultimate objective is for the entertainment industry to focus on viewers first, consider their average media viewing time and programs, and transform current subscription fees, to viewers paying based on their actual viewing. Time for the market to pivot its focus to consumers.

How are MyStreme’s AI applied viewer tolerance settings different from conventional content ratings and parental controls?

All content streamed by MyStreme provides their regular published rating determination.

MyStreme also provides user-determined and AI-applied tolerance levels for violence, drug-use, expletives, nudity and intimacy. Once viewer-selected, these are AI video and audio applied to each program, expanding viewer satisfaction and selection-breadth. Viewers may simply and confidently watch all that interests them.

What is the initial and anticipated service area?

Initially U.S., China, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Korea, Australia, most of Latin America, The Philippines and Russia. Other territories will be online as soon thereafter as may be possible.

What’s the Program Guide Like?

Each viewer’s AI directed virtual program guide functions with the level of personal accuracy we experience on today’s best music systems (eg. Spotify, Pandora, etc.). Additionally, MyStreme’s AI syncs selections to your schedule, by day and time of day, knowing when you watch and listen to what. In the program guide’s upper right corner are brief notices of programs you are following or that are friend recommended. The AI selection is extraordinarily accurate. Accordingly, the options are larger, clearer, more like your selections and include suggestions comparable to today’s best music system’s accuracy—or better.

How is the subscription cost derived?

The average US viewer pays approximately $120 per month for their various video services, not including internet connection. The fairest relationship for viewers is for their subscription fee to be based on average video consumption (in the US this is currently about seven hours per day) and for this cost to be paid to content owners, as viewers stream their content. Based on current viewing, the monthly cost should be about $89. A big savings for the average U.S. subscriber.

What is a DSP (Distant Screening Party?

It’s like friends meeting to watch a movie together at a theater or your home- only everyone’s remote! You still send the invitation, but you can text and chat during the screening. And, you can all agree to pause and get a snack or whatever. And, you can all pause and talk about how cool something is or try to guess what will happen next, or the car someone is driving, or what someone is eating or wearing. And, you can wear your jammies!

How does MyStreme dial me in?

MyStreme AI assures you only receive your favorite content. Your every choice and thumbs up or down perfects your AI curation until it is exclusively spot-on you.

What about the “Little more income?”

Though viewers are thrilled did away with ad-interrupted viewing, advertisers still need to reach consumers, and social media/web search ads are not near as effective.

MyStreme Marketplace™ puts its subscribers in charge of which ads they view and when - and earning most of the ad fee paid by brands wanting to connect. Customer acquisition is every brand’s current critical focus, and they are keen on connecting.

On MyStreme Marketplace™ you see both those who you are as interested in, as they are in you, and those brands who are literally bidding for you to view their commercial, download a coupon, have a sample sent, set a test-drive time, or their top choice, purchase!

Each of these two categories allows you to easily parse through them. They reveal the ad viewing time and the amount instantly paid to your account if you view. These are your funds, shown in dollars, ready for you to use any way you like, much like your credit card earnings. Pay your subscription, purchase something or have MyStreme ACH them into your account. Your earnings. You choose.

Sponsors only have power to reach out to you through MyStreme Marketplace™. Subscribers have all the power to accept their offer and watch their ads. Each view typically pays between $.50 and $5 per view, though if you are their specific profile, you may earn more. Earnings increase if you accept a coupon, a sample or otherwise choose to engage with the sponsor. These amounts may seem small, yet they are new earnings, and like credit card earnings, they add up. It can be fascinating to see how eager sponsors are to connect with you and how clever their ads are when they know your profile.

Do I have to change my subscriptions?

As a subscriber to all streaming services, you have easy access to their program listings and can select as you prefer. Even leave your FireStick, AppleTV or Roku hooked up.