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Creator of BODYARMOR launches new drink brand


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Our Founder is serial beverage entrepreneur, Lance Collins
Doubled our revenue from 2022 to 2023
Now on shelf at Target, Sprouts, multiple Kroger banners, 7-Eleven, & GoPuff
Partnered with large beverage distributors, including Odom, Glazer, Hensley, Admiral, KeHe

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Why MyMuse?

White text against cherry red background, "MyMuse is for those who crave more than just a sip..." with MyMuse Inspired Soda can in Strawberry Guava flavor to the right of text

From the founder of Fuze, NOS Energy, Body Armor, CORE Water, MyMuse is a new better-for-you beverage brand. 

At MyMuse, we stand at the intersection of beverage innovation and inspiration, crafting a unique blend of flavors and experiences that resonate across generations. Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for healthier beverages, so we figured out how to get the best of both worlds (a sweet sip without artificial sweeteners!) Brand enthusiasts continue to call out the refreshing and drinkable taste profile of MyMuse.

We believe in the power of bold ideas and unapologetic creativity. MyMuse is not just a beverage; it's an anthem for those who crave more than just a sip – it's a celebration of individuality, a fusion of taste and embodies the ethos of those who dare to push the boundaries of passion and creativity. 

So, let's raise a can and toast to the artists within us. 


White text against cherry red background, "Gen Z is an over-caffeinated generation. Why is there a lack of flavorful, caffeine-free beverages?" with photo to the left of text of young woman wearing a towel in her hair, drinking a can of Orange U Glad-flavored MyMuse Inspired Soda

There is an increasing struggle to find the right beverages, particularly for young adults in America. The mental health struggles that Gen Z faces (the loneliest generation and highest incidence of anxiety disorders) are only compounded by overly-caffeinated energy drinks currently popular in the beverage market.  

Pair that with the white space in the evolution of sodas: the lack of a high-satisfaction, artificial sweetener-free soda. Some prebiotic brands have grown +220% in the last year, with major partnerships, collabs, and brand sentiments. However, we believe there is a large gap in taste with current functional brands. There is an opportunity to capture the white space with a more traditional soda taste with better-for-you sweeteners. 

In the flavored water category, there is plenty of room for innovation. While stats show that consumers crave a more flavorful, better-for-you water alternative, there is a lack of innovation within current category players to fulfill consumer demand.

There are few organic flavored waters on the market. Additionally, brands like Propel and Vitaminwater have lost household penetration due in part to their lack of innovation. The top three brands in the category represent 75% of the total share of sales, yet there is no major growth or innovation seen by these brands. 

Yet, there is high potential in this sector overall. Thirty-seven percent of households buy non-carbonated flavored water, and the total category has $2.7 billion in sales*. This sector is ripe for disruption.

*SPINS 2024


MyMuse Inspired Sodas fill a gap in the soda market: it’s a drink that fully satisfies the desire for a soda without the high sugar or artificial sweeteners you find in traditional or diet sodas. It’s a disruptive option for the $42B industry that is experiencing HUGE growth within alternatively sweetened and functional beverages.  

Meanwhile, MyMuse Enhanced Waters disrupt the archaic flavored water category with an organic, flavored water with immunity, antioxidants, and electrolyte benefits. It is also low-sugar and low-calorie, appealing to more health-minded flavored water consumers. 

Our brand reimagines the existing beverage market in a way that is sure to attract younger audiences desperate for a better beverage option. 


That’s part of the reason why MyMuse recently shifted.  MyMuse launched in 2020 under a different leadership team and product line up. MyMuse launched with a flavored tea. While the initial years showed the incredible promise in the concept, we identified this better for you soda category gaining traction with consumers, a new direction was needed to scale.  

In 2023, we pivoted to a new leadership team with beverage expertise, a formulation upgrade focused on approachable taste, branding that appeals to our Gen Z/Millennial consumer and a new go to market strategy. We’re already seeing the results of this strategic shift.  

MyMuse’s current traction is already massive for a new brand. Our retail placement is one of our major accomplishments. You can find MyMuse products in national retailers like Target, Sprouts, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, GoPuff, and numerous regional chains, all thanks to our dedicated and expert team. With a nationwide distribution network, we are looking forward to adding more retailers soon.  

Our social media team, driven by our young Gen Z employees, brings authentic knowledge of platforms and influencers. In the past year, our social campaigns have achieved impressive milestones: 180,000,000 impressions, 238,000 engagements, and 458,000 followers across all platforms. Our website has received 250,000 visits year-to-date. 

We have achieved awareness at a national level that has begun to translate to sales at our existing retailers, with over $100,000 in retail sales in our first 8 weeks on the market. The momentum is starting to build, and it will only accelerate from here. 

Business Model:

Sales & Distribution Model 

Our business model leverages comprehensive sales and distribution strategies combined with a well-defined consumer and customer pipeline. We aim to create a sustainable and impactful enterprise that delivers value to our investors and benefits the broader community. Our distribution model is made up of both Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and B2C. Leveraging these two tactics allows us to have the flexibility to service all major retailers and categories.  

  1. Direct Store Delivery (DSD) - National Accounts Coverage: We have secured partnerships with major retail chains such as Target, Sprouts, 7-Eleven, and HyVee. These partnerships will ensure that our products are available nationwide, increasing our reach and visibility. 
  2. B2C - E-commerce - Online Platforms: We will utilize popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, GoPuff and our website to sell our products directly to consumers, ensuring convenience and accessibility.  Additionally, we want to use these platforms to get real feedback from our consumers to continue to improve our products and build on our portfolio.   
  3. Specialty Channels - Specialty Stores: Our products will also be available in specialty stores like 5 Below, health-focused retailers such as GNC, and natural food stores. This diverse distribution approach will cater to various consumer preferences and needs. 

Our primary target audience includes Gen Z consumers who are always seeking inspiration and are health-conscious but unwilling to sacrifice taste. They value brands that reflect their own values and are highly active on social media. Our consumer insights align closely with our strategic customers Target & Sprouts. This insight allows us to tailor our marketing and product offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of our customers. 

We have strategically placed our products in a diverse range of store categories to maximize exposure and accessibility. This includes national retail chains, specialty health stores, and e-commerce platforms. 

Opportunity Size

The market for enhanced water and functional soda has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer demand for healthier beverage options and functional benefits. This category includes products that offer added nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other functional ingredients to provide specific health benefits or enhance overall wellness. 

The global enhanced water market size to be valued at USD 11.3 billion by 2027 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% during the forecast period. The rising importance of hydration drinks among consumers globally is expected to positively impact the industry. 

Americas dominated the market for enhanced water and accounted for a revenue share of over 45.0% in 2019. Increasing focus on hydration owing to the rising trend of health and fitness is expected to increase the consumption of enhanced water in the region. The increasing interest of people in sports and other physical activities is expected to further propel market growth in the region. 

The global functional drinks market size was worth USD 204.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1% from 2023 to 2030.  

The shift in consumer preferences towards natural and organic products presents an opportunity for companies to develop beverages with clean labels, free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and excessive sugar. 

Consumers are actively seeking products that align with their desire for healthier and more transparent options, which opens the door for innovative offerings in the enhanced water and functional soda space. 

Another factor driving market growth is the rise of functional ingredients and their perceived benefits. Ingredients like antioxidants, probiotics, adaptogens, and plant-based extracts are gaining popularity due to their potential health-promoting properties. By incorporating these functional ingredients into their products, companies can cater to the demand for beverages that go beyond basic hydration and provide targeted benefits. 

In terms of market dynamics, it's important to consider the competitive landscape. The enhanced water and functional soda category is highly competitive, with both established beverage companies and emerging players vying for market share. Differentiation through unique formulations, flavors, packaging, and branding will be crucial for success in this space. 

Distribution channels play a vital role in reaching consumers effectively. Leveraging a multi-channel strategy that includes traditional retail, e-commerce, and partnerships with gyms, health stores, and wellness centers can help maximize market reach and visibility. 


“I’ve been working with MyMuse for a very long time. I love the drinks, but I was addicted to caffeine. And then when I finally was like, I need to take care of myself a little bit, being able to work with MyMuse and create something of my own was really cool and I learned so much. No offense, but I didn’t think it would look this cool, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.” -Dixie D’Amelio 

“I’m going to give you a very honest reaction… YUM! It almost takes like it would be an energy drink, but without the caffeine. Good flavor! Yeah, I would drink these.” -Katie Feeney 

“Couldn’t wait to chill a can and give it a try. It did not disappoint! I’ll be trying another flavor soon, hope it’s just as tasty.” -Alison W. (Amazon) 

“I am on a low sugar and low-calorie lifestyle and this ready to drink soda is perfect! The flavor combo and carbonation is amazing! If you crave soda from time to time this is a great switch (healthier alternative)” -Le L. (Amazon) 

“I loved having enhanced waters from MyMuse while I was on tour, and I cannot wait for my exclusive collab / new flavor of them!” – Nessa Barrett 


It isn’t just consumers who have started to notice MyMuse. We’ve started making waves in the press, with coverage from sources like Elite Daily, BevNet, TrendHunter, and more. In sum, our PR coverage has resulted in an estimated 169 million impressions with over 550 pickups. 

Use of Funds

2023: year of pivoting with new leadership, change in operations team, and revamp of the brand (including formulation of product)

2024: Relaunch of sodas in April 2024 and Q3 launch of waters

2025: Focus on top-line growth with minimal loss

2026: Expected break-even year

While we can't predict the future, the potential for Muse Organic is limitless. Invest in us and become part of a brand that's not just about drinks, but about a healthier and more inspired future.