MYDENTALWIG, The Dental Peace Of Mind™

A direct to consumer subscription-based substitute for dental implants

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We own the Impressions Kit Patent. Exponential growth potential faster than Smile Direct Club.
My dream has always been to offer my clients the possibility of owning shares in my company. This becomes possible today
Early stage seed round with attractive valuation and a big total addressable market size.
Underrepresented Owned (Black Woman Founder)

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I came in this industry in 1987 because I wanted to learn how to make teeth, so I can make my grand mother's teeth who had only 2 teeth left on her upper jaw. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that because she died while I still in school. I pledged on her grave, that I will make the teeth to all people in the world to honor my promise to her.

#1 Dental Implant Alternative™: Everybody Deserves a Natural, Beautiful and Healthy Smile™

MyDentalWig is the #1 Customer Centered Business™

An African proverb says" Teeth and happiness are 2 things that we only realize their value after having lost them."

"Always keep your smile. That's how I explain my long life" Jeanne Louise Calment,  born in Arles - France had the longest confirmed lifespan: 122 years, 164 days.


Fact #1: According to the American College of Prosthodontists, among the 178+ million Americans missing at least 1 tooth, 36 millions are missing all their teeth. 

Fact #2: Dental insurance like any insurance covers risks. The replacement of missing teeth is not covered because missing teeth is not a risk.

Fact #3: Dental saving and dental discount save nothing because not only the dentists' prices are not public, they can bill different prices to patients with similar teeth replacement's needs. 

1-The periodontal ligament is a natural “tissue” surrounding the entire root of each tooth, preventing it from digging inside our jaw during chewing, or when we swallow saliva. This is the reason why when we eat, our teeth do not sink into our jaw: mother nature is just amazing!

2- Pain from dental implants on front teeth can be manageable because we do not use them for chewing, therefore, there is no mastication’s pressure.

3- Getting started with dental implants on the back teeth is fantastic. When we start to eat with them, little by little, over time, due to the absence of the periodontal ligament, the implants (even with the mini-implants), sink into the jawbone, a situation which worsens with the inevitable and progressive bone loss. And there begins the pain. And if ever the implant in its sinking touches the nerve, it can cause irreversible damage to the mandibular nerve with very serious health problems.


We are The #1 Customer Centered Business™

We guarantee that you will eat with your Dental WigWe have developed a technology that allows you to buy your DentalWig and make your 1st appointment online, using your cell phone, or your computer, without leaving your home; we then send our trained and background checked Dental Wig technologist, to your home, under PPE compliance from the 1st appointment for the impressions, to the tryout, the delivery and the adjustment (if needed) of your custom-made and custom-fit dental wig at no additional cost. 

To do this, all you need to do is download our App for free on your cell phone to manage your appointments and follow the manufacturing process of your DentalWig, all fulfilled without the dentist™ For your safety, the integrated GPS to our App tells you when our technologist arrives at your door and tells us when he/she checks out. After the delivery and adjustment, you will be able to continue using our App to communicate with us.


From our staff to our customers, we respect required social-distances. 


Back in the 1990's, the average IPO offering size was around $50 Millions and today in 2021, it is around $350 millions. Obviously, our execution plan will be toward the "Ultimate Case", because our EXIT STRATEGY IS IPO

It's not often to see an early stage company showing projections with IPO numbers. The dental industry is very fragmented. What we are doing is very unique. To help better understanding, we have created 4 different scenarios.  


Disclaimer: These are forward looking projections that are not guaranteed.

However, because our Cap raised here on Wefunder is $5M, below is the:



We know that there are millions of people in need of MyDentalWig. Only in the USA, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, there are 36 million people missing all their teeth. We want to change that. We own the revolutionary kit for oneself impressions taking patent and FDA cleared.

By the way, the impressions kit used by companies like Smile Direct Club to make their aligners is our patent. 


The dental wig is an elegant, pain and metal free, eco-friendly, long-lasting and affordable dental implant alternative that snaps into the empty space replacing your missing tooth or teeth from the comfort of your home.

What are MyDentalWig products and services?

We charge the following:

1-  $2,000 to replace 1 or more teeth on upper jaw with 1 custom-fit dental wig

2- $2,000 to replace 1 or more teeth on lower jaw and

3- $4,000 to replace 1 or all teeth on both upper and lower jaws


4- $60/month up to 36 months for 1 jaw layaway subscription for your 1st or for the renewal of your Dental Wig. No credit check, no Social Security number, so everyone qualifies. You can pay off the balance at anytime and the order of your Dental Wig will be automatically placed.

5- $110/month up to 36 months for 2 jaws layaway monthly subscription for your 1st or for the renewal of your upper and lower jaws  Dental Wig. No credit check, no Social Security number, so everyone qualifies. You can pay off the balance at anytime and the order of your Dental Wig will be automatically placed.

6- Variety of prices for all your Smile Care needs including toothbrush, toothpaste, dry mouth, mouthwash, floss etc.

MyDentalwig as a business is a Technology -  enabled platform of health and wellness

 About Buy Once Smile Forever Layaway

Buy Once Smile Forever Covers What Dental Insurance And Dental Saving Plans Don't

You deserve a beautiful smile at an affordable cost:


This place is where you the investor and me Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO and my Executive team members will communicate through the entire moment starting today, until we go on Wall Street as we project. I say "project" because as an investment, it always presents risks. We will do the best possible to achieve our mission.

On the top-right corner, you find FAQ, just click on it to post your comments and questions, we will respond as soon as possible and it will benefit everybody.

An African proverb says "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, let's go together". I have been going alone for many years to be so blessed today to have you by my side. Together, we will go as far as possible, to make this world a better place...

My dream has always been to offer to my clients the possibility of owning shares in my company. This becomes legally possible today: invest in MyDentalWig as little as $100 USD, become one of its early stage Angel Investors, and together let's create a good paid jobs, lead the industry while putting the planet first. You don't have to be an accredited investor. Everybody can invest here.

1 -I quit living in our luxury mansion with a White maid to come to America to fulfill my mission of solving the missing teeth in the world. As an example of the luxury life style, the brand of the heater of my house was Rolls Royce

2 -I quitted a handsome, White French husband with green eyes, Reserved Lieutenant Colonel of France Military and Physician and came to Los Angeles to struggling with our 7 years young son to achieve my life's purpose of making the replacement of missing teeth accessible for everyone. I was in tears when right after watching and listening President Joe Biden taking the oath on January 20, 2021, I received a text message informing me that my Physician son's dad just had a stroke while visiting his patient, half of his face is paralyzed and he can't talk.....

3 - I declined an offer of $3 million to purchase my patent because selling it prevents me from fulfilling my mission of solving the problem of missing teeth for billions of people around the world. In 1989, because my grand mother died without I replace her missing teeth as I promised her in 1987, I pledged on her grave in 1989 that I will replace the missing teeth of all people in the world to honor her.

MyDentalWig's business model will allow you my client-investors to make substantial profits, while putting people and the planet first.

With your investment, we will hire very talented Americans to build up our infrastructures including our server, our cloud, our COVID-19 friendly facility, amazing staff, expand the business nationwide and together, we serve people and lead the industry.

With a minimum of $100 you can invest in MyDentalWig from anywhere in the world, with the possibility of a big return on your investment. My goal is to bring my company public as exit strategy, which means listing MyDentalWig on Wall Street in the future like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, SpaceX, Airbnb etc. Can you imagine their early stage Angel Investors! MyDentalWig has that potential (scroll down and take a look at our financial projections). In the meantime:

Disclaimer: you should read this offering disclaimer and risks related to this offering before investing. This offering available here on Wefunder crowdfunding platform involves a high degree of risk including the possible loss of your entire investment.



From the vision of our Founder, we believe that everybody in the world deserves a Natural, Beautiful and Healthy Smile™.

It is our mission to create premium products and services that ease people's life and make them accessible to everyone who needs.

We do our best to match the color of other teeth and the color of the gums.