Main Street Phoenix Workers Co-op

We turn local restaurants into worker-owned coops

Last Funded April 2022


raised from 101 investors
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💸 Raised $350K in investments, grants, donations; making 1st concept-proving acquisition now
🤝 Partnered w/ the Gates Family Foundation, multiple CO impact funds
💫 Our virtual Restaurants Rising Summit ft. CO Governor Jared Polis, restauranteurs, founders
💸 Plan to acquire & coop-ify 23 restaurants in the next 5 yrs, affecting 1100+ workers

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We hold the restaurant industry dear to our hearts. Restaurants play a vital role in our communities, and so do the people that work in them. COVID has shed light on the fragility of the industry and the precarious lives of the workers. We aim to transform the industry by providing quality jobs, benefits, and profit-sharing to the employees.

We're building an entirely employee-owned restaurant group. 💪🏽

We've started in Denver, CO. Our long-term vision is to find Main Streets across America with large swaths of downtown real estate owned by real estate holding companies & hedge funds. . . . our strategy is about maintaining the independence of Main Street post-COVID by putting a worker-centered recovery strategy in motion.

We're restaurant & social enterprise vets building an employee-owned restaurant group.

We help workers & restaurants thrive in 3 steps.

The path to ownership... 

We've garnered national attention.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was the keynote speaker for the Restaurants Rising Summit we hosted this past March.

Our team is unmatched – in experience & passion.

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