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Traction: 1st year success: 150% growth in customers, 200% surge in online sales.
Team: 20+ yrs. expertise in business dev. & research, tech, sustainability; driven by innovation.
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales boast a 70% returning customer rate.

Our Team

Empowering: The Moyani Difference - A Legacy of Organic Innovation and Community Impact.

David and Aniaya Hicks are founders of Moyani Difference, inspired by a lineage of naturopathic knowledge and a personal battle with adversity. Their story, rooted in a profound belief in the power of organic care, exemplifies a commitment to educating the community on the genuine benefits of organic products. Aniaya's confrontation with a rare childhood form of cancer at the age of 13 not only tested their resilience but also crystallized their mission to transform the industry.

Emerging more vital from their ordeal, the Hicks family pledged to create Moyani as a symbol of hope and healing. With a foundation in the rich traditions of African heritage blended with scientific precision, Moyani aims to revolutionize personal care by ensuring every product is beneficial for its users and kind to the Earth.

Recognizing the challenges of maintaining uncompromised product quality and ethical sourcing, Moyani has established strong partnerships with suppliers and farmers from South Africa to Brazil. This global network guarantees the organic integrity of our ingredients and fosters community growth and sustainability. Moyani has implemented rigorous quality checks and a transparent sourcing policy to address potential supply chain vulnerabilities, strengthening its commitment to excellence and ethical practices.

           Further, understanding the importance of community support, Moyani pledges 3% of every sale to humanitarian efforts, embodying a cycle of life philosophy. This initiative enriches communities and reinforces Moyani's ethos of giving back, transforming potential weaknesses into pillars of strength and shared success.

Moyani Difference is a brand and a movement advocating for a world where personal care harmonizes with cultural dignity and ecological responsibility. Our distinctive approach includes:

  • Ethical Sourcing: By partnering with local communities for fair-trade ingredients, we support sustainable development while ensuring our products' purity and efficacy.
  • Product Excellence: Our innovative offerings, like the Hair Enhancement Revitalizing Serum (HERS), merge tradition with innovation, setting new standards in the industry. In addition to the Orange Mango Buttah, Moyani has future patentable formulations for expansion.
  • Market Potential: Addressing the specific needs of the African American community, Moyani unlocks vast growth opportunities in the organic personal care sector.

Investment Highlights:

  • Equity Participation: Joining Moyani means investing in a future where organic personal care upholds the values of cultural respect and environmental stewardship.
  • Strategic Growth: Your support enables us to broaden our product range, explore new markets, and enhance our community impact.
  • Transparent Returns: We are dedicated to our investors' success, promising clear return pathways supported by our sustainable and market-driven strategies.

Moyani is more than just a brand; it is an organic community movement. For investors, it is more than a financial decision; it's a commitment to a future in which organic products, technologies, cultural practices, and sustainability efforts intertwine. Discover how you can be part of this transformative journey. Invest in a legacy of authenticity, impact, and innovation. Invest in Moyani.