A unique fintech app to empower the financial lives of 60 million freelancers 🚀

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 60 investors


The Gig Economy is exploding, generating over a trillion dollars in revenue per year!
The future of work is now. Over half of US workers will be part of the Gig Economy by 2023.
We launched this year, and our mobile app continues to attract a growing number of freelancers.
MOXI operates lean. Limited funding hasn't stopped us. We're relentless. We are hustlers.

Our Team

As an award winning fintech pioneer, I've spent over a decade innovating the world's first digital banking services. As the workforce began to evolve, I realized that incumbent tools were not suited for freelancers. I validated my theory while completing my EMBA program at Harvard. I then assembled a team of experts and together we launched MOXI.

We have Moxi

n. When someone has courage and backbone, they have Moxi (Urban Dictionary)

60 million people in America have the Moxi to be their own boss

Even though free agents rule the roost and bring almost $2 trillion worth of revenue to the US economy, managing their finances continues to be an anxiety-inducing struggle for many freelancers.

Freelancing doesn't mean FREE

Freelancer life often means an irregular cashflow. Often faced with chasing payments, or even worse, not getting paid for work, the impact of financial loss is significantly stressful and can affect their livelihood. 

The struggle is real

Without the proper financial tools to help them manage their overall financial health, many freelancers are quite simply living life on the edge. The tools on the market today tend to be over-complicated and are not tailored for the specific needs of independent workers, leading to a fragmented experience that makes it exceedingly difficult for such individuals to get on top of their finances.

From incumbent banker to entrepreneur

Our founder, Evelyne Kanakis, created some of the world's first financial apps and tools for banks around the world for over a decade. While working for America's largest bank, managing design strategy for business banking, and her further research whilst at Harvard Business School, it started to become clear to her that the growing gig economy is struggling due to the deficiency of existing tools in the marketplace.

Realizing that she would never be able to build this solution within the confines of a large incumbent bank, she took the leap into the startup world and left to found MOXI.

We had to take action, and we did it!

With limited investment, Evelyne and our small founding team got to work on creating a solution that truly focuses on the needs of freelancers, one that liberates them from financial drudgery. Instead of stressing and facing financial hardship, freelancers can focus on their skills, passion, and building their business. And let's face it, no one wants to be spending time demystifying taxes and complicated spreadsheets!

Early this year, we launched our app!

Launching MOXI on the streets of Art Basel Miami

We don't see ourselves as just yet another cookie-cutter financial service. We believe in creating experiences and solutions that truly matter and help our users. We connect first-hand with the freelance community.

Late last year we took to the streets of Art Basel in Miami, the world's biggest art festival, and met and spoke with hundreds of freelancers. In making connections on the ground, we discovered that the freelance community feels ignored and misunderstood by banks and financial services. We see a need for a fresh, new financial solution that truly understands, acknowledges, and supports independent workers. 

Stronger together with industry partnerships & networks

MOXI is committed to the freelancer community. That's why establishing partnerships with organizations and associations who represent and advocate for independent workers, like those pictured below, is vital to our success.

By partnering with such organizations, we are continuing to learn from, and to be inspired by, communities of amazingly talented freelancers - whether they are writers, artists, tour guides, producers, and everything in between. By working with our partners, we are continuing to both validate and improve our app to ensure that it best serves freelancers and helps them establish and maintain financial wellness. Through such partnerships we are able to showcase the wonderful talents of freelancers, grow our user base, and stay rooted in the communities that we love and admire.

To date, we've raised over $100,000 from both our Angel investors, as well as personal funds from our founder herself. These investments have allowed us to launch our app, start to build our team, and grow our initial user base. With additional investors joining through Wefunder, we can continue to scale.

We're excited for you to come onboard our journey, and join our movement as we work to liberate the finances of 60 million freelancers, an important cause that benefits both the community and our stakeholders financially.