AI to enhance fitness professionals, not replace them; no hardware required

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Investor Panel

Tony and Louie interviewed MotivateU on August 4, 2021. Play Video
Tony Wilkins
Private investor at Standing Oaks Venture Partners. Started investing in 1991. I invest in coachable people who I admire, respect and trust.
Louie Nguyen, CFA
Louie has 25 yrs of investing experience ranging from global fund management to direct private equity investments focused on social impact.
says, "Bringing technology to community brick and mortar facilities and the personal trainers, coaches and staff that run them is an excellent way to level the playing field against tech-only solutions."
says, "The timing for an interactive workout system during the time of COVID seems ideal. Leveraging off of existing technology (eg the ubiquitous mobile phone) is super smart."
says, "Great stories about moms, overworked employees and plain folks whose lives and blood pressure(!) were made better by using MotivateU will inspire others, both people trying to get to the gym as well as gym owners."
says, "I would find it helpful to understand the technology if real life examples could be provided. The business model using recorded workout sessions (which doesn't have live feedback) could be outlined with greater clarity."
Comment from MotivateU

MotivateU says, "Hi Louie, thank you very much for the panel, just to clarify a few points of concern you had: We do not offer a product that "doesn't have live feedback." Our platform always has real-time feedback for the users- whether taking a class with a live trainer, or using a pre-recorded video, in both cases the users receive the same feedback from the system. We have added videos and pictures since that panel that I believe depict the feedback more readily. "

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Invested $1,000 this round
Jennifer is one of those unique people with a diverse educational background, tenacity, and drive that I found in some of the best founders. I met Jennifer through another investor friend that I was assisting with due diligence. What impressed me the most is that she has a steadfast focus despite having a technology that could solve problems in diverse industries. She knew she needed to focus her energies and maintain that focus to go to market. A founder rarely realizes they need to be somewhat myopic early on. For me, a great company isn't just about the idea, but about the people behind it. It's often said you invest in people not ideas. Of course, that starts with a great founder that you can see driving success. I have no doubt Jennifer is going to drive that success.

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