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Focusing on serving low-income communities while promoting equal and fair access to homeownership



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Diversified digital finance company promoting equal and fair access to homeownership
Launched banking as a service mobile app in 2022 available on Google Play and Apple Store
Completing PCAOB audit review for 2020, 2021. Our ambition is to be listed on the OTCQX or NASDAQ.
P2P, B2B loans to consumers with limited access to credit from banks, thrifts, credit cards, lenders

Our Team

The tax industry is a seasonal business as more consumers rely on using their mobile phone devices nowadays Americans Check Their Phones 8 Billion Times a Day, making mobile payments and online mobile tax preparation a game changer.

Target market

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Tax Preparation Services estimated at US $11.3 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US $13.9 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 2.9% over the analysis period 2020-2027.

MKG Enterprises Corp Financial Services is a diversified digital  finance company focusing on serving low-income to moderate income communities while promoting equal and fair access to homeownership.

MKG Enterprises Corp Third-Party Originators NLMS #1370394 offers FHA, Conventional, VA loans, Jumbo Loans, Business Loans, Tax Advance Loans & Equity Appreciation Loan.

MKG Enterprises Corp Launches Real Estate Equity Appreciation Loan Down Payment Assistance Based on Expected Tax Refund.


MKG Enterprises Corp, a prominent player in the real estate industry, has taken a significant step forward in empowering potential homebuyers by launching a groundbreaking Real Estate Equity Appreciation Loan Down Payment Assistance program. This initiative is designed to assist individuals in securing their dream homes by leveraging their expected tax refunds to fund their down payments. By providing access to this innovative financial solution, MKG Enterprises Corp aims to make homeownership more attainable for a broader range of aspiring homeowners.

Empowering Homebuyers with Equity Appreciation Loan:

The Real Estate Equity Appreciation Loan Down Payment Assistance program operates on the premise of utilizing an individual's expected tax refund as collateral to obtain a loan for their down payment. Through this unique approach, MKG Enterprises Corp is offering homebuyers a practical alternative to traditional down payment methods. This solution is particularly beneficial for those who might face challenges in accumulating a substantial upfront down payment, which can often be a significant obstacle in the home-buying process.

How the Program Works:

The process begins with interested homebuyers expressing their intent to participate in the Equity Appreciation Loan program to MKG Enterprises Corp. Upon providing necessary documents, such as tax return statements or proof of expected tax refunds, applicants can explore the possibility of receiving a loan against their anticipated refund amount.

Once approved, homebuyers can utilize the loan to cover their down payment, making it easier for them to secure mortgage approval and ultimately purchase their desired property. It is essential to note that the loan amount is directly tied to the expected tax refund, ensuring that borrowers will be able to repay the loan comfortably.

Benefits of Real Estate Equity Appreciation Loan Down Payment Assistance:

1. Increased Accessibility: The program enables more individuals to enter the real estate market by reducing the financial barriers associated with traditional down payments.

2. Flexible Repayment: By linking the loan amount to the anticipated tax refund, borrowers can repay the loan without undue financial strain, fostering responsible homeownership.

3. Faster Path to Homeownership: The Equity Appreciation Loan expedites the homebuying process, allowing potential homeowners to capitalize on favorable market conditions promptly.

4. Credit-Building Opportunity: Successful participation in the program and responsible repayment can have a positive impact on borrowers' credit scores, setting them on a stronger financial footing.

MKG Enterprises Corp's introduction of the Real Estate Equity Appreciation Loan Down Payment Assistance program marks a significant stride towards fostering a more inclusive real estate market. By enabling potential homebuyers to leverage their expected tax refunds, the initiative empowers individuals who may have faced challenges in accumulating substantial down payments. As homeownership becomes more accessible, the ripple effects extend to families and communities, fostering stability, financial growth, and a brighter future for all involved. As the program gains traction and positively impacts countless lives, it stands as a testament to MKG Enterprises Corp's commitment to driving innovation and progress in the real estate industry.

MKG Tax Consultants tax-filing app is tailored to low-income minority communities to revolutionize the tax industry in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic--banks were not lending to people of color who were struggling with access to capital even before the pandemic.

Most tax companies with mobile apps use third-party developers, leasing the software as a service.

“We are originators and developers of what we have in the market,” Govan said. “We can also branch out, white label it and offer that as a software service to other tax companies — to a bank looking to become a green product.”

The app also helps consumers start the process of buying a home.

The goal is to help underprivileged and underbanked families access credit to affordably finance auto loans, home improvements, home solar systems, down payments, investment and paying off debts.

While it is unique that a local tax and insurance agency has its own specifically developed app, MKG also offers crypto tax service.

Users will be able to buy, sell and exchange crypto currency. The company even launched its own crypto-token — Token MKG Enterprises Corp. (MKGEC)

According to Govan, no other tax firm is offering a NFT Real Estate Marketplace.

The app also features money-wiring services such as Cash app and Venmo.

Users that are business owners will be able to open a business banking account, send and receive money and make check deposits — much like other banking apps on the market.

Our Go-to-market GTM combines tax refund financial products and mortgage loans primarily to customers with limited access to consumer credit from banks, thrifts, credit cards, and lenders.

“MKG Enterprises Corp Tax-filing app " is considered one of the most innovative mobile app platforms in the tax industry." combining mobile payments, tax preparation, and tax refund together.  

As a leading tax preparation technology company, we are always thinking forward to growing our share in tax refund bank products. -- We believe this will enable us to leverage our financial products to become the fastest-growing tax refund software provider in the US market.”


To support low-income communities our ESG environmental, social, corporate governance is to expand economic opportunity for underserved people and communities by supporting the growth and capacity providing access to capital to disadvantaged consumers, upward mobility and community development ventures, increase jobs, and build sustainable communities by offering flexible financial products and advisory services.


To be the Central Valley's choice for innovative capital and collaborative leadership promoting vibrant local communities and enhancing the quality of life dedicated to delivering responsible, affordable lending to help low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged people and communities join the economic mainstream.

The Opportunity

Theirs is a growing segment of investors that are demanding that their capital be invested for both financial and social return. This is likely to lead to a fundamental change in the way people invest. In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of money invested into ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) products that have a “social conscience,” both a financial and social return. Over the next 30 years some $30-40 trillion of wealth is expected to be transferred from the boomers to the next generations, predominantly the millennials.

This is reinforced by the recognition that inequity in our society is at its worst point in decades, with data showing that 10% of the adult population owns 88% of the world’s wealth, and a desire on the part of the next generation to see their capital used to transform some of our societal ills.

Invest in world changing organizations, invest in companies you believe in. Together we can restore the American dream in which all people and communities have access to the investment capital and financial services they need to prosper.

The Credit Problem

Online lenders make consumer loans easier to access but often with high-interest rates and impractical repayment plans. These risky lenders may also use linked bank accounts to collect repayment of loans and extract daily payments. And since the lender is not attached to the success of the borrower, they typically won’t offer flexible terms of repayment. Some borrowers get to a place where every dollar of revenue is committed to repaying the principal and interest on a loan, trapping their business in a cycle of debt that’s almost impossible to escape.

Plus, borrowers who can pay off the loan in full are often discouraged from doing so by pre-payment penalties that serve to increase the borrower’s debt and the online lender’s profits. If the borrower can’t pay back a loan, lenders have obtained judgments and seized assets sometimes worth more than the loan itself. The borrower is then forced to declare bankruptcy.

Why Invest in Our Company:

MKG Enterprises Corp is a diversified financial service company who shares the same vision as CDFI's of expanding economic opportunity and improving the quality of life for disinvested communities by providing consumer and commercial loans primarily to customers with limited access to consumer credit from banks, thrifts, credit cards, and lenders. 

There is a growing segment of investors that are demanding that there capital be invested for both financial and social returns. Economic inequality is rising exponentially. The future success of the US economy will hinge on our ability to invest in housing, healthcare, education, small business, and other vital services to ensure that the people and places that are being left out are able to share in the newly created value.

A Brief History of US Tax Season:

The tax industry is a seasonal business as more consumers rely on using their mobile phone devices nowadays Americans Check Their Phones 96 Times a Day.

Mobile payment apps have been around for years, but companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung have all launched new tap-to-pay services in the 2014-2015 timeframe. "We're seeing a perfect storm of technology in the mobile device, tax industry technology in the open market, and do-it-yourself tax preparation web-based and IRS free file applications being put into the retail tax industry environment.

The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own smartphones is now 77%, up from just 35%

MKG Tax Refund is an alternative banking mobile finance and tax preparation non-recourse lending app accessible to 95% of Americans who electronically file their taxes.

Our innovative approach has enabled us to leverage our financial products consistently which we believe will consequently elevate us into the fastest-growing tax refund FinTech in the US market.

Case Studies: 

Tax-Time Financial Products that African-American Households are 36 percent more likely to use the products than white households.

More than 20 million American taxpayers spent at least an estimated half a billion dollars in 2017 on financial products that are based on their anticipated tax refund, according to the National Consumer Law Center. Tax-time financial products, typically offered by banks and made available by providers of tax preparation services, include refund advances and refund anticipation loans (credit products), and refund transfers (deposit product).  In fiscal year 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) processed more than 150 million individual federal income tax returns, and issued almost 120 million refunds totaling almost $383 billion, according to IRS

Trends in the market for tax-time financial products since 2012 include

• the decline of refund anticipation loans (short-term loans subject to finance charges and fees), 

• the rise in use of refund transfers (temporary bank accounts in which to receive funds), and 

• the introduction of refund advances (loans with no fees or finance charges). 

The Problem or Unsolved Need More recent product developments include increased online access to products for self-filers, higher refund advance amounts, the introduction of new products, and for tax year 2019, the reintroduction of fee-based loans. Specifically, taxpayers who made less than $40,000 were significantly more likely to use the products than those who made more. African-American households were 36 percent more likely to use the products than white households. Product users tend to have immediate cash needs, according to studies by the Government Accountability Office. For these users, tax-time financial products generally provide easier access to cash and more cash at a lower cost than alternatives such as payday, pawnshop, or car title loans.

How Our Products Are Different From the Rest

The vast majority of our competitors aren't licensed by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation as a finance lender that can provide other financial services to consumers as an alternative financial solution or build relationships with other independent tax companies, tax software providers, and banking partners. They only provide tax preparation alone, consumers have no other options and their customer satisfaction rate is less than 10% for 1 in 10 approved applying for 3rd party tax advances from banks that only look at their FICO Score and not their actual tax refunds, income and ability to repay.

Overcoming Barriers to adoption and solutions

Our mobile app has the potential to reduce credit card and auto loan debt trap by 80% since the amount of the advance is deducted from tax refunds and reduces the amount that is paid directly to the taxpayer, thereby freeing up a consumer cash flow allowing them to be debt-free from being in the payday debt trap consumers can defer payments depending on their financial situation until their refund is funded or annual payment on auto loan debt using their tax refund through MKG Tax Consultants.

What Makes Our Team Special

Through our tax preparation service and online marketplace, we are able to reach more potential customers and lenders. The credit application for the borrowers is simple and straight-forward.

We gather the information about the applicant’s credit, financial needs, and income tax refund status. We are able to make decisions based on data analysis with regard to the value of their tax refund and any potential risks with the applicant