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Authentically sustainable, affordable, and accessible children’s wear brand


of a $600,000 goal
$6M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$250, $500, $1K, $1.5K, $2.2K, $5K, $10K, $25K
Chief People Officer at Asana
As an investor, I look for opportunities where my investments can do double duty - make a positive impact and generate a substantial return. I previously invested in Mightly because I believe that there is a huge gap in today's multi-billion dollar children’s wear market. Parents want truly sustainable, quality kids' clothing at an affordable price and it's simply not out there. I’m investing again because Tierra, Anya and Barrie have proven their ability to execute. Over the past three years, I've had a front row seat to Mightly's impressive growth, and the financial benefits to the farmers and workers who make the clothing. In a time of unprecedented supply chain disruptions, Mightly has continued to keep its supply chains flowing and bring new products to market, while also opening multiple sales channels and building the infrastructure necessary to scale. Tierra, Anya and Barrie have the experience, passion and commitment to build a company that will thrive in todays (and tomorrows) marketplace and be an attractive acquisition target. In a world where only 2% of VC funds go to women founders —despite data that shows businesses founded by women deliver higher revenues than those founded by men— I’m proud to back this team of proven business leaders. To summarize, the market is ready for sustainable children's wear to go mainstream and Mightly is well positioned to lead the charge.


💸 GENERATING REVENUE - over $1.5M to date, 260% year over year growth.
📊 The global children’s wear market is worth $250 billion/$70 billion for U.S. children’s wear.
👧 FOUNDED BY APPAREL INDUSTRY EXPERTS: A combined 50+ years of apparel industry and sustainable supply chain expertise.
👨‍💼 BACKED BY TOP PEOPLE: Lead Investor is Anna Binder, Head of People at Asana
🗣️ EXPERIENCED ADVISORY COUNCIL: Executives from The RealReal, Oracle, Nike, The North Face, GAP
💁 LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE - 35,000 happy customers, average review of 4.7 stars

Our Team

We three founders have deep roots in the sustainable textile industry, but we were unable to find high quality, affordable kids' clothing for our own children that was truly sustainable. Lots of brands claim "sustainability," but simply aren't. Fair trade, organic cotton is better for our kids, the planet, and the farmers and factory workers.

Who is Mightly?

Mightly was founded by three moms with a combined 50 years of apparel industry experience and sustainable supply chain expertise.

 In less than three years, we have created a community of over 35,000 Mightly customers, with consistent triple-digit year-over-year growth.

We founded Mightly to make the kind of clothes we want for our own kids: clothes that can handle any kind of adventure, are people and planet friendly and don’t cost a fortune.

The Problem: Authentically sustainable and affordable children's clothes are HARD to find. 

A lot of companies “greenwash”, claiming positive environmental and social impacts without providing verification or results. Other, truly sustainable brands charge a premium price, preventing millions of families from accessing pesticide-free, non-toxic clothing for their children.

Many families want, but can’t find – much less afford – sustainable children’s clothes. 

Mightly is changing that!

We sell our clothes in places where parents are already shopping for household essentials, making it easy and risk-free for parents to give Mightly a try.

We keep our prices low by maximizing efficiencies unique to our specialized, fully integrated supply chain, and a bundle-focused merchandising strategy that delivers high order values while keeping fulfillment costs low.

Even in a competitive landscape, Mightly stands out.

🌱💚 Reason #1 –  The consumer shift 

As more and more children are born to Gen X and Millennial parents each year, consumer sentiment will continue to shift towards sustainability. 

62% of millennial moms say they would be more loyal to a clothing brand that offers sustainable or environmentally friendly apparel.

44% will only shop at brands that reflect their values.

 🔥 Reason #2 – Gigantic market in the US alone...

We are talking about a $40 billion market in the US alone, a market that will further skyrocket as more Millennial women become moms and Gen Z, the most socially conscious generation ever, enters parenthood.

💰 Reason #3 – Businesses and investors are looking to invest in sustainable companies 

The UN declared the 2020s as the ‘Decade of Action’ for sustainability goals. In fact, sustainable funds reached a record high of $35 trillion in 2020, more than a third of all assets in the world's biggest markets.

While a number of fashion giants are tapping into the sustainable apparel market for adults, the children’s sustainable AND affordable apparel market remains largely untouched. This has created a massive opportunity for Mightly to be the market leader in this segment.

🧑‍💼 Reason #4- Our supply chain mastery and incredible quality

Mightly is different from other sustainable companies because we operate a transparent supply chain and provide direct financial benefits to the workers who make our clothes.   

We work with a farmer-owned non-profit based out of India to source rain-fed organic cotton, and we work with Fair Trade Certified factories to produce our organic clothing. 

Fair Trade Certified factories must adhere to rigorous social, environmental and economic standards that go beyond International Labor Organization conventions and include additional protections for women workers, like guaranteed maternity leave. Additionally, for every garment made, Mightly pays a Fair Trade Premium to the workers who collectively decide how to spend the funds. The Fair Trade model is so effective because it is not charity! Fair Trade gives workers a voice in the workplace and empowers them to invest in their families and communities.

ll our clothes are designed to last and are made without any GMOs or toxic dyes.

🤗 Reason #5 - Over 35,000 happy customers (and counting...) 

🥇 Reason #6 - The media can't get enough of Mightly

💥 Reason #7- We are making a measurable and verifiable impact

Everything from the cotton we use to how we ship our products is designed to have a low impact on the environment and a big impact on people.

👕 Sourcing from small-holder farming families

👕 Rain-fed regenerative farming without toxic pesticides or fertilizers

👕 Fair Trade Certified factories exceeding International Labor Standards

👕 All workers receive regular Fair Trade Premiums

👕 GOTS certified organic cotton

👕 No GMOs, toxic dyes or inks, or flame retardants

👕 100% recycled content packaging and reusable shipping bags 

 📈 Reason #8- We are poised for rapid growth

🥇 Reason #9: Founders: Multi-disciplinary, with proven expertise (and Certified Women-Owned)

Mightly’s management team has over 50 years of apparel industry experience and expertise in developing and scaling sustainable supply chains.

🦸🏻‍♂️ Reason #10- Advisers: Global leaders in business, supply chain, and clothing

If we can bootstrap a company during a global pandemic, imagine the places Mightly will go with community support through Wefunder.

🎁 Reason #11. Perks

Invest in Mightly today!

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