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$23.5M in revenue generated with $0 traditional advertising spend
$106B global haircare market with a 10.4% CAGR
$8M in 2024 sales revenue forecasted (not guaranteed)
2K retail doors globally including Ulta, Ulta at Target, Sephora, SpaceNK, Selfridges, & Cult Beauty

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Co-founded by Whitney White, widely recognized online as Naptural85, Melanin Haircare was born out of the persistent demand from her community of over 2 million followers who craved reliable, natural haircare solutions that work.

With over $23.5M in lifetime revenue and on track to hit $8M in 2024 alone*, it is clear that Melanin Haircare is the gold standard for luxuriously high-quality, natural haircare products that are effective and affordable. 

Backed by leading VC’s VMG Partners and Rose Park Advisors who have invested in renowned beauty brands like Function of Beauty, K18, and Drunk Elephant, Melanin Haircare is a rising leader in the $106B global haircare market.

*Future projections are not guaranteed.

American women spend nearly a quarter of $1 million on their appearance in their lifetime and a whopping 44% of Americans are taking care of themselves less in 2023 because it’s so expensive.

Not only are natural haircare products pricey, they often contain subpar ingredients and inadequate formulations that fall short of their promises – they just don’t work.  Despite their natural claims, they sometimes contain harmful substances that can strip hair of its natural oils and even cause hormonal and endocrine system disruptions.

This costly cycle of trial and error without results highlights a huge gap in the market.

Melanin Haircare is a proven favorite among a dedicated customer base, repeatedly chosen for its naturally luxurious, affordable products that deliver on their promise.  Melanin Haircare thrives on the community-driven demand for authentic, natural haircare solutions that work with a staggering 48% repeat customer rate compared to the 23% average in the beauty industry.

Over 65% of consumers seek clean beauty ingredients, that’s why our formulations are made with high-quality, natural, and non-toxic ingredients meticulously chosen for their proven ability to nourish and enhance hair and scalp health.

By offering high-quality, natural products at accessible prices, we’ve successfully transformed 2 million online fans into passionate customers.

With the entire wetline in over 2,000 beauty doors and $23.5M+ in revenue in the first 6 years, Melanin Haircare proves that luxurious, natural hair care can be high-quality, effective, and affordable.

Melanin Haircared launched as a direct-to-consumer brand driven by the demand and enthusiasm of over 2 million online followers eagerly awaiting our products. This powerful community has become a critical part of our product development. Serving as an active and vocal focus group, these devoted fans provide real-time feedback that is essential for refining and perfecting our formulations. 

This grassroots foundation has resulted in an impressive net promoter score (NPS) – the likelihood that customers would recommend our products – of 90. We have reinforced trust with our community by prioritizing quality, focusing on developing a few exceptional products at a time, rather than an excessive array of substandard options.

Melanin Haircare has established itself as a dynamic leader in the $106B haircare market with its community-driven innovation cycle.

Melanin Haircare became an instant sensation, achieving $1M in sales in its first 12 months and catching the attention of major beauty retailers – all of whom approached us!  

Melanin Haircare has organically achieved $23.5M in lifetime revenue and established a strong retail presence with products readily available on the shelves of coveted, prestige domestic and international retailers - most notably, Ulta Beauty, Ulta Beauty @ Target, Sephora, Sephora Canada, Selfridges & Co, Space NK, and Cult Beauty. We are a staple at 2,000+ beauty doors and counting!

Our revenue growth has been achieved with $0 traditional advertising spend, powered by word-of-mouth endorsements by our incredible community.

We have a vibrant community of dedicated enthusiasts who swear by our products. We pride ourselves on our rapid user growth, high retention rates, and consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Melanin Haircare has captured the attention of beauty’s biggest names. We are proud to be recognized with awards from influential beauty publications including Allure, Elle, PopSugar, Women’s Health, Glamour, and Essence.

Our team is powered by seasoned talent from leading beauty companies including Amika, Kristin Ess, Sunbum, Smashbox, and Briogeo. Their passion, collective expertise, and drive for excellence shape our innovative approach to natural haircare.

The global haircare market is experiencing explosive growth, driven by increasing consumer awareness and demand for safe, effective, and natural beauty products.

As more consumers seek out products that align with health-conscious lifestyles, the market is expected to see significant expansion in the coming years.

Our business model is a powerful combination of direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales and strategic retail partnerships. 

Melanin Haircare launched online, initially targeting Whitney’s community, and quickly expanded to the broader natural hair community. This DTC strategy allowed us to grow not only organically but quickly. By starting with direct-to-consumer, we fostered a loyal customer base that asked for Melanin Haircare in their local stores, in turn attracting the attention of the world’s largest beauty retailers that have since become Melanin Haircare’s primary revenue, on track to hit $8M in 2024 revenue alone.

Over the past two years, we have focused on significantly scaling our production by transitioning to a larger manufacturer - one capable of meeting and exceeding our growing customer demand 10x. 

This increase in production will ensure our expanding list of 2,000+ beauty retail doors are consistently fully stocked.

Future projections are not guaranteed.

Building on this momentum, we are launching new, highly-anticipated products and an expansive marketing plan designed to broaden our reach. Our goal is to connect and resonate with more communities by sharing our unique brand story and the magic of our ingredients.

We are on track to realizing the full potential of Melanin Haircare while maintaining the high standards of quality and inclusivity that our community deeply trusts.

With our new production capabilities and facility, we estimate that we can reach $7M+ in 2024 through B2B, with an additional $1M in revenue through DTC, based on the sell-through of our initial five products alone. The introduction of new products in our pipeline is poised to unlock new market opportunities and boost our revenue growth even more.

*forward-looking projections not guaranteed

Community is at the heart and soul of Melanin Haircare, driving our innovative products and inspiring our mission. We are launching a community investment round because who better to share in our future than the very people who helped build this brand. The funds raised will help scale production and satisfy massive consumer demand.

With a tremendous community, and powerhouse VCs, invested in some of the biggest beauty brands behind us, we know what we are capable of achieving together—and this is only the beginning.

Invest in Melanin Haircare today and join alongside notable institutional investors VMG Partners and Rose Park Advisors. Together, we can empower more people to celebrate their natural hair with confidence.