We are looking to build a theme park for immersive experiences outside of NYC

Last Funded November 2022


raised from 144 investors


CEO took last company to IPO on NASDAQ resulting in 15x ROI for investors.
Team has over 75 years of event production experience.
Over 5,000 Customers to Date
$120k Gross Revenue

Our Founder

A passion for the arts, specifically the live performing arts, and the financial potential of such an idea.

Pitch Deck

Content surrounding Kingdom Faire has garnered over 18 million engagements, and is rapidly growing as the event continues to generate interest and excitement from attendees. Our organic audience base has increased rapidly with little advertising spend. Instagram, TikTok and Email Signups have been our largest growth areas. The largest contingent of our audience comes from the southern New York area, encompassing New Jersey, Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania, comprising local residents; second-home and weekend/summer visitors; national and international leisure travelers and niche destination tourists; school group and group tour markets.

Our age and other demographics are in line with expectations, with the overwhelming majority in the 18-44 age range.

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

What You Will Get

When you invest in Kingdom Faire with WeFunder, you are not only supporting our festival and vision for the future—you will also own a small part of the world we’ve created. At each investment level, you will receive not only stock in our company, but a title and style that reflects your station in our world. You’ll be honored on our display of Peers and Pirates and formally recognized at any event you attend. Our cast members will endeavor to address you with the formal style becoming a person of your station.


Peerages are granted in the kingdoms of Denmira, Arden, Orland, and Galdora. Your rank will be listed on the display of Peers of the Realm and recognized by the King of Arden, the Queen of Denmira, and the Royal Court at any event you attend.


Pirate titles will be listed on the display of Most Fearsome Pirates and recognized by the pirate captains at any event you attend. For Buccaneer and Marauder tiers, in addition to your title, you may also choose honorary membership in any of our pirate crews. Dread Pirate (Terror), Scourge, and Sea Dog tiers will allow you to designate a captain of your own ship (which may be yourself). You may also ally your ship with one of our pirate crews, become a Privateer for one of the four Royal Kingdoms, or remain independent. Privateers receive Knighthood in their Kingdom and are addressed with the style Sir or Dame.


As part of the law governing crowdfunding and Wefunders policies we must hit a minimum of $50,000 for the campaign to be successful, otherwise the funds will be returned to you the investors. 

If you transfer your investment, the new owner may accept your peerage or request a new peerage at equivalent rank. If your investment is transferred to multiple others, they may choose an available peerage or pirate title commensurate with the basis of their ownership. Transferees with holdings having less than $100 of basis are not entitled to retain a title.