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950% growth in user base over past 6 months
Founded by an experienced management team with a history of successful exits
$20 Billion Total Addressable Market – fastest growing segment in HR tech
COVID 19 significantly increases the demand for a video based hiring platform

Our Team

Hiring managers need a way to see personality and passion (soft skills) when screening candidates. Now they can get to know their candidates early in the process which allows them to find the right people faster. Job seekers need a way to stand out from the stack of resumes. Now they can tell their story. They can be seen, and heard!

The Me in 3 Story

The traditional hiring process sucks

Marcus Engelke originally came up with the idea for Me in 3 when he was trying to hire a sales representative for his wife’s interior design company. He was looking for someone who had exceptional personality and people skills but he had no way of determining those things based on the resumes being submitted by applicants. He knew there had to be a better way than the antiquated old process of reviewing resumes. 

The resume is outdated as a way to screen

Markus presented the idea of a video screening platform to Tracy, Bryan and Brett. Those 3 had also lived the same frustrations when they were hiring key employees. All 3 of them recalled times they had seen a great resume, invited a candidate in for an interview, and then knew 2 minutes into the interview, it was a waste of time. They also knew that they had likely missed out on a stellar candidate who didn't get an invitation to interview due to a poorly written resume. Often, soft skills are as important, if not more important than the hard skills found on a resume.

The 4 began working on what would become Me in 3. 

Bring in an Expert

To round out the team, we wanted to find an expert in the Human Resources field who could help guide the science behind Me in 3. Chris Wright, with a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology and a track record of building software companies, was the perfect fit.  Dr. Wright immediately saw value in the project and began offering incredible insight into the product roadmap. 

Initial research showed us there were very few companies using video screening in the hiring process so the team set out to design and develop a software as a service platform to solve the problem.

What is Me in 3?

Me in 3 is a video based platform that connects employers with potential candidates. It's a game changer! We make hiring personal again and go beyond a resume. With Me in 3 employers get a glimpse, a real impression, of who their applicants are very early in the process. And, job seekers have a chance to showcase themselves, share their goals, ambition and their personality. Employers save time by selecting better candidates faster and job seekers finally have a chance to stand up and stand out from the crowd. 

Hiring Managers can get to know their candidates before they even see a resume. 

Job Seekers can Be Seen. Be Heard. Get Hired.

Why invest in Me in 3?

We’ve been able to hit a number of big milestones over the past 6 months and feel that this raise will help us accelerate our growth.

Over the past 6 months we’ve:

  • Fully developed an operational Software as a Service platform
  • Organically grown our user base by 950%
  • Increased our active user base across 45 states

In the next 6 months we’re looking to:

  • Continue to exponentially grow our user base
  • Launch additional premium services
  • Develop additional integrations and partnerships with industry leading applicant tracking systems

Customer feedback has been incredible. We are ready to expand to the rest of the world and that's why we need your help. In order to reach the most customers in the shortest amount of time, we need to raise money to spend on our sales and marketing plans

It's time for exponential growth!

2020 has provided the world with a number of significant challenges. It's also created an even greater need for the Me in 3 platform. With the COVID 19 pandemic, there are more job seekers looking for jobs, more candidates applying for every job, and a greater need for hiring managers to do more while working remote. 

Me in 3 has also created a tool that helps organizations reach their Diversity and Inclusion goals like no other solution on the market. What better way to find diversity in your candidate pool than by seeing and hearing your candidates early in the process?

Don't just take our word for it - See Me in 3 in action

Check out this short highlight reel from some actual Me in 3 job seekers applying for jobs.

It's time to change the hiring process, forever.
It's time for Me in 3.

Thank you for your interest and consideration. We hope you will join us in changing the way hiring is done, forever!