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Invest in Mazibuko Motor Company

A Battery Electric-Pick-Up


reserved of a $100,000 goal
$100K valuation cap Future Equity
$250, $500, $1K, $10K


Developing Full Vehicle and Platform with International Legacy Automotive Companies
Customer Interest – Over A Thousand And Counting People on Our Waiting List, Without Any Marketing.
Response - Organic Media Coverage By Over 50 Outlets, In The U.S, The UK, EU, South Africa, and More
Early Start-Up Member Of MiH (Biggest Open Source EV Development In The World By Foxconn)
Unique Advantage: First Passenger Only Electric Pick-Up Built For E.U, Middle East, African Market.
In House Technologies Include: Modular Battery Pack, Rolling Chassis, Energy Storage, and More
Global EV Market Is Expected To Grow From $287.36B In 2021 To $1318.22B In 2028 At A CAGR Of 24.3%.
Mojar Economies Are Banning Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles And The Industry Is Slow To Adapt

Our Founder

The increasingly negative effects of climate change. It really feels like not enough is being done and if we want to hit our targets of slowing down the global increase in temperature, we all need to pitch in and be all hands on deck. The auto industry can't be expected to transition and move all away from fossil fuels.

About Our Company


Climate Change

The world is seeing record hot temperatures around the globe with the average temperature likely to rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius within the next two decades threatening food security, causing harsher storms, droughts, and more unpredictable weather patterns.

The Next Big Polluter

While many developed countries might be decarbonizing, developing countries and continents have the potential to move everyone back as they develop and use fossil fuels to propel that growth. We have had this with The People's Republic of China. Africa, the Middle East and South America could be the next boom that also uses fossils.



Production of EVs
The world needs to start its transition to cleaner and greener transport solutions today and the Mazibuko Motors M1B Pick-Up is the answer to the growing threat of climate change. The vehicle is being developed to be best situated for the E.U, the Middle East, and African markets where the pick-up is popular but not fully addressed by the battery electric vehicle manufacturers.

The M1B pick-up is a 670bhp(500kw) dual motor pick-up designed for urban and rural/offroading situations. It has a 120kWh battery giving a 250miles(400km) range with acceleration that's under 5 seconds. 

From the first time designing this vehicle, we wanted it to be the smart and connected vehicle of the future, and working with our development partners we are making sure that's a reality. 

EV Platform

Mazibuko Motors along with our development partners are developing a platform that will be used for our Pick-Up and other models. This makes the development of other models quicker and offers licensing opportunities in the future.


EV technology has finally caught up to the mainstream and by the time we reach production in 2024 battery prices are expected to be comparable to Internal Combustion Engines. This offers an opportunity to enter the market at the right price while offering an even safer smart car of the future.
Transport Transition

The transition to using EVs is moving at a faster pace than the industry OEMs can deliver. More and more nations and corporations are looking to transition their fleets to clean mobility but the supply is barely there, especially in Africa.


Mazibuko Motor Company has partnered with two companies with decades of production car design, development, advanced engineering, and racing experience in various series' and propulsions.
Through this partnership along with other OEM's battery technology, electric motors, and a modular scalable platform that can be used from Hypercars, Pick-Ups like ours up to a small city car.

Direct to Customer

Our vehicles will be sold directly to consumers. We will not use any dealerships, clients will be able to reserve and buy their vehicles straight from our website. We will open a number of service centres (stores) in selected malls and strategic locations across South Africa.
Business to Business

We see an opportunity in offering our platform as a licensing opportunity for existing and newcomers in the EV space.

It will take us approximately 30 months to begin mass production. 

Media Coverage
We have been featured in a number of publications, all organic by over 50 Outlets, In The U.S, The UK, the EU, South Africa, and More. That's four continents and over 20 countries. 

Some of the publications we featured in