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Handheld scanning of live plants for real-time, laboratory-level data



raised from 34 investors
 $8M  $6.449M pre-money valuation Priced Round
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I believe my 30 years of business experience in technology, and previous successful exits, has given me the ability to recognize privileged opportunities and led me to invest in Mariposa Technology. I see Mariposa and its technology as a data company, providing vital insights to enable farmers to optimize their harvest. The proprietary set of algorithms they utilize for determinations across a broad spectrum of molecular information is sure to be essential for decades. In addition, it can grow into other areas of agriculture. Bottomline, I believe the company's unique collection algorithms capture data that can be monetized and lead to a successful exit.


Proven science and technology - Peer reviewed and published in scientific journals
Partnerships with Texas A&M, Cornell, and other researchers for expansion of the SaaS databases
Investor Advisors include executives from Texas Instruments, Intel, GE & Mail Chimp
Discovered the ability to determine THC content and more just by scanning the plant's leaves.
Successful pre-seed round, raising over $565,000
Tax credits of 35% and capital gains tax structure are set up for the investors' benefit
Our tool's size, weight and ease-of-use make it a prime candidate for plant cultivation in space

Our Team

In early 2021, Texas A&M had proven a scientific process, utilizing handheld Raman spectroscopy, showing immense promise for the agricultural industry at large. Commercializing this digital farming tool will advance agriculture, starting with hemp and other forms of cannabis, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mariposa Technology

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