Sustainable Organic LEDs provider

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 46 investors


Margik obtained "yes" from all 7 judges on the investment show Unicorn Hunters.
We offer up to 40% discount on orders above 50,000
Since Unicorn Hunters appearance we reduced the price of OLED Light up stickers to $18.99 to purchase single
$110,000 raised from accelerators and private capital

Our Team

We are Developing the Future of Organic Lighting Technology

Founder DR. Margaret Kocherga is a co-inventor of Margik's University patent, which the company is exclusively licensing.

  • Margik is currently funded with NSF and DOE government contract work. We are planning to pursue NSF STTR Phase II to cover R&D expenses to improve product metrics. Please note, it is not guaranteed that we will receive NSF STTR Phase II. Fewer than 30% of companies applying get funding for phase II.
  • Margik's technology already works. Our main risk at the moment is raising funding to scale up up. By raising funds on Wefunder, we can hire enough experienced engineering staff to resolve this.

*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.

*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.