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Invest in Lunchwale, Inc.

Reinventing the working lunch with unique corporate food delivery service



reserved by 30 investors
$8.5M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus:

Investors who commit the first $200k would receive a $1M discount on the valuation.

$250, $500, $1K, $10K, $100K


🍲 Unique food delivery service offering on-time, low-cost, healthy corporate lunches
👥 Building a huge community to expand into new areas of revenue, including advertising and affiliate marketing
💪 Company launched in 2018 and has grown consistently over four years, surviving turbulent Covid years
💰The US food delivery market is projected at $8.3 billion for 2022
❤️ Company has Google rating of 4.6, an Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90 considered ‘World Class’) and a CSAT score of 83
😊 Each year, the company donates 3,000+ meals to support orphans in the United States

Our Team

Full corporate meal service for less than the cost of a large latte – it’s why we have already served 5,000+ customers in four years!

Since 2018, Lunchwale has delivered thousands of delicious meals to more than 5,000 hungry corporate clients in offices across the Dallas DFW area.

Our unique proposition gives businesses an attractive alternative to larger competitors, who charge approximately $15 to $25 per meal (plus tips).

We also offer simple app ordering, free on-time delivery, and a no-tipping service, giving our customers a hassle-free lunchtime that’s as easy as it is delicious.

Our subscription business model has proved successful and survived the turbulent pandemic years and YOU can join us today with an investment.

At Lunchwale, our customers never have to worry about paying over the odds for poor-quality meals that are delivered late.

      These attractive advantages are why we have secured 5,000 customers since our inception, despite the impact of the pandemic on traditional business and office culture.

      Additionally, we are soon to offer other services including a Corporate Catering service and a Private Party catering service. 

      We also donate 3,000 meals annually via the non-profit Feeding America to support orphans in the United States.

      Since 2018, we have cultivated a happy and healthy community of Lunchwale diners.

      The figures speak for themselves. As of April 2022, we have achieved a Google rating of 4.6, an Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90 (considered ‘World Class’), and a CSAT score of 83 (considered ‘Very Good’).

      How can we do this? And why?

      The truth is that our daily meal service and event catering gives us a small profit, but we have BIG visions for what Lunchwale can become.

      Having already amassed the confidence of a strong and growing community by providing incredible value meals and quality service, we plan to leverage the buying power of this community to sell other products – from stationery, to clothing, to cars while we stay rock sturdy and focused on our core business - Lunch!

      While we envisage Lunchwale becoming a facilitator for online purchases by promoting certain brands and products through our app, used by thousands of people each day.

      We will use an affiliate marketing model, where we receive commission through pairing buyers with brands. 

      By continuing to build our dining community to take a larger segment of our 400,000-person relevant market, we foresee doubling our figures to 10,000 customers by the end of 2022, rising to 20,000 by 2023. This will happen if we secure the necessary funds through this crowdfunding campaign.

      Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

      Additionally, we plan to open another revenue source by selling advertising space on our packaging and the app. By building a large community of happy diners, we have a ready-made loyal audience that will be responsive to our next step plans – now we are able to harness the power of this community.

      With these plans in action, we have revenue projections of $430K in year one (gross profit of $223,000). This will rise to $7.3 million by year 5, with a gross profit of $4.6 million.

      Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

      Since 2018, we have built our community steadily, but slowly. Our cautious speed has been down to using a manual mode of operations between 2018 and 2020, while the Covid-19 pandemic caused unprecedented disruption to corporate life, including mealtimes.

      In 2022, we are completely automated with streamlined app-based operations. Now, scaling up the footprint of our operations is as good as copy-paste.

      We are looking for your investment to give us the power to put our plans into action and accelerate growth into more areas of the United States.

      The funds raised in this Community Round will be used for app development, marketing, product manufacturing, staffing, software development, kitchen automation (vendor support) and the purchase of new delivery vehicles as we build our customer base and expand into new areas of business.

      With our plans in action, we aim to be acquired, or list Lunchwale stocks on OTC stock exchange, by April 2026, giving our investors an excellent opportunity for a return on their investment.

      Now is the time to join the Lunchwale community as we demonstrate what we are truly capable of!