Invest in Happiness: Our home hubs bring genuine connection & mental health

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 187 investors


Notable Angel

Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

$24M global revenue to date (in parent company), $5M annual revenue in the US with 50% gross margin
Offering investors a 2x multiple with a target repayment of 3 years (26% annualized return)
250K customers over the globe (80% in the US)
Backed by consumer ecosystem elite, investor Andy Dunn, Bonobos founder (acquired $310M by Walmart).

Our Team

We bring happiness in every home while building a profitable business.

We are in the business of spreading happiness. Our products bring unique ways of real connection to loved ones and simple routines for mental wellbeing. With our $24M revenue to dateand going viral on TikTok – we know we are on to something beyond simple love notes.

When you invest in Lovebox through Wefunder, you’ll be part of an exciting new revenue-based lending approach to early-stage investing where investors receive 2x on their investment within a 3-year target repayment period*.

We achieve that by sharing 4.46% of our revenues every quarter until you have been repaid 2x your investment.

Example: $10,000 today --> $20,000 in 3 years*; this is a 26% annualized rate of return!

*More details about the revenue-share model in the 'Investment opportunity' section. Returns are not guaranteed.

Becoming a prominent figure in the consumer ecosystem, Andy has backed successes like Warby Parker and Coinbase. Dunn’s 2022 memoir, "Burn Rate: Launching a Startup and Losing My Mind," candidly reveals his struggle with mental health while building Bonobos. Notably, this is Dunn's second investment in Lovebox, showcasing his continued support and belief in the venture.

"Investing in Lovebox means embracing a mission that resonates deeply with me – creating genuine connections and spreading joy. I’m thrilled to contribute to this journey.", Andy Dunn, lead investor, founder of Bonobos (acquired $310M by Walmart).

Note: Andy has invested in SAS LOVEBOX.LOVE, the parent company of LOVEBOX INC. Only US companies can raise on Wefunder.

By investing, you're not simply seeking a multiple on your investment; you're also supporting a positive mission, as our community member and investor Kathy S shared with us:

"Have you ever wished you could give someone a box of joy? My 28-yr-old niece was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when her new daughter was only a few months old. Amidst my tears, I thought of how scared she must be. What could I do? Then I found the LoveBox and sent one to her immediately. Wow! Someone had invented a gift of endless love and joy! When I heard about the fundraising campaign, I wanted to be involved in this positive mission. I believe it can change the world, one LoveBox at a time.", Kathy S, early adopter and investor.

Mental health is a pressing issue for countless Americans, with over 50% of adults experiencing mental illness at some point in their lives. Our products help individuals establish and maintain healthy habits for mental and social well being.

While reactive solutions are essential to recover from mental health issues, the research community agrees that proactive lifestyle changes can help prevent isolation and mental health issues.

Furthermore, according to relationship researcher, John Gottman, a 5:1 ratio between positive and negative interactions is key to maintaining healthy relationships. By dedicating some space in your life to positive interactions, the Lovebox helps people maintain this "magic ratio".

We are capital-efficient. In 2017 we launched the Lovebox, our first product after raising only $750K capital. This resulted in $24M in revenue globally to date ($24M collectively by the parent company, $14.2M of which is from the US subsidiary that you would be investing into), with $6M annual revenue in 2022 including a subscription model generating $30K monthly recurring revenue. As multiple users can connect to a Lovebox, over a million people have used our product since we started.

Beyond the traction of the product, people care about our company’s mission to spread happiness as reflected by our 490M views on TikTok.  Not bad for limited working capital. Imagine what we could do with your investment.

Note: these figures refer to the parent company. Investors in this round would be investing directly into the US company, which is a subsidiary of the parent company. $14.2M of the $24M was generated by the US company.

What we've achieved so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

The larger opportunity is to spread the world with home hubs delivering daily happiness, which we are pursuing through our new product launches: Lovebox Channels and Happy Loop. Both will launch at the end of 2023.

The Lovebox is a tangible connected device that you set up at home to infuse happiness into your life.

It accomplishes this in two complementary ways: first, by nurturing your relationships through its thoughtful messaging features, and second, by brightening your days with a stream of uplifting, positive content that you can subscribe to.

The Lovebox is a tangible messaging device to receive photos, drawings or positive notes from a distance. It is a WiFi-enabled device paired with a mobile app. Visit the Lovebox e-commerce website for more details.

Lovebox Channels, scheduled for launch in October 2023, allow Lovebox users to receive daily positive content they can choose based on their interests and life goals.

Here's a selection of daily content categories for Lovebox channels – and remember, the possibilities are endless:

  • Motivational Content: Rewire your thought patterns with regular and impactful cognitive reinforcement such as positive affirmations or inspirational quotes.
  • Relationship Tips & Challenges: Discover daily content designed to deepen bonds with your family or significant other.
  • Daily Personal Challenges: Embrace daily challenges tailored to specific personal goals, propelling you toward meaningful achievements (healthier lifestyle, eco-friendly behaviors, gratitude, kindness, educational content, etc.).

Happy Loop helps people build daily routines nurturing their social and mental wellbeing through personalized cards. Visit the Happy Loop pre-order website for more details.

The filed patent serves as a barrier to entry for potential competitors for the next 20 years.

Buying a Happy Loop is just the beginning of the customer's journey.

Our Happy Loop Store, where users buy cards for their Happy Loop just like they would buy e-books for a Kindle, provides a recurring revenue stream.

Wondering how our founder came up with this idea? Here is the sweet story behind the invention of the Lovebox:

We are proud to have designed a product loved by all generations. Here is what our customers say (public reviews from Uncommongoods website):

Our customers love the product and the mobile app, as confirmed by thousands of independent positive reviews on our retailers' website and on the App Store.

And the press loves us too! Here are a few links: Today Show, New York Post, Wired, Forbes, CNET.

Through both Lovebox Channels and the Happy Loop store, we create recurring revenue opportunities.

With the Happy Loop store, we anticipate an even higher conversion rate for recurring purchases as the Happy Loop product requires new cards to sustain the ongoing experience.

Lovebox Channels will expand the offering under our existing (and successful) premium subscription where we currently have a 15% conversion rate for a $5 monthly paid subscription. The current subscription already unlocks premium templates for their messages. It will expand to unlock daily positive content channels as well. We expect this addition to significantly increase our subscription’s conversion rate and retention, contributing to a robust recurring revenue stream.

Premium subscriptions for wellbeing content are a proven business model. 'I am', a mobile app delivering daily positive affirmations to its users, generates an estimated $400K in monthly recurring revenue. More recently, hardware company Presence adopted a similar approach as ours distributing positive content ($50 yearly subscription) through a hardware device .

The Happy Loop Store is to Happy Loop what Lovebox Channels are to Lovebox. Both products serve the same mission. While the Lovebox solution relies on connected hardware to receive digital content, Happy Loop is a low-tech card-based mechanical solution. This expansion strategy enables the company to target new customer segments and open up fresh distribution channels.

Our product roadmap aims to expand our products from love messaging to positive content platforms.

The new product developments unlock a new growth stage:

  • The lower price point of the Happy Loop product opens more mass-market distribution opportunities.
  • The Lovebox Channels and the Happy Loop store drive a sustainable and profitable recurring revenue stream.

Note: forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed. Lovebox Inc is a company that specializes in both retail and wholesale of a device known as "the Lovebox" in the United States. “The Lovebox” is a connected, messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection.

The quality of our products and our brand's awareness unlocked prestigious collaborations with The MoMA Design Store, The Little Prince, Molang, Hello Kitty, Warner Bros (contract pending for Harry Potter license), and many more to come. Each week, we are presented with new opportunities!

Our collaboration agreements often encompass the Lovebox Messenger, the Lovebox Channels and the Happy Loop products, illustrating the synergies between the three.

We are offering the Lovebox and Wefunder communities a chance to participate in a revenue-share deal that offers a 2x return on investment within an anticipated 3-year timeframe (results not guaranteed).

Every quarter, the company will repay 4.46% of the previous quarter's revenue to investors.

In contrast to equity investments, you will receive repayments every quarter until we have returned 2x your initial investment, rather than having to wait for years until a hypothetical acquisition or public introduction of the company takes place.

Note: forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We raised $260K directly from our community before publicly launching this Wefunder campaign.

The 4.46% revenue-share percentage has been calculated to ensure a 2x return within 3 years, based on revenue projections. If the company's revenue grows at a faster rate, you could potentially receive your 2x investment sooner. Alternatively, if the company's revenue growth is more gradual, the repayment period might extend, but you will still achieve a 2x multiple on your investment.

Note: forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

By aligning the repayment schedule with the company's revenue, the revenue-share model synchronizes the repayment timeline with the company's sales seasonality.

*More information about this economic model here.

This vision serves as our north star

With our existing product roadmap and the investment from this Wefunder opportunity, we anticipate surpassing the milestone of equipping over one million houses globally within 3 years.

Bringing joy to every home is not only our company's mission, it is a source of pride and inspiration to everyone in the team.

Please join us as we spread love and happiness across the globe!

Last but not least, invest $1,000+ and get a 25% lifetime discount for your personal purchases on our e-commerce.

Extensive List of Perks:

❤️ $500+ investment

  • An e-commerce voucher to get a Happy Loop for free

⭐️ $1,000+ investment

  • An e-commerce voucher to get a Lovebox for free
  • A 25% VIP lifetime coupon for your personal purchases on our e-commerce.

💞 $2,500+ investment

  • An e-commerce voucher to get a Happy Loop and a fully personalized Lovebox Duo Pack for free (2 Lovebox with personalized spinny and engraving)
  • A 25% VIP lifetime coupon for your personal purchases on our e-commerce.

🏆 $5,000+ investment

  • An e-commerce voucher to equip all your family with a Lovebox (10 Lovebox family pack).
  • A 25% VIP lifetime coupon for your personal purchases on our e-commerce.
  • All our digital premium subscriptions unlocked for free for all your family (up to 10 accounts, unlocked for life).

💎 $10,000+ investment

  • An e-commerce voucher to equip all your family with a Lovebox (10 Lovebox family pack).
  • A 25% VIP lifetime coupon for your personal purchases on our e-commerce.
  • All our digital premium subscriptions unlocked for free for all your family (up to 10 accounts, unlocked for life).
  • A dinner with our founder (Location options: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Paris, or over Zoom).

Email our founder at [email protected] or ask a question on this page.

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