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Disrupting a $222 Billion Real Estate Market

Last Funded August 2023


raised from 53 investors


Founders with 6 exits & experience scaling companies to $100M+ ARR
Delivering a new platform using AI that people use to discover cities & neighborhoods to call home
Addressing search volume for new cities/neighborhoods that exploded from 60m to 100m since 2020.
Serving 30M movers a year in the U.S. & 8M+ more intending to move since untethering from office
Experienced team has built decision journey systems for military, auto, insurance, and colleges.

Our Team

We have a history helping build and grow platforms for people working through complicated journeys: childbirth, college selection. It seemed obvious that there was a similar journey in considering moving but no tool or platform designed to help people through the full journey.

Why lookyLOO?

We are living through the most dramatic shift in the places Americans choose to live since the creation of suburbs.

A burst of mobility has ushered in a major geographic reshuffling. With remote work flexibility, young people and families are moving outward from expensive, high-density metro areas, empty-nesters and retirees are gravitating toward active town centers and people of all stripes are newly assessing their options.

If you're looking to move, LookyLOO helps you evaluate different cities and neighborhoods that meet your criteria. This includes comparing broad factors like lifestyle, economy and the reviews of locals about living there. It also includes evaluating specifics like housing prices, transportation options, the quality of bars and restaurants, safety, schools, and many other factors.

With up-to-date and relevant information feeds from multiple perspectives, LookyLOO is command-central for finding the next great city and neighborhood to call home.

The ability to work from home + extended longevity and healthier lifestyles of empty nesters and retirees means the U.S. population is living in a New Era. One which already has, and will continue to move every generation. America's Untethered Era is here.

These dramatic societal changes manifest in an explosion in search and digital traffic exploration of new cities and neighborhoods among all age and life-stage populations in the U.S.

There's a new decision-making process about where we're going to live.

Research from Zillow shows 8 million+ additional adults per year expressing the intent to move as a result of being untethered from work-from-office demands.


This revolution means that consumers need help in discovering all the different cities, towns and neighborhoods that meet their personal lifestyle and economic criteria. A platform that guides them in the process of discovery and helps them to plan and manage the complicated journey of the move.

The market size of U.S. citizens that move each year is massive.

  • 52 million U.S. adults move every five years
  • 30 million U.S. citizens move each year
  • 10m+ move more than 500 miles
  • 8m more people each year plan to move due to WFH policies

LookyLOO will generate revenue several ways.

  1. Advertising that includes both general run of site and listings for homes in the city and neighborhood pages.
  2. Subscriptions from customers for advanced MoveBook services.
  3. Realtor sponsorships of cities and neighborhoods.
  4. Lead Generation through accounts and professional service offerings that will be available in the MoveBook section of the platform.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

The LookyLOO Advantage.

Unlike other major life-change project categories (like college selection or purchasing a home) LookyLOO is unique in that there is no other market solution to help people from start to finish of the daunting relocation process.

From discovering and identifying a list of contender places, all the way through the actual move, LookyLOO provides all the relevant data, peer reviews, vendor information and details needed to support the user's journey through this process. There's nothing else like it.

At present, the competition is focused on providing data on homes. Zillow, Redfin, Trulia etc., all target the 'last mile' of home-ownership and neglects the arduous process of managing all the elements that go into making choices about where to move.

Filling the whitespace.

The opportunity in the market lies in supporting the user earlier in the process, when they need help to familiarize themselves with the landscape of choices, and figure out which towns and neighborhoods will best suit them.

LookyLOO is the fun and helpful tool for the untethered to get from wherever they are to wherever they want to be.

LookyLOO addresses the needs of the U.S. consumer and realtors by supporting them through their journey.

  • Filtered searches based on personal preferences creates shortlists of the right cities.
  • Scoring, narratives and local reviews help narrow or clarify the best cities to consider.
  • An intelligence account system helps you manage the process of evaluating the best cities and neighborhoods from the start of your exploration through the actual move.
  • The platform gives realtors a platform for engaging with prospects earlier in their move journey and captures leads well ahead of any other system at their disposal.
  • Finally, LookyLOO gives realtors a platform for sharing content and anything else their clients need to understand the best city/neighborhood in their search process (in the same way Houzz does for design but instead for moves). 

The LookyLOO scoring system works by combining the left-brained criteria of economic opportunity of a city, with the right-brained outdoor and cultural/entertainment lifestyle opportunities, and most importantly, by scoring the sentiment of those who live and post reviews about that city on platforms across the social and digital web.

LookyLOO combines data to show you places that are relevant (like Zillow), consumer feedback and sentiment to help you get a truly authentic sense of place (like Trip Advisor) and an active, working environment that supports you throughout the lengthy and messy process (like Houzz.)

What will I get from Crowdfunding?

Your investment will convert into equity in a future round of funding (usually led by an institutional investor) or when there is an exit (IPO, SPAC or acquisition). 

Exit Strategy:

We firmly believe in delivering a return to each and every investor. As such, our team’s goal is to bring LookyLOO to the public markets. We know nothing is certain, and other paths like acquisitions are certainly possible — but we will work tirelessly .

This is our commitment to you.

*Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Use of Proceeds:

To ensure we continue to establish LookLOO as command-central for people looking to move, we’ll use the capital raised to continue building and scaling our technology, our marketing and our team. By supercharging our development and marketing engine, LookyLOO will further expand and develop key product features that lead to new revenue.

Why is LookyLOO raising funds through a Community Round?

LookyLOO has a large community of Realtors and partners that would like to participate in the raise at lower entry points than is practical to manage in the cap table. A community raise solves this issue, and gives our partners a stake in the company.

Community is important to LookyLOO, as we consider a wide range of partners critical for participation in the growth of the platform. Offering these partners an opportunity to invest solidifies the relationship and ultimately results in the best product.

Slide: VC Investor Statement

Retirees are living longer and are on the move in search of just the right day-to-day lifestyle.

There is a dramatically increased inflow of people to lower cost, lower density counties.

The towns and neighborhoods in these counties are reshaping themselves to attract these new types of residents. And, the newly untethered want to know about them; who's moving there, what amenities they offer and what it's like to live in them.