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Last Funded November 2022


raised from 64 investors


📹 Over 12,000 videos generated and over 1M views
⬇️ 8000+ app downloads
👀 The average daily viewing duration is steadily climbing to 12 minutes and 15 seconds
✈️ Now operating in Phoenix, Austin, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Our Team

Have an ownership stake in shaping the future for local communities

Thanks for your interest in being a shareholder in LocalBuzz. When Tony and I started LocalBuzz, we wanted every aspect of our startup to be about community; LocalBuzz was purposely made to support local communities and businesses and bring people together to share their experiences to inspire others. 

Now, we are proud to fulfill another big aspiration: to give ordinary people the same opportunity as angel investors and venture capital firms to own a stake in something that’ll be the next generation-defining startup of our time.

We're solving a MASSIVE problem with local discovery!

When I moved back to Phoenix after years in San Francisco, I thought I could pick up where I left off. To my dismay, the experience of trying to reconnect with my community and find out what was 'happening' was a hair-tearing experience. And as it turns out, I wasn't the only person struggling with this situation.

These days, everyone gets their daily information from social media platforms like, TikTok, Instagram, and SnapChat. But vast majority of local businesses struggle with digital marketing because they simply:

  • don't know how
  • don't have the time
  • don't have the interest

Local communities and local businesses greatly lag behind the technological curve.

When was the last time you got out and discovered something truly amazing about your community, like a community food festival, or a fun wine tasting event at your local hang out? Getting a pulse on what’s happening today and finding fun things to do can be frustrating and time-consuming. Searching on Google is a rabbit hole and Google Maps is an overwhelming unstructured map. Yelp isn’t in the moment, and it’s really just about places, not experiences. We need something better than what we have today!

The Multi-billion Dollar Market

Pandemic migration has dramatically affected local communities, and communities have become unrecognizable by longtime residences and new transplants. Localism is on the rise. But the $173B local marketing industry is outdated and highly ineffective, still predominantly reliant on flyers and direct mailers that nobody wants to read and is costly to produce. We aim to shake up the local marketing status quo and usher in a new era, which will combine elements of creator economy($104.2B), local media advertising($173.3B), and social commerce($1.2T). This will help 305 million local businesses get up to speed with digital marketing and provide financial and professional opportunities for 46 million content creators. And this will greatly boost local economies by recirculating the money back into the community!

Local Media Experience + Creator Marketplace = Local Discovery Economy 

LocalBuzz is defining a new category of business that we call the "local discovery economy". This leverages the best elements of social media and online marketplaces to chart a new future for local economies. We are shortcutting the local discovery process by creating a platform that brings everyone together to share the cool things that goes on in our local communities. It's about creating a seamless experience between online and offline to empower businesses and content creators and inspire people to connect on a local level. 

    We've made local discovery platform FUN, VISUAL, and gets RESULTS

    LocalBuzz makes it so much easier for people to venture out into their local communities, find interesting things to do, meet people in real life, and be social. It’s time to break out of our bubbles and find new things to make our lives a lot happier!

    Locals, Travelers, and Businesses LOVE us

    We designed a platform from the ground up to truly make local discovery a community experience that’s for everyone: local businesses, social media influencers, travelers, and especially locals like you and me. 

    Since our launch in late 2020, we have had 8K+ downloads, 10K+ videos generated on platform, and over 880K+ content views. 

    We already have over 80 local businesses and organizations on our app across the four locales that we currently operate in (Phoenix, LA, Austin, and Chicago).

    Our Business Model

    LocalBuzz's business model relies on content creators and businesses working together to drive engagement on the app. We will source revenue from content creator marketplace, subscription plans for hosted businesses, advertising, and even from syndicating our content to major travel platforms like TripAdvisor and Airbnb. 

    With our current pricing strategy, we project $3240 in annual recurring revenue per business hosted on LocalBuzz. 

    Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

    Competitive Landscape

    Although there are many other event/restaurant/experience discovery platforms, few are poised for the next generation by being video-first, and fewer operate in realtime. 

    Local Buzz showcases quick, digestible content that is recent and fresh, so our users are always in the know. 

    Go-To-Market Plan

    Our go-to-market plan is simple:

    • We offer free credits to local businesses to host on LocalBuzz, and then leverage their existing customer networks to encourage sign ups on the app.
    • Then, we hire content creators to populate the app with content.
    • Lastly, we market to consumers by syndicating our real-time content to other platforms, and through marketing campaigns. 

    Our Team

    LocalBuzz was founded by Adrian Gillette and Tony CE, who have years of experience in the web and community development spaces. 


    Users love using LocalBuzz to get to know a new city, or to discover fun things and cool places to connect with within their own hometowns. It takes so much time and effort to plan a day full of new activities and places to eat, but LocalBuzz makes it easy by doing the research for our users, so they can seize the day! 

    Phx Lechon, Serafina Coffee, Kream Coffee, Elements of Spirit, Miracle Mile, Leiva Detail Specialist

    Our retention

    We are seeing a higher retention rate than other social apps. 

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