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March 2019 we developed and released our original Poker Face premium cigar.
December 2019 we released Poker Face®️ 10 of Spades premium cigar
January 2020 we released Poker Face®️ King of Spades premium cigar
December 2021 Official trademark registration of Royal Flush®️ was approved

Our Team

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LJL Family Enterprises Inc. DBA Blacklist Tobacco Imports was established in December 2021 and is registered in the state of Arizona. Poker Face®️and Royal Flush®️ brands are exclusively owned by Lowe Family Enterprises LLC DBA Blacklist Tobacco Company an Arizona entity. (We are currently in the midst of an acquisition in which LJL Family Entetprises Inc. will be taking ownership of Lowe Family Enterprises LLC and its trademarks.) This is a family owned business. Currently, the corporation is solely owned by Lewis and Magaly Lowe. Magaly is in charge of manufacturing and importation while Lewis is in charge of daily business affairs. By combining the effort of individual skillset and experience, they deliver an unrivaled and charismatic experience when doing business with them.

Our Ambassadors

In the summer of 2022 Poker Face®️ partnered with music artist Peezy and LaLa Chanel @peezyandlala to help give Poker Face®️ Sweet Leaf a boost in the hip hop music industry by serving as ambassadors of the brand primarily focusing on the South Eastern region of the United States. Since forming a bond and a strong friendship with this duo group; our social media has soared. Thanks to them our products have been in numerous hands backstage at hip hop concerts, comedy shows, and trade show events. We have also worked with independent rap artist T- Dawg the Don from Alabama, comedian Ronnie Jordan from Atlanta, and independent rap artist Bo T FTL from Florida. They all have shown faith in Poker Face®️ and have shared some exciting and creative ways to market the Sweet Leaf product in the music and comedy world but we are lacking the capital to support their ideas. All of these ambassadors have done well for us thus far without a solid budget.

Problem and Solution

We have a large network of wholesalers and distributors all throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada that we have worked with in the past. However, we have been told by numerous distributors that we make good products, and everyone loves the name Poker Face®️, but we need better marketing so the product can sell faster and not sit on wholesalers shelves. They also often say that we need to offer more flavors and we need to introduce a pre cut leaf such as our direct competitors GrabbaLeaf®️, Slapwoods®️ and Loose Leaf®️ brands which are starting to become in more demand than cigarillos such as Backwood®️ or Poker Face®️ cigarillo in this niche sector. With the proper funding we will be able to compete with these brands. We are planning to release our newest product Poker Face®️ Leaf Cutz which is currently in production. This will allow us to tap into this niche market that Grabba Leaf®️, Slapwoods®️, Loose Leaf®️, and etc. belong to while continuing to sell our Poker Face®️ Sweet Leaf cigarillo giving our customers a unique option. Everyone is looking for a modern brand name to attach themselves to. We can provide quality and a better price due to Magaly excellent skill sourcing our tobacco and managing our factory. We believe we will be successful if we had more working capital for manufacturing, marketing, legal team, etc. We need a team of executives here in the United States working with us that will lead us in the path to earn our market share in the billion dollar plus per year tobacco industry.

We are aware that there are several tobacco distribution companies and even tobacco manufacturing companies all around USA and the world. This presents us with an opportunity to create a revitalization plan and offer our solution via our well-integrated business model. It is expected that the competition for our leaf cigarillos and wraps comes from direct competitor brands such as Grabba Leaf®️, Backwood®️, Dutch, Loose Leaf, Slapwoods, etc. However, we believe that our company will set itself apart from the competition through competitive advantages that include established supply channels and various cost advantages that are difficult to replicate. We are currently seeking a distribution location in the Southern California area, and hope to open additional national distribution hubs in the future; starting with Florida due to the state having no local tax on tobacco sales.

The core of the company’s success is in its preemptive marketing and sales. The company understands that without a strategic plan, the focus to acquire and retain its target customer segments can experience a slow growth process, and also lose clients to potential competitors. However, Blacklist Tobacco Imports along with other tobacco resellers and manufacturers are limited and restricted in the type of advertising we do; due to state and federal regulations. Therefore, to ensure that the brand acquires and keeps customers in the critical market segments quickly and effectively, the company plans to utilize strong strategic marketing plans by advertising in tobacco specialty stores, CBD stores, and publications such as in High Times Magazine, XM Radio and other independent media outlets. In addition, we are targeting several social media influencers, music artist, comedians, and for our premium cigars; local cigar magazines such as Stogie Press, Cigar Snob, and others that cater to upper-income people.

We are a small company that works hard. We are a brand to invest in. Not only do we have the manufacturing experience; we own our trademarks(in United States and Dominican Republic); we have our own factory in Dominican Republic where we manufacture all of our tobacco products, all of our domains coincide with our brands, we can import our own products and ship directly to our wholesalers and distributors in the United States. We also have the ability to manufacture tobacco products in Dominican Republic for other manufacturers as overflow work which generates more revenue. Currently, we source and purchase our tobacco from other local growers. Within the next two years we would like to purchase our family owned land in Dominican Republic to start growing our own tobacco in efforts to increase profits and cut our overhead and serve as a vendor for other manufacturers in Dominican Republic.

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