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Versatile outdoor apparel: own less, live more, keep what matters

Last Funded December 2022


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⚡️ Over $1 million in revenue in 2021
🏬 Sold at 75+ independent retailers and 2 major e-commerce sites: and
💵 Raised over $500K in our most recent Kickstarter campaign — the largest in Arkansas history
⭐️ 4.8 average rating on over 700 reviews

Our Team

Since childhood, I have found inspiration in the world's wild places. As an adult, I developed an interest in apparel, specifically denim. Professionally, my background is in sustainable apparel operations. These factors combine to fuel my passion for making the highest-quality, most-sustainable outdoor apparel - items that deserve to exist.

Who is LIVSN?

LIVSN makes durable outdoor clothing for people who value experiences more than stuff. We concentrate on fit, form, and function to provide clothing that works so well you don't want to wear anything else. We use only sustainable textiles, and we design for the two most sustainable qualities — durability and versatility.

We believe clothing should perform well, look good, be ethically made, be environmentally friendly—and it should last.

Why did Techstars invest in LIVSN?

The Meaning of LIVSN

The name LIVSN comes from the Swedish word "livsnjutare," which roughly translates to "one who lives life deeply; an enjoyer of life." This journey started with a mission to simplify our belongings. With less to manage there's more time in the day, and with more time comes flexibility.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become the #1 brand for pants in the outdoor industry in the next five years.

We think that by being laser-focused on being the absolute best at one thing, all else will follow. Beyond pants (and shorts) we are developing a full head-to-toe collection with the aim of each product being best-in-class. Our long-term vision is to be the top outdoor apparel brand in the world. We believe that by continuing to be obsessed with quality and functionality we can get there. Every majestic tree starts with a sapling.

We are dedicated to building this company on the right bedrock necessary for sustainable growth.

Why We Decided to Raise a Community Round

We believe transparency and community support are crucial for our company to stand the test of time. We're living out these core beliefs by opening up our fundraising to our community.

It’s no small task to carve out a unique place in outdoor apparel, even more so to do it sustainably. Yet we have all the pieces in place to do just that, and we want you alongside us to climb the mountain.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our Business Model

We designed our business model as meticulously as we do our products.

By selling directly to customers we are able to drastically reduce the resources required to do business. By selling through the best outdoor retailers, we are able to ground our brand in the very places that drive our industry and connect with our customers where they shop. And by launching new products through Kickstarter, we are able to test the waters and only release items that deserve to exist.

Our main manufacturer is located in Vietnam and our finished products are shipped to Northwest Arkansas where a dedicated logistics facility handles the warehousing and distribution – allowing us to concentrate on what we do best and ensuring our customers receive their orders accurately and efficiently. We work with all our distributors and logistics partners to reduce the environmental impact of doing business.

Through this efficient model, we are able to stay lean and nimble, allowing room to provide services like repairs and replacement while keeping prices fair at the same time.

Market Fit and Growth

Our community is why we exist.

Thanks to our passionate community we've launched three successful Kickstarter campaigns.

  • Our first Kickstarter had 511 backers and a total pledge of $78,579
  • Our second Kickstarter campaign was funded in just 90 minutes and raised ​​$106,364.
  • Our third campaign broke records too — we ran the largest Kickstarter campaign in Arkansas history with a successful raise of over $500,000.

    The LIVSN Team

    We built our team out methodically over the years to stay lean and nimble while also meeting the demands of a growing business. While everyone wears “a lot of hats” as at any startup, we have people in positions tailored to their unique skills and personality types rather than just general roles. This mindset will continue into the future.

    We will continue scaling our retail territories for complete USA sales coverage by the end of 2022 and we have an eye out for international partners as well.

    Key internal hires on our horizon are a Head of Sales and a Product Manager - both of which are currently being led by our founder.

    Why We Choose to be Sustainable

    Sustainability conversations commonly center on what something is made of and how. We prefer a more broad definition of sustainability that also measures a business's health and ability to last — tenets like social responsibility, corporate citizenship, and profitability.

    A survey by McKinsey & Company found that the average consumer bought 60% more clothing in 2014 than in 2000, but kept each garment half as long.

    This led us to create pants that can be worn almost anywhere. We want customers to be able to wear LIVSN clothing to the trail, to the pub, or to the (casual) office and not look out of place.

    One of our core beliefs at LIVSN is that a product that performs well and stands up to extended use is as sustainable as it gets.

    We utilize organic, recycled, and other sustainable textiles but we also think the product's full life cycle should be considered as important as its initial production impact. That's why durability and versatility are at the forefront of every design.

    In 2019 we eliminated single-use plastic from our packaging by utilizing a roll-packed method. We roll our pants, tie them using raffia-paper twine, and attach our recycled paper hangtag using the same material.

    Press and Accolades

    We’re not the only ones that think our products are something special. We've been featured in numerous publications including Gear Junkie, Forbes, Maxim, Men's Journal, Carryology, and Outside.

    Men's Journal wrote, "When it comes to outdoor activewear, LIVSN is always at the top of our list when it comes to performance. Not only are their pieces durable and capable, but they are also damn-comfortable."

    GearJunkie wrote, “Our Favorite Pants of 2020 Come From a Small Startup Brand” - “Durable, slightly stretchy, and with pockets in all the right places, the brand LIVSN has nailed the design of an everyday and outdoor pant.”

    When we launched our Ecotrek Trail Pant, GearJunkie thought they were, “Darn-Near Perfect Pants, Made With Recycled Plastic.”

    Our Current Products

    We currently offer three core products in our lineup.

    Flex Canvas Pants, our flagship product

    These are pants developed to handle it all without looking tactical. Key features like a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, zippered pockets, roll-up leg system, ventilation, and reinforced stitching launched our journey to pants success. Made with 58% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, 40% Recycled Polyester, and 2% Spandex

    Ecotrek Trail Pants

    Our customers asked for pants that are fully synthetic for extended hikes in both wet and cold conditions, so we got to work. Ecotreks are made from Blue Ocean Nylon, a sustainable and durable fabric that's lightweight, breathable, and withstands cold, hot, and wet conditions. 

    Flex Canvas Shorts

    All the benefits of our Flex Canvas Pant with a little less leg.

    The Future

    We're energetically working on expanding our product line while always staying true to our roots: sustainable, durable, and versatile.

    For 2022, we are launching:

    • Women’s Trail Tights
    • Women’s Flex Canvas Pants
    • Men’s Reflex Shorts
    • Men’s Flex Canvas Overalls
    • Men’s Ventile Jacket via Kickstarter

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