Little Rebels

Little Rebels is an interactive plush line doll collection inspired by iconic women from history

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 57 investors


TOTY Awards finalists - Toy of the Year Award
TAGIE Awards winners
Available nationwide at museums, toy stores, and major retailers like Macy's, Smithsonian, Airports
Our founder was chosen as one of the 100 most influential people in the industry

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The award-winning plush line doll collection teaches about women in history.

After years of studying with her daughter and realizing nobody was teaching her about women in history, Marjorie decided to take the matter into her hands and she started to look for ways to teach about these trailblazers.

Marjorie is a true believer that we learn better through play and after surfing the web for toys that will teach about women, and running into a wall, she noticed an opportunity to empower kids around the world through play and she went for it.

She has a background in PR & Communications, but her daughter came to her back in 2014 with a drawing and asked her to make it real, so Marjorie transformed that drawing into a plush toy that looked alike. After posting the picture online and going viral, she was selected by ex President Obama as a Young Leader of the Americas in 2016, paving her path into her three passions: women empowerment, toys and entrepreneurship.

She spent six years learning and developing plush toys and when the opportunity came, she grabbed it.

Check out this interview with the Hidden Role podcast for more:

Back in 2018, while doing her Master's degree, she launched Little Rebels, a plush line doll collection inspired by iconic women in history like Amelia Earhart.

In 2019, she was selected to be a part of this amazing pitching event, Woman Empowerment Day, hosted by a fantastic organization focused on women in toys, WIT.

By that time, she only had the idea and the first 4 samples of the dolls. She went to Dallas and pitched to companies like Walmart, Spinmaster, Hasbro and more. They all loved it, but she was too early on.

She processed all the feedback, and six months later, Little Rebels launched its app, which allows you to interact with the doll both online and offline, so you can learn the story behind these amazing trailblazers in a fun and interactive way.

Little Rebels had a successful Kickstarter campaign that helped fund the first batch of dolls, amidst having launched 3 days prior to the declaration of the pandemic. We were all busy buying toilet paper and frozen pizza, nobody was looking for educational dolls to back, and yet, we did it. We raised the money needed to start this REBELution.

You can learn more about her Kickstarter journey here:

A few months later, Little Rebels won the TAGIE Awards and was a finalist for the TOTY Awards (pretty much the TAGIE and OSCAR of the industry), competing against giants like Baby Yoda, which put us on the map.

We slowly started to notice how our business model was changing from B2C into B2B2C, and that retailers like Macy's wanted us to be at their Toys R Us.

In a $538bn market, we keep closing new deals and maintaining steady growth with a mix of Indie stores, museums, schools, and big retailers.

Luckily each day there are more and more toy brands focusing on human rights, equality, the importance of feeling validated, and more, so we embrace the competition since it keeps us at our best, always learning and trying to be a better version. Our entire goal is to empower kids, especially girls, to become whoever and whatever they want to be.

Barbie is a giant, but it's also a validation. If such an icon as Barbie is addressing all these social issues, and succeeding, who is gonna stop us now?

Besides winning such prestigious awards, our founder Marjorie was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the toy and game industry and as a Play Ambassador, a title that she proudly wears.

We are also proud of our partnerships with all of those who believe daily in us, like yourselves right now.

We are all Rebels.

We have achieved so many amazing milestones since this idea first started, but to name a few, we are extremely proud of being a part of Macy's and now, happy to announce, Nordstrom as well.

We are having conversations with streamers such as Disney+ to develop our TV show.

We can be found all over the country thanks to our museums and toy stores!

Everything we did so far was 100% bootstrapped. People choose to post us because they love what we are doing and they are proud to share it with everyone, and that is the Little Rebels Movement in action.

This is our first time opening our doors to investors, the first time we have the chance to reach all of you like this, and we proudly, ask you to join our REBELution.

We are looking to raise $25,000 which will allow us to attend the Toy Fairs that we have ahead of us in the next months, and increase our inventory.

We are offering a Revenue Based Loan. Investors earn 2X their investment back over time (target 3 years repayment). See details below.

Note: forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

We value your investment of course, but we also value you and your network. We would love to be featured at the following media outlets and shows and we have a lot of new Rebels we want to add that you may have contact with, and all of that, can be a game changer for us. So please, do reach out to our founder, get involved, learn the mission and let's Rebel!

We are blessed with the most amazing team anyone could dream of!

We work with the best in their fields, keeping our operations as lean as possible to keep our growth steady.

Jacinto Montu is our head of tech, in charge of everything app related, he is the magician behind our app success. He worked with giants such as Disney and he now brings that expertise into our world.

Azhelle Wade, AKA, The Toy Coach is the go to person when it comes to toy development. She worked with companies like Hasbro, bringing her ideas into shelves and she is the one we go to whenever we are developing a new product or looking for the perfect way to market it.

Dr. Amanda Gummer is the mastermind behind our educational content. She is an expert in play and education and has been supporting us since day 1. She is like our Fairy Godmother and we are grateful to have her on the team.

Malte Niebelschuetz is our guide towards a more sustainable world. With years of expertise in sustainability, leading a successful plush company like Shore Buddies, he joined us to help us produce more sustainable products, taking into consideration not only our plushes, but also packaging and how can we decrease our eco footprint.

And last but not least, our founder, Marjorie Spitalnik. Latin American entrepreneur, selected by ex President Obama as a Young Leader, recognized by the Woman Economic Forum as an Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All, with over 8 years of expertise in toys and entrepreneurship, her passion and drive for empowering girls around the world keeps us constantly inspired.

We are working on bringing more education and empowerment into play.

Check out our next releases below!

We are thrilled to have you joining our REBELution!