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of a $5,000,000 goal
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$90M valuation cap
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Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

Groundbreaking self-balancing tech: the simple, efficient, and elegant solution to transportation
Huge market waiting to be disrupted $1.01T TAM ($5T 2030) & $360B SAM
1300+ preorders resulting in $41.6M projected revenue (at $32,000 MSRP)
Team of world class engineers from Raytheon, Honeywell, and Audi ➕ 121 yrs combined experience

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Meet your next car. Faster, cheaper, easier, and more convenient—reimagine your commute with the Lit Motors Auto-balance Electric Vehicle (AEV).

Perfect for city dwellers, multi-car families, and everyone in between, the AEV bridges the gap between public transportation (unreliable, slow) and full-size vehicles (inefficient, expensive), welcoming a new era of agility, efficiency, and sustainability to the vehicle market.

The AEV holds the same value proposition of a 4W EV while reducing circular economic waste. Reduce commute time with lane split ability, and say goodbye to parking anxiety!

  • Seats two (driver and passenger)
  • Smaller battery = more efficient to charge, reduced replacement cost
  • ~5 min - 6 hr charge time (Tesla supercharger to 110V electrical outlet)
  • Convenient to maneuver and park

Our robust patent portfolio establishes our patent moat through 2039, and our granted controls patents secure our intellectual dominance in Europe, Asia, India, and North America.

➡️ View our patent portfolio.

Category of one: compact and easy to park, seats two, commute faster with lane splitting, easy to drive and park, gyros are self-balancing and more safe.

As cities become increasingly overpopulated, urban commuters are looking for a mode of personal transportation that offers flexibility, convenience, safety, and privacy. We are poised to disrupt two major industries that will generate a combined revenue of $1.1-$5 trillion in revenue from 2024-2030: 4W cars and motorcycles.

With over 1300 preorders for the AEV, we’ve already demonstrated a strong market demand for a highly efficient 2W commuter vehicle. At point of sale (POS), we currently expect a projected revenue of $41.6M at a $32,000 MSRP (projections not guaranteed).

  • International patent portfolio issued in Asia, Europe, US, and India
  • First market mover
  • 1/10 the parts count of a car = faster production time and double digit margins
  • Poised to disrupt the $1.1T automotive industry
  • Multiple massive applications: private ownership, rideshare, B2C delivery, business utility, military, medical transport, commuter, sports, luxury, CAAS

EV buyers today commonly face range anxiety, affordability, battery replacement, and maintenance costs. The EV market has demonstrated year over year growth, but consumers are now looking for better value, practicality, and sustainability.

Current market trends demonstrate a strong market for 2-wheeled EVs. Based on global transportation statistics, trends, and growth, our vehicle is projected to make an extraordinary impact in Asia, Europe, and major North American cities, introducing a new level of efficiency for drivers around the globe.

Honda invests $3.4 billion with aim of selling 4 million electric motorcycles a year by 2030. (source: New York Times. Link)
China and Europe are dominating global EV sales (source: IEA. Link)
By 2030, EVs could reach 62%-86% of global vehicle sales (source: RMI. Link)
EV Market’s Surge Toward $57 Trillion Sparks Global Flashpoints (source: Bloomberg. Link)

Unmatched safety & balance

Space satellite technology. Photo of a see-through version of the AEV with gyroscopes highlighted in green, over a space background.

Our twin Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMGs), primarily used for satellite positioning, are the foundation of the AEV’s technical innovations. It's the absolute best of motorcycles, EVs, and satellite technology, all in one!

Safety is our top priority. Our balancing system ensures that the imparted force from a side impact is naturally transferred to the gyros and not the occupants, providing a 4th level of protection unmatched by any other vehicle on the market.

The gyroscopes allow for incredible stability, even in icy conditions. Fitted with the same features of a 4W vehicle (front and side airbags, seatbelts, aluminum/steel chassis/safety cell, plus additional advantages of gyroscope technology) this is the next evolution in EVs without compromising safety, speed, or performance.

Smaller battery: better for the planet and your wallet.

Consider this: EVs typically have a low resale value due to their enormous cost of replacement. The cost to replace the battery of a Tesla Model S is akin to buying a new car.

1/6 the battery pack: $37k to replace average EV battery, $2700 to replace Lit Motors battery

Battery replacement costs after 105k miles: $37k for Tesla Model S, $2700 for Lit Motors AEV

Our lightweight vehicle architecture lends to more efficient battery usage due to the vehicle's reduced weight and improved aerodynamics (the lower the coefficient of drag, the better) - and as a result, requires just 1/6 the battery size of a typical EV.

  • Maintain long term EV value with affordable battery replacement
  • Less energy consumption, more efficient and cost-friendly
  • Faster charging capability
  • Less effects on range due to reduced vehicle weight
  • Lower manufacturing cost and environmental impact

The Lit Motors AEV consists of fewer than 2,500 parts which means less maintenance, battery consumption, manufacturing and operation emissions, and never-before-seen margins in the automobile industry.

Our plan for a better world starts HERE!

We have successfully created two prototypes in 2012 and 2014, but took a major hiatus between 2015-2020 while our founder and CEO recovered from a debilitating motorcycle accident.

During this 5 year period, we developed an impenetrable patent portfolio and assembled a world class core engineering team while the EV market was maturing. Our AEV has become more relevant than ever, and our team is extremely excited to move forward with development.

Prototype #2 being driven fast on a racetrack in 2014.

With this round of funding, our crucial next step is to manufacture a production prototype (beta) that will be a drive experience prototype; looking and feeling as close to the finished product as possible, while engineered and designed to meet EU NCAP standards.

We are ready to bring this beta prototype to life in coordination with Ideenion (Ingolstodt, Germany) alongside our team of world-class engineers. This will allow us to implement long test drives and gain authentic customer feedback in a qualitative clinic similar to the Lit Motors HBS.

This hard data will be used to refine adjustments and gauge production potential before entering the next phase of fundraising for serial production and increasing preorders in the process.

1M Units in 10 Years

Our goal is to produce a total of 1,000,000 units by year 10 (50% faster than Tesla) according to the production timeline strategy developed by our team of former Audi experts.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Year 1 begins as soon as we reach our fundraising goal and money hits the bank. The next steps are to develop a “BOM” (bill of materials), a manufacturing assembly sequence, a tooling and supply chain strategy, and bring the AEV up to EU NCAP standards.

Once funded, we plan to move into small scale production to build 3 additional beta prototypes in 12-24 months. After that point, larger scale production will be possible after raising $300M for a 50,000 unit/yr assembly line.

We expect preorders to skyrocket once our first beta goes live and we increase brand awareness on social media, hold showroom events, and convert interested consumers into the next generation of AEV believers.

Serial production of 10,000 units will generate $320,000,000 in revenue, making Lit Motors net income positive. Our valuation, depending on the multiplier (10-30x), is valued at $3-9B (projections not guaranteed).

World Class Core Engineering & Design Team

Our core product development team of space, missile, and automotive engineers, is composed of industry experts from Honeywell, Raytheon, and Audi: an engineering dream come true.

Gyro Team

No one has been able to recreate what we have, thanks to the incredible contributions of David Bailey, who was able to solve the integrated problem of drive-by-wire steering and Control Moment Gyros.

Based on thousands of hours of development of an AEV-specific vehicle dynamics model, a non-linear closed loop controls model, and MATLAB Simulink simulation, this unique combination of math, dynamics, and robotics is nothing short of a miracle; we'd even call it magic.

Vehicle Development-to-Serial Production Team

Our former-Audi team of experts make serial production possible up to 50,000 units per year. Volker, Stefan, and Mirko bring over 70+ combined years of experience, and in-depth knowledge in BOM development, factory planning, tooling/supply chain strategy, and NCAP readiness in a process similar to producing luxury cars.

Multiple Revenue Verticals

Fictional rendering of UPS truck balancing on two wheels in cityscape.

We imagine a world where our vehicle efficiency could allow for faster deliveries, quicker response times for emergency vehicles, and potential for new racing/recreation categories.

Our AEV platform is set to revolutionize transportation with a wide variety of vertical applications such as B2B, B2C, military, police, medical transport, last mile options, and auto sports.

Our groundbreaking tech has been covered by the New York times, Wired, Forbes, TechCrunch, CNN, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, USA Today, LA Times, CNET, and more.

Be the catalyst for change

We are a voice for the next generation - leading the way for a better, more sustainable future. Lit Motors is committed to leading this new era sustainability, convenience, and efficiency. Best of all, we’re bringing fun back into driving.

Invest in Lit Motors. More agile, efficient, sustainable. Rendering of Lit Motors AEV parked in a city scape.

Some of our key investors and longtime supporters include Mark Pincus (founder of Zynga), Joe Gebbia (co-founder of Airbnb), three other ultra high-net worth individuals, Yves Behar (founder of fuseproject), Scott Belskey (co-creator of Behance), Oliver Bruce (angel investor and co-host of the Micromobility Podcast), and Kelly Slater (professional surfer).

In our goal to reach $11M in funding the beta development, we are raising $5M from Wefunder and $6M from private investors. We invite you to be part of this journey to redefine the future of transportation, balanced on two wheels.

Daniel Kim leaning on prototype

Investment Summary

  • $5 Trillion EV market (projected by 2030)
  • Engineering team from Honeywell, Raytheon, and Audi
  • Proof of demand: 1000+ preorders
  • Control patent moat, protected until 2039
  • EV market has caught up with us and matured
  • Manufacturing partnership
  • 5 ultra-high net worth investors
  • 1 Trillion valuation potential

Join us to inspire the next generation of sustainable transportation.

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