Links Golf Cafe, LLC

Golf + Coffee + Business = Raving Fans

Last Funded October 2023


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Founders have built 187 coffee bars, averaging 52% cash on cash returns per year.
Combines two industries that thrive in a recession: coffee and the sport of golf.

Our Team

Having built some 187 coffee bars, we wanted to combine the high margins of coffee, with the passion for golf, and the recurring revenue of business memberships, inside shopping centers. This will allow our Franchise Owners to have more profits and more life.

Why Invest in Links Golf Café?

Just about everyone loves coffee. And it's profitable

  • Done right, coffee bars are one of the most profitable businesses in the world.
  • Our Founder, Tom, has set up some one hundred and eighty-seven independent coffee bars, and they've averaged a stunning 52% cash on cash return per year; that means full cash invested returned in two years.
  • Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world (after tea).
  • 52% of North Americans consume coffee each and every day.
  • Coffee bar visits grow in a recession. Today, there are over 35,616 coffee shops in the United States.

Golf for anyone. And in perfect year-round conditions.

In 2021, for the first time, "non-traditional golfers" (those that don't golf on traditional golf courses at all) now are 50% of all golfers in America. Massive facilities like Top Golf, social bars like X-Golf, and independent golf simulators give golfers a fun, affordable way to enjoy golf without investing five hours in a round. 

Golf simulators provide a place for golf enthusiasts in a local community to play on eighty-seven of the best courses in the world, using real golf clubs and balls, to connect with other golfers in a perfect year-round environment, and do it for a fraction of the cost of a Private Golf Club Membership.

The perfect place to meet-up. And with coffee and golf.

Local businesses need cost effective ways to grow and scale. They need a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of.  And, in the post lockdown world, they're seeking opportunities to network face-to-face more than ever.

Our Links Golf Cafe includes Local Small Business Mastermind Memberships that meet on-site twice a month, leverage the connections made, and help each member grow their sales and increase their profits.

The technology we'll be using:

Franchising fuels growth. And protects investors.

  • Franchising is exponential growth not linear growth.
  • Franchisees fund our global growth, rather than additional investors (less dilution for early stage investors).
  • Franchise Companies are valued and sell for very large EBITDA multiples. Ask for details.

        Join the Ambassador Program when you invest.

        • Lifetime Special Deals on Food, Drinks, and Golf.
        • Our Founding Equity Member Ambassador Program has three levels of special deals on food, drink, and golf.
        • Lifetime Access To Training Program and Courses – we have Programs and Courses on coffee, golf, and business that all investors get free access to.
        • Free Meal and Three Holes of Pebble Beach on Your Birthday.
        • Annual General Meeting (AGM) Invite You and a Friend.
        • Your Own Tree Planted in a British Columbia Forest For You.
        • Visit any Links Golf Cafe and you and a guest get your drinks on us, each visit. In addition, you and your guest get thirty minutes of golf on your choice of 85 amazing golf courses once a month, again, on us.
        • Raving Fans For Life Book by our Founders, a signed copy when published in Q2 2023.

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