Lil’ Libros

The #1 family-trusted bilingual children's media publisher built by community

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 5,979 investors
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$1.7 MILLION gross revenue in 2020; $1.4 MILLION in 2019; $1.2 MILLION in 2018
Over 1.5 MILLION children's books sold worldwide
Sold at Target, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, MoMA, Whole Foods, Amazon, and 2,500+ independent retailers
18% YoY gross revenue growth in 2020, one of the most challenging years for small businesses.

Our Team

As mothers and women of color, we want to teach our children our language, our culture, and our stories. Yet, in 2020, only 6.1% of books focused on Latinx characters. Lil’ Libros was created to fill that void, and we want to share our mission with YOU! Together, we have the power to transform this industry.

The #1 trusted bilingual family brand founded by Latina women and built by community.

As mothers and women of color, our goal is to share our language, culture, and stories with our children. Quality and authentic bilingual children's books are hard to find, a problem traditional publishers fail to prioritize, despite the fact that 1 in 4 children in the U.S. are Latino -- a challenge millions of families continue to experience.   

To fill the gap, we created Lil' Libros and have sold over 1.5 MILLION books worldwide with consistent year-over-year growth.

We celebrate the American-Latino experience by creating books and products that reflect our identity, culture, traditions, and history.

Our goal is to open a world of possibilities by sharing our mission with YOU!  

Let's become the first children's book publisher that's owned by our community.

Until recently, our community wasn't able to invest in start-ups because only the wealthiest were legally allowed. However, now with recent changes to securities laws, even your abuelita can INVEST!

We’ve spent our entire lives supporting brands and giant businesses that monopolize markets and lose sense of community. 

Now you have the opportunity to be part of the FASTEST GROWING bilingual independent children’s media company while working toward building wealth and fixing the lack of resources, a problem we've been facing for generations. 

Let's create better opportunities for the next generation, and prepare our children for the future.

The Problem: Lack of representation and limited resources continue to create negative long-term effects.

Our Solution: Solving the problem requires a strategy and addressing the foundation of the issues.

Our books connect with our customers in ways that no other publisher can. Our high-quality, richly-illustrated titles, cover a wide range of topics and subjects for ages 0-8, the most critical age in children.

Our products go BEYOND books! We're taking these beloved stories and creating innovative consumer products that promote learning experiences across all areas crucial to the development of young minds. 

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that parents are seeking quality tangible content and real life experiences for their children and our numbers show.

In 2020, one of the most challenging years on record for small businesses, our gross revenue increased by 18%.

People love us! And our NUMBERS show.

Our customers connect to our content!

Our reach grows daily!

With only 36 titles, we've sold over 1.5 MILLION books across the globe.

Our success has been organic. We've been able to scale our business through a grassroots approach and the power of word-of-mouth. The power of mothers discovering Lil' Libros from other mothers has been a successful strategy.  

We have become a leader in the marketplace with shelf space at big box stores, high-end boutiques, museums, and over 2,500 independent retailers worldwide. 

We've been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and more!

Our team is majority women-operated. 

Our full-time employees receive company shares and retirement benefits.

This is only the beginning. With your investment, we plan to substantially increase our book catalog, implement a subscription membership, create additional consumer products, and more!

Our forecasted revenue increases as we grow our publishing catalog, and introduce more products and subscription membership.

You can be part of this growth!

Join our mission to create content that is reflective of our children's culture and life experiences. Let's give parents the access to resources their children need to succeed in a global society. 

We also believe that you should own the companies you love and put your money in. This is how we build wealth for our children and families.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this! Let's create beautiful stories, build generational wealth, and change the world.