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Last Funded April 2020


raised from 653 investors


8.1M+ profiles of people & companies (up 7.6M since 2019) | 6M+ connections (up 4.1M since 2019)
Huge $78 Billion virtual events market | API integration w/ Zoom, Meetup, Eventbrite | Raised $600K
As seen in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Investor Business Daily,,, TheNextWeb
Virtual events market expected to grow rapidly at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.2%

Our Team

85% of jobs are filled through networking. 84% of B2B sales start with warm intros. Founders are 1300% more likely to get funding via warm intros. The average Linkedin user has 800 connections but who is the best warm introduction? Lifograph helps entrepreneurs and professionals find the people and companies they need, in just a click of a button.


A few years ago, Déa Wilson — the founder of Lifograph — was pitching her previous startup in front of a panel of investors. Before pitching, she wanted to know who in her network might be able to make warm introductions. She started to click from website to website in order to find out potential connections with these investors. It took her a long time to do the manual research and trace the dots between her and the investors. 

Dea wanted to share her research with other people who might need it, but she could not find the right tool for the job, so she decided to build it. 

And this is how Lifograph was born.

In the last few years we have developed a fully operational networking platform and people search engine that was launched in public beta in 2018. 

Just in 12 months we we went from 500,000 profiles to 7,200,000 profiles and from 1,200,000 million connections to 4,700,000 connections.

Lifograph relationship map with links between investors Ron Conway (SV Angels), Brad Feld (Foundry Group) and Naval Ravikant (AngelList)


We are all connected. We just don’t know how.

Lifograph is drawing a massive digital map of real life connections between people and companies. 

People are always looking for other people, whether it be for a job, funding, customers, employees, service providers, etc.

We are building a GPS for relationships that will help you find the shortest path to people and companies around the world. 

We want to help you find the right individual or organization in just a click of a button.

We want to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming manual search from finding the right people at the right time.

Lifograph is becoming the go-to source for companies and professionals looking to easily connect with relevant people based on their needs, skills, and real-life relationships.


We are building a proprietary data factory that allows us to quickly process information and automatically connect the dots between people and companies.

Our curators scour the internet for news and public data about people and companies, then they aggregate the most important information into searchable profiles, filtered by relationship type.

By aggregating information from a variety of public sources in one single place, we want to help you discover with whom you should connect and do business with. 

Imagine networking at a conference and being able to identify the top 10 best people to connect with, out of thousands of attendees. 

We are building relationship maps called "lifonets," in which we map out real-life connections so you can discover the people and companies that are the best match for your needs, as well as the fastest way to reach them. We want to make sure that a “warm intro” is indeed “warm.” 

Over the last few years we have built proprietary technology that allows us to do deep data analysis and extract many useful insights.

To make it easy to navigate and search for the information you need, we have built filters and search categories that give you quick access to the data you need, including information about how people are connected. 

We've built a solid foundation

It was a long road bootstrapping our way through building a full-blown online networking platform, but we are now at the point where we are ready to scale.


- In 2019 we went from 500,000 profiles to 7,300,000 profiles (1,460% increase)

- In 2019 we went from 1,200,000 connections to 4,700,000 connections (392% increase)

- In 2019 we went from 500,000 updates to 4,100,000 updates (820% increase)

- Since July 2019 we have seen 250% increase in pageviews

- $500,000+ in funds raised so far from over 450 investors

- Thousands of hours of data curation completed

We have built a stellar team, that includes a data scientist with a PhD in Computer Science and Member of the prestigious Royal Statistical Society, a CTO with Master degree in Computer Science and extensive experience in graph databases and deep learning. Our advisors include the General Manager of Microsoft and two entrepreneurs who sold their companies for multi-millions of dollars.

Our founder — Déa Wilson — is a Wharton MBA and super-connector, her network including many Who’s Who from business, technology, entertainment, sports, and other sectors.

How do we make money?

Lifograph has generated more than $300,000 in revenue since being operational, most of it coming from events, advertising and data services.

Our next revenue model includes a subscription model for advanced data services and business intelligence.

The Business Intelligence and Analytics market is massive, with almost $23B in market size by 2020.

It's only up from here

To date, we’ve secured more than $500,000 in investments from our founders, angel investors and through equity crowdfunding. We have also generated more than $300,000 in revenue from our events and services.

With the money raised in this Wefunder campaign we plan to:

  • increase the number of profiles to 8 million and grow the connections to 7 million
  • start monetization via the subscription model
  • implement additional data services and premium features

It's all about the people

Lifograph is a company that wants to celebrate your accomplishments and everyone who helped you along the way. 

Because in life, as well as in business, it’s all about the people...