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Invest in Life Magnetics, Inc.

An at-home medical testing platform funded by the National Science Foundation

Pitch Video
Investor Panel


RNA is the future of medicine. The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are just the beginning
RNA sequencing will revolutionize diagnostic testing giving data sets 20x larger than DNA sequencing
Our transport solution is a quantum mechanical mechanism that's novel and vetted by top scientist
Manufacturing capacity for $2M a year in sales built out and ready to go
Licensing deals and larger supply agreements in discussion
Development supported with over $600k in grants from federal agencies

Our Team

Performed physics simulations establishing a theoretical basis for the product, developed a manufacturing process, and was awarded two grants from the National Science Foundation to develop a commercial prototype for the product.
I'm a materials scientist Ph. D. and was making some cool things with a laser which could not be made any other way. After discussing with a friend, he saw this as a potential application. We started working on it and it seemed to work!
Board member, CTO
Performed research on aging at the University of Michigan. Transformed the raw material and idea into a working product with excellent reviews from the local universities. Discovered a new COVID-19 variant and set up a COVID-19 testing lab.