LIFEHOUSE is an eCommerce retailer with a super high growth model in the Home Furnishings Vertical

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The pandemic have changed the world drastically, eCommerce in May 2020 hit 77% increase from the previous year
Household products are in higher demand, and that trend will continue as more people desire to work from home
Online sales growth is unstoppable, e-commerce is taking over many established retailers that are closing down
74% of marketers believe rationalization has a “strong” or “extreme” impact on advancing customer relationships

Our Founder

We leveraging on opportunity created by the fast changing retail business models. As many brick and mortar stores are closing, the demand for our product online have increased.

The Story of LifeHouse

The idea started in 2008, we have been working on developing and testing various products that will stay constantly in market demand.

Boom! in March 2020 we finalized our idea!

The pandemic crises has changed the world drastically. More people than ever are spending more time at home. People work from home, study at home, use their homes as a gym and many more uses. A year ago, we could not even imagine that we would live as we live today, but we are.

We understand people’s relationships with their homes!

As people are spending more time at home, they have more needs to
purchase household items. One way to really feel at home in your property is by connecting with the pieces that make up the home. Our household products represent a wide range of history and ancestry. That was never done before because people did not have needs for multi-functional homes as they do today.

eCommerce for House Products have rapidly accelerated!

As many brick and mortar stores are closing, and more than ever people spend time at home, the demand for our products online increased, and will continue growing.

Built on long proven relationships!

Although LifeHouse is a new company, our business model was built after careful market research  with top online selling platforms and suppliers. The owner and the managing partners are well experienced and diverse in the business. For example, we will be joining existing online platforms, with sellers that currently are selling $ billions in revenue per year, they are guiding us and positioning our products on the market, so that we achieve our goals.

We work with manufacturers and sourcing agents globally. Those entities have been supplying many of the largest existing chains for many years, they understand our needs.

Unique marketing approach and competing! 

There really is no competitor that we have been able to identify. We believe we understand our business model better than any potential competitor. We are optimists and are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our customers and meet market demands. A shelter is a primary and vital need, the living space is under your control let us help you make the most impact.

"We've seen trends come and go, and our combined experience helps us focus on what really matters instead of chasing the latest "hip" idea." 

The news, media and celebrities are interested to support LiFeHouse vision. The views of the founder have been published in various media outlets, and the founder have scheduled to publish periodically various opinionated articles on smart, future, adaptable, homes.  

Thanks for choosing us!