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Last Funded January 2022


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11,000+ users with more than 20,000 enrolments in Canadian insurance industry alone and growing.
Last 12 calendar months sales topped $400,000 with cumulative sales exceeding $820,000.
Expansion across the USA with focus on Texas, Florida and California.
Independent external certification of all courses recognized by industry.

Our Team

Having employed people myself from College/University the challenge always remained to get them productive in the skills the job requires and not just the theory. The fast changing business world and the skills they require today and tomorrow necessitates ongoing up-skill and re-skill of staff without leaving them with mountains of debt.

The professional online education and certification platform for regulated and emerging industries

The cost of higher education has skyrocketed over the last 10 years with little to no underlying innovation leaving students with mountains of debt after spending years in college. We want to change that by providing a lower cost alternative that doesn’t take 4 years and cost an arm and a leg. Students can quickly get job-ready through our licensing programs for regulated industries or through our industry-recognized skills certification programs.

We had to change the model

Traditionally, students took courses or degrees’ in classrooms, “just-in-case” whereas today’s technology has allowed us to learn “just-in-time”, learning concepts and skills as and when we need them, on a life-long continuous basis. 

The fast changing business world and the skills they require today and tomorrow necessitates ongoing up-skill and re-skill of staff without leaving them huge debt achieving that.

Current trends point to an opportunity

"Education is a RIGHT, not a privilege and the key to success in life".

Although our world is constantly changing, we still teach today how we did 40+ years ago. Degrees of 10, 20, 30 years ago have very little relevance today for what employers and business' require. Current trends show that we have to change the model if we believe "Education is a Right of everyone".

1. Student Debt

    More than 42 million people in the US - roughly one in six adults - hold student debt, which averages roughly $30,000 for a four-year undergraduate degree. Financial stress from the loans, which bring typical monthly bills of nearly $400 for recent graduates, has been blamed for holding back a generation financially. These costs make access to education impossible for vast amounts of students resulting in lower income jobs and living standards. Online education has the potential to lower these costs dramatically, not just in dollars but in time and access too.

    2. Skills Gap

      Studying for a 4-year degree from 20+ year old text books is just not good enough to fill the gap that employers need to day.  

      There is a war on talent right now right across Canada and a lot of companies … can't hire fast enough

      The mismatch is forcing the private sector to step up with training programs tailored for the jobs on offer, rather than wait on a post-secondary education system based on a four-year university degree. Read more:  https://lnkd.in/eYMpTsx

      3. Mobility

      The world of education evolved faster than anticipated mainly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and industry pressure to up- and right- skill to a changing world. Education across all sectors need to fill this requirement without removing the workforce from their workplace with a reduction in productivity.

      Universities and Colleges acknowledge this change as recorded in the sixth Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) report, CHLOE 6 Report , with these 3 main takeaways;

        • More than three-quarters of college Chief Online Officers believe their institutions' online undergraduate enrollment will increase as a result of switching to remote learning during the pandemic.
        • Nearly nine in 10 respondents said online learning is a greater priority for their schools than before the pandemic.
        • The survey suggests the move to remote learning in 2020 will bring lasting changes to higher education, including the adoption of more online courses and programs. 

      4. Unregulated & Unrecognized providers

      What is the value you may ask if a course creator makes the course, sets the test and assesses the student? Nothing, absolutely nothing and we agree with you. Regulation does not always mean government regulation. Testing and assessment MUST be independent from the course creator or lecturer, through a 3rd party building recognition from educational institutions and industry alike. 

      Unfortunately that is not true with most e-learning platforms today and there can only be one loser - the student. 


      A new category have emerged!

      We are building THE certified and regulated online education platform to educate people and students from all walks of life, around the world.

      Growth and Traction

      Additional courses added since new financial year:

      • Launched Life and Accident & Sickness courses with CE (Continued Education) for agents to retain license Q1 
      • Launched Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) exam preparation program Q2

      Without the USA market expansion, we experienced significant growth and traction in students and revenue.

      From June 2021 to Sept 2021 are forward looking projections, and are not guaranteed

      What differentiates us and what is our competitive advantage?

      a) Differentiators:

      • Mandatory education/training for regulated industries
      • Curriculum development and partnerships with established educational institutions
      • Proprietary courses/certification recognized by major employers

      b) Competitive Advantage:

      • We own the IP for course materials creating a library of accredited/recognized courses
      • Accreditation and regulatory approvals for training material
      • Industry recognition of our proprietary courses/certifications
      • Partnerships with existing higher ed institutions (high exclusivity) through blocksEDU Learning Corp. 

      What our students say!

      When you are doing a great job, you do not have to tell everyone, but let your quality of work speak for itself. Read to what our students have to say!!!

      Thanks for your help! PNC Learning has a great reputation! Many of my colleagues in my present company got their licenses through PNC learning. Your courses are very user friendly and easy to understand!

      - Dorcas M, Ontario

      I PASSED!!! I'm so pumped!! Thanks!!! Thank you for your resources! They really paid off! I have to write an amazing review now! 😉 I've already told 4 people in my office to buy your course. It's soo helpful.

      - Olivia S (HUB Insurance), British Columbia

      After doing a lot of research on what course to take, who should I go thru, what would benefit me the most, I decided to go with PNC. I had reached out to a couple ladies that have taken your course from the Cooperators and PNC came highly recommended.

      - Sara L, Alberta (The Co-operators)

      Our immediate plans with your help