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Curing Cancer in Dogs

What Investors Say

Senior Software Engineer at Freeosk
Invested $50,000 this round + $6,000 previously
As an early investor I'm investing in LEAH Labs because I believe in the power of what they are doing to cure cancer in dogs with CAR-T therapy. This technology has been successful in humans but has been overlooked in dogs. Wes and his team are the first company that are bringing this therapy to the veterinary market. Because they are taking the expedited USDA approach there could be a therapy on the market in three years. This is an exciting time for all dog owners and I'm excited to be part of a potentially curative therapy.

What Friends Say

Jared Friedman Y Combinator Partner
LEAH Labs is doing real breakthrough science. CAR-T therapy is the biggest breakthrough in cancer care in many years, and LEAH labs is the only company taking this technology that has cured many people and bringing it to the veterinary world. There are very few people in the world who have the right scientific experience needed to do this, and the LEAH labs team has some of the top scientists in the field working with them.
Joel Harris Co-director of Ag Startup Engine
"It is an exciting time where we can bring novel, advance human health technology and apply it to the $70B+ Petcare space. We are excited to support Leah Labs and their efforts to cure cancer in dogs."
Tariq Shah A scientific and business consultant specifically within veterinary oncology
As a veterinary oncology consultant, I see first hand pet owner's desire to do and spend whatever necessary to keep their pets alive. CAR T technology is already proven in humans, and I think it has a bright future in the rapidly expanding companion animal medicine market. I think LEAH Labs has the technology and team to bring this breakthrough treatment to our pets!
Chand Khanna President, Ethos Discovery | C: 410-419-8542 |
"LEAH Labs is bringing an innovative product to the growing field of canine oncology. In addition through their cross-species( dog-to-human) approach, their work has the potential to inform how cancer is treated in humans as well."
Barbara Beatty
Our angel group, FIN Capital, invested in LEAH Labs because we believe that dogs are part of the family, and that there is a huge market for breakthrough technology in the vet space.
Cassie Edgar Biotechnology Attorney & Advisor
LEAH Labs is not only doing good for doggos and their families...they have an exceptional use case for CRISPRs with a uniquely well positioned IP and regulatory pathway. Wes and his team have hit the holy grail when it comes to gene editing: providing societal benefit, with a clear and streamlined path to commercialization compared to gene edited plants, livestock or human pharmaceutical applications.

In the news

Leah Labs using gene editing to develop cancer treatment in dogs
February 28, 2021
When Wesley Wierson's border collie mutt, Layla, was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, the treatment would have involved having half her jaw removed and going through radiation. Although later determined to be a misdiagnosis, Wierson's experience shaped a desire to find a way to cure cancer while preserving a dog's quality of life.
OVPR Awards Bioscience Seed Grant to Further Canine Cancer Research
August 14, 2020
As part of continued efforts to cement Iowa as a national leader in bioscience initiatives, the Iowa State University Office of the Vice President for Research recently awarded a $34,000 Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Industry Partnership Seed Grant to investigate the use of targeted cell therapies to treat canine cancers. Following Gov.
Leah Labs turns to equity crowdfunding to cure dog cancer - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
April 18, 2020
This week the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal ranks the top crowdfunding campaigns of 2019, along with profiles of some of the largest and most-successful funding efforts. Read on for details on a biotech company trying to fight lymphoma in dogs, or scroll down to see the complete list.
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A New Approach to Gene Therapy-Now In Dogs, Maybe Later In Humans
November 4, 2019
North Grafton, Mass. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Shadow was at the front lines of a new approach to gene therapy. Earlier this month, 7-year-old Shadow was the first dog to be screened at Tufts University for a pilot study attempting to use gene therapy to treat a type of heart disease that often afflicts aging cavaliers.
Rochester biotech startup targeting cancer in dogs
August 30, 2019
Helping man's best friend could also help mankind. That's the idea at the core of Life Engine Animal Health or LEAH Labs, an early-stage gene editing start-up in Rochester that is working on a cancer treatment for dogs. If successful, the genetic editing model could later be used to battle cancer in people.
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July 1, 2019
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Leah Laboratories receives seed investment from Ag Startup Engine
July 1, 2019
Illustration by Nathan Wright. The following article originally appeared on January 16, 2019 via Clay & Milk. By Jake Slobe Ag Startup Engine has made an initial seed investment in LEAH Laboratories. LEAH Labs is an animal health startup focused on a breakthrough treatment that will control and cure B cell lymphoma in dogs.
2 Ames startups receive $150k in seed money to advance their work
July 1, 2019
Two start-up companies that are part of the Ag Startup Engine at the Iowa State University Research Park were named to Y Combinator's winter cohort accelerator program with the companies each receiving $150,000 in seed investment capital, according to an announcement made Tuesday.The companies, Nebullam and LEAH Laboratories, will also receive mentorship and educational resources through a 90-day program, culminating with a two-day demo in San Francisco.According to the announcement,
What People Say