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of a $1,555,999 goal
$3.5M valuation cap Convertible Note
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⭐️ 4.5+ star rating, over 13 Million cups sold in retail, 300k customers
🧠 Leadership helped build and scale: Chobani, Fage, KeVita, and Pirate's Booty
🧬 Science-backed, with 50 billion probiotics in every cup, delivering best-in-class gut health
🥇 Consistently named best plant-based yogurt; featured in Food & Wine, Forbes, Well & Good, PureWow
🧰 Taking on the $7.1 BN US yogurt market
⏱️ Forecasted revenue: $2.3MM-2024 and $5.2MM-2025 driven by growth in retail doors and innovation
⚡️ On track to break even in less than 2 years with improved unit economics and scale
♻️ Paperboard single-serve and 16 oz packaging material planned for Q1 '24

Our Team


Lavva is a plant-based yogurt made from pili nuts and real, whole-food ingredients like unripe plantain, organic cassava root and coconuts. We're about making nourishing food that makes you feel good. That inspires a better way of living, not just the next bite. We unlock the healthy foods that nature provides and leave the additives and sweeteners and processing agents OUT. We go ALL IN on flavor and nutrition.

We're on a mission to transform the $7.1B plant-based category by offering a product that is better for you and actually tastes delicious. Oh, and the pili is a regenerative crop which means we're sustainable, aka better for the planet. Doesn't that sound like a better way to snack / start your day?

The market for dairy-free yogurt is booming. In the US alone, sales of dairy-free yogurt were $380 million in 2021, and they're projected to grow nearly 10 times to $3.6 B by 2026. Globally, the dairy-free yogurt market is expected to grow from $2.1 B in 2021 to $8.22 B in 2026. This growth is driven by clean label, probiotic, and premium-positioned brands. People who've tried plant milk are twice as likely to purchase plant yogurt, showing a clear pathway for growth in the plant-based dairy market. Natural Channel Plant-based is 20% of the Yogurt Category and Conventional is only 1% with ample room for upside growth.

Lavva has been working hard to make the best yogurt not just plant yogurt. We've done some cool science stuff to make sure it's functional and delivers on promises. We have partnered with Next in Natural and onboarded strategic investors and experienced leaders. This alliance strengthens our margins and paves the way for further innovation and a profitable and sustainable business model.

Lavva's business model is centered around creating a high-quality, plant-based yogurt that delivers long-lasting health benefits. Our unique product, backed by scientific studies, offers a differentiated functional benefit in the market. We also prioritize sustainability, with zero plastic and 100% made of plant recyclable packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council expected to launch in Q1 2024.

After connecting with Liz, founder of Lavva, to share how much I loved the product as a perfect pairing with my crunchy granola company, Struesli, we began to talk about our product origin stories and around gut health and its role in overall health. I introduced Liz to my husband Dan, a respected professional investor, who agrees Lavva is one of the most evolved and delicious food products available. This is why we wanted to be the first to participate in this funding round. Lavva is an authentic product that delivers meaningful health and nutrition benefits at a time when this is greatly needed. Lavva is a sound investment with a compelling growth story and a winning team, and we hope you will join us!

 Adrienne Lufkin, founder Chef and Creator of Struesli Granola Redefined (

Dan Lufkin, co-founder of DLJ Securities