LateNiteCorner is designed to serve small business plazas with a niche foodcourt marketplace patio

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To support economic opportunities in smaller underserved markets.
Failure rates are high for the standalone business model--LateNiteCorner reduces startup costs
Create effective small business startup support infrastructure

Our Team

This concept is ideal to increase economic opportunities in communities like my own, medium-sized suburban community. The marketplace provides the ideal workplace environment for small business--reduces isolation and increases collaboration.

The Story of LateNiteCorner

We started in 2018. But the desire to build a comprehensive incubator model started in the 80's.  It's been a long, crazy journey, and we've only just begun.

Initial Concept was Developed in The 80's

Initial concept from the 80's included a daycare, media vendor, entertainment, beauty and restaurant and a computer resource center to provide digital services.  The new model is enhanced because the incubator is anchored by a Marketplace Patio and anchors already established businesses.

LateNiteCorner borrows from the FUTUREPRENEURS Conference

Back in 1996 our Dayton Defender team launched the Brother-to-Brother Conference, which later became the Brother-to-Brother & Sister-to-Sister Conference--then we finally merged the two into the FUTUREPRENEURS Conference.  The mission of the conference was to encourage youth to become entrepreneurs.  Fast-forward to today the name we coined and trademarked in Dayton is now embraced and used by conferences and businesses worldwide and growing.  GET READY! LateNiteCorner is even bigger than FUTUREPRENEURS because it includes infrastructure to build community businesses.

The best of 2012 web design. Look at the gloss and shadows!

Community Financial Investment Groups of underserved communities had limited scope in the 80's and 90's

Even in 2012 it was illegal to make a $100 investment at-a-time in a startup. And financial investment group (FIG)  membership was limited to 100 people.  The petition above was created to bring the issue to Congress.  Wefunder helped change those laws restricting startup capital from the community.  Now is the time for the initial incubator of the 80's, combined with the mission of FUTUREPRENEURS, the financial muscle of equity crowdfunding to replace community FIGs  hindered by outdated laws,  and the MarketPlace Foodcourt Patio to come together as LateNiteCorner.

Equity Crowdfunding is a better alternative for startups than grants and SBA loans

Grants and SBA loans alike require you to generate an endless sea of paperwork guided by outmoded ways of doing business & operations that have lead to large numbers of failures of businesses as well as colleges and universities.  This endless churn of generating paperwork to get meager funding or funding that requires you to have a full-time staff just to get it is often futile for startups.  And if you do by chance get noticed out of the thousands of people that do apply, and get funded the money comes with strings attached.  Then you must generate another endless sea of more paperwork to keep it.

LateNiteCorner Emerges as the strongest Incubator!  It recycles dollars spent in the MarketPlace patio up to five times!!  

The MarketPlace Patio incubator includes businesses that provide essential services such as daycare, aftercare, HBCU Satellite Center, College-Plus services, fitness, tutoring, farmer's market, barber/beauty care, restaurants, gym, niche food vendors, secured LateNiteCorner branded virtual desktops with a host of digital services for students & small businesses, turnkey vendor booths, built-in restaurant infrastructure.  All vendors have to do is bring supplies and or pull up their mobile stand to park it on a wall already outfitted with utilities and appliances that meet licensing codes. These are all services and products that LateNiteCorner members buy.  When they buy from LateNiteCorner not only are they recycling dollars in their own communities, but they are also recycling dollars inside LateNiteCorner.  This is because we are selecting business services that everybody uses.  LateNiteCorner is a business community, not a group of struggling standalone businesses with unreliable foot traffic.  Home-based business members also have access to secured digital infrastructure & services, as well as conference and meeting rooms.

Wefunder is now the largest funding portal

On May 16th, 2016 - the new law rolled out. We quickly became the largest funding portal for Regulation Crowdfunding.

Its lower fees, relative to its competitors – there are a few other portals offering a similar service, including SeedInvest, NextSeed and StartEngine – has meant that about 90 percent of crowdfunded investments made by non-accredited investors since the May 2016 switch have gone through Wefunder.
San Francisco Business Times

In total, we've invested nearly $100 million into early-stage companies. We're a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to fund 20,000 businesses by 2029.

We're also a team of founder-types ourselves. Hello! Thanks for choosing us!

Wefunder Team, Christmas 2018