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Utilizing renewable energy within a green system

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Pioneering Technological Advancement: QDUP propels innovation into the future of sustainability.
Seamless Integration: Our modular retrofittable system ensures compatibility with current setups.
Addressing Market Demand: QDUP responds to the escalating need for advanced solar solutions.
Beyond boosting efficiency, QDUP extends the life of solar panels while minimizing waste.

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Utilizing renewable energy within a green system.

Welcome to Lanus Solar, where our commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future drives every innovation. Our purpose is to seamlessly integrate progress and environmental responsibility through the power of renewable energy.

Our planet is the only place that can truly be called home, making it of utmost importance to take all necessary steps to protect it. The current state of the planet Earth is extremely worrying, and the main reason for this is that a significant part of the increased energy demand (electricity, transport, heating) is met with outdated, environmentally damaging energy production methods.

If we don't take swift action, we're facing a bleak future. 

It's a responsibility we all share to make a difference. We have the power to shape a brighter, more sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. Together, we can ensure that a grim future doesn't await us on our precious Earth. Globally, electricity generation from sources that do not produce greenhouse gases and are simultaneously renewable is only a very small fraction. There is ample room for development and improvement in this field. Furthermore, existing solar energy systems grapple with significant drawbacks. Traditional panels have limited operational efficiency, functioning optimally only during brief periods of sunlight. This inefficiency hinders the potential of solar power to contribute effectively to our energy needs.

Lanus Solar provides an innovative solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of green energy. Amidst a sea of half-measures and eco-like promises that fail to bring substantial change, our approach stands out. Our core philosophy revolves around transforming existing resources into something superior, eliminating the need for wasteful discarding.

Join us in making a positive impact today!

Limiting Factors Affecting Solar Panel Performance.

There are several factors that influence the operation of solar panels. Their rated maximum performance is only achieved when all constraints are completely eliminated.

The following components restrict the operation of solar panel:

  • Cleanliness of solar panels
  • Quality of solar panel glass
  • Cloud cover
  • Number of sunny hours
  • Intensity of sunlight
  • Direction of sunlight
  • Environmental temperature

This means that their most efficient operation is practically only ensured for an average of about 2-3 hours per day. Furthermore, out of the available 1000 W/m2 of power, solar panels can only produce about 220-250 W/m2 of power.

As a result, solar panel efficiency typically ranges between 22-25% on average.

Sensitivity of Solar Panels to Different Wavelengths of Light (Absorption)

Solar panels cannot convert all wavelengths and colors of light from the Sun into electricity in the same proportion. In fact, 86% of the solar panels available on the market can utilize red light to a much greater extent than blue, and they don't harness UV light at all. This means that currently available solar panels operate with significant energy losses.

Semiconductor Bandgap

C-Si cells are capable of producing energy at an energy level of 1.12 eV. This means that photons from the Sun, regardless of their energy, are utilized at a value of 1.12 eV, even if a photon could potentially produce 2 or 3 eV of energy. The difference is dissipated as heat.

Lanus Solar Aims to Revolutionize Limited Solar Energy Utilization.

Self-developed efficiency-enhancing solution: a layer that simultaneously provides a solution for absorption and heat loss due to the band gap.

The essence of the solution is that our layer absorbs light that is not useful for solar cells and emits it in a spectrum that is useful for solar cells, so it can absorb much more light and thus produce more energy. This solution is combined with a material that is able to create several photons of lower energy from a high-energy photon, so heat loss does not occur, thereby providing additional electricity generation.

QDUP - a self-developed efficiency-boosting solutions

Enhances performance and maximizes usable operating hours during daylight.

Lanus Solar QDUP offers:

  • A solar panel upgrade system that can be integrated into new and existing solar panel manufacturing
  • A simple, plug-and-play technology
  • The ability to enhance existing solar panels, reducing the need for disposal and minimizing environmental impact
  • An innovative solution to address the pressing issues of limited space, low efficiency and high cost
  • A technological advancement for other startups using solar panels.

The Lanus Solar QDUP is a transparent layer applied to the surface of solar panels using spray coating, embedding nanoparticles known as quantum dots. Thanks to this process, UV and blue photons are converted into red photons, harnessing them for enhanced electrical energy production. This advancement enables even the most common silicon-based solar panels to operate with up to 15% greater efficiency.

Our long-term goal is to create a layer that not only converts absorbed high-energy UV and blue photons directly into red photons but also doubles their quantity, potentially increasing efficiency by an impressive 40.2%.

The already-installed solar panels can be easily upgraded with QDUP spray-coating, even after installation.

Lanus Solar embraces a Business-to-Business (B2B) approach, catering to 

  • corporations with existing solar systems, 
  • solar panel manufacturing facilities, 
  • solar farms,
  • or anyone with direct or indirect involvement in solar panel production.

Our tailored solutions are designed to resonate with those who prioritize efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Lanus Solar generates its revenue from product sales and partially from installation services. Our customer base includes solar farms, solar-equipped factories, solar manufacturing companies, and B2B residential partners.

Product manufacturing is partially outsourced to dedicated partners who are committed to our mission. Currently, our key and patentable coating components are produced by our development partner, with plans for in-house production in the future. Other components of the final spray product, such as packaging materials and foils, are purchased and assembled through contract manufacturing. We handle warehousing and sales of the products.

We receive royalties for our intellectual property (IP) and other licensable components.

Strategic Partner and Partner Propositions:

We've chosen partners committed to product development and the production of raw materials and final products, offering mutual benefits such as material innovation and revenue stability.

Key Activities:

  • Development and manufacturing of QDUP products
  • Licensing and sales of the QDUP product line

Value proposion:

  • Patentable and easily applicable coating technology that significantly enhances solar panel efficiency and lifespan.
  • Increased green energy utilization through efficiency improvements, resulting in reduced waste and enhanced sustainability.
  • Offering compliance with ESG expectations to multinational corporations.

Customer Relationship:

We maintain a close relationship with customers from initial negotiations to post-installation performance measurements.

Distribution Channels:

Offline channels.

Customer Segments:

Any B2B segment involved in solar energy utilization, solar panel installation, or manufacturing.

Cost Structure:

Pricing is currently under development.

Revenue Streams:

Sales of QDUP products and licensing of the QDUP product line.  

Addressing the market demand: our response to emerging needs.

Amid the global shift towards renewable energy, Lanus Solar identifies a substantial growth trajectory. QDUP is primed to meet the escalating demand for efficient solar solutions, ensuring our offerings align with the evolving needs of a sustainability-focused market.

Worldwide, the escalating pace of new installation demands and the exponential rise in daily system installation inquiries and values vividly underscore the surging needs.

In 2020, the solar panel market witnessed a 19% growth, followed by a remarkable 22% expansion in 2021, resulting in a staggering 191GW of installations. This figure alone surpasses the cumulative solar installations in the entire United States. Anticipated growth is poised to exceed linear expectations, buoyed by a multitude of market innovations and progressive solutions. At Lanus Solar, we're poised to seize this momentum and shape the future of solar energy utilization.

The value of the global solar energy market was $167.83 billion in 2021 and increased to $234.86 billion in 2022. The size of the global solar energy market is expected to reach $373.84 billion by 2030. Currently, electricity generation accounts for 2.7% of total energy production, a figure projected to rise above 20% by 2050. In 2022, the total installed capacity of solar systems worldwide was 1,053 GW, which is expected to grow nearly 14-fold to 14,458 GW by 2050. This market momentum ensures a stable and long-term source of revenue for Lanus Solar Ltd., representing a significant share in the future green energy market.

Our competing space

Overall, there is currently no other solution on the market that can be used as an additional/upgrade system at the same time, and the light conversion technology and solution are combined, and the system provides a solution that can be integrated into production processes.

Our mission is to minimize waste generation and maximize the utilization of renewable energy devices, playing a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We firmly stand behind a solution that goes beyond harnessing renewable energy efficiently; it's about cultivating a green ecosystem right from the inception of development. We hold the belief that both production and prosperity can thrive in a carbon-free environment.

Lanus Solar envisions a world powered by renewable energy, where progress and environmental stewardship coalesce. Our strategy is rooted in ongoing innovation, collaboration, and the steadfast pursuit of solutions that redefine industry norms.

  • Collaborative Manufacturing: We stand on the strength of our partnership with contract manufacturers.
  • Unique Market Offering: Our distinct solution positions us as trailblazers in a niche without equivalents.
  • Dedication to Research and Development: Substantial investments affirm our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Lanus Solar invites you to join us in reshaping the renewable energy landscape. QDUP isn't just a boost to solar efficiency; it's a transformational leap toward a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable future. By revolutionizing solar technology, we're making environmental responsibility a powerful reality.

"One of today's most pressing societal challenges is energy security and independence. Lanus Solar is diligently researching and striving to develop the best innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of existing solar systems. It's an area where you can't afford to stand still; you can only fall behind."

"Supporting innovative solutions in the current energy market has always been a strategic goal for MaxiconTech Ltd. From the very beginning, we found it appealing that Lanus Solar is advancing existing solar panels to reduce environmental pollution and position renewable energy applications more favorably. Moreover, the prospect of collaborative work discussed in our meetings holds the promise of expanding our company's portfolio and opening up new business opportunities in an untapped market segment."

Why to invest

  • The efficiency of green energy, particularly solar panels, holds immense significance (backed by evident market demand and viable consumer interest, leaving no question for potential investors regarding the existence of a buying audience).
  • Our solution is simple, comprehensible, and seamlessly installable.
  • At Lanus Solar, we introduce an upgrade system that aligns harmoniously with existing setups, sidestepping the need for replacement and thereby minimizing the generation of waste.
  • An added coating we provide negates the need for future replacements (even when paired with a different, new-generation solar panel). This reduction in the presence of competitors who tout more advanced systems/panels emerges due to an interesting phenomenon: sunlight's energy capacity is fixed, and we're on track to approach its zenith. Beyond this point, extracting additional energy becomes impractical.
  • For both the solar industry and technological enterprises incorporating solar solutions, our solution marks a notable stride forward in technological progression.
  • We present an affordable product option, making our offering accessible to a wide range of investors.
  • With streamlined manufacturing processes, we ensure operational efficiency and minimal resource consumption.
  • Rooted in existing infrastructure like solar parks and solar panel manufacturers, our solution offers seamless integration and compatibility.
  • The landscape of intellectual property (IP) opportunities is expansive for us, including licensing potential.

In summary, the Lanus Solar QDUP offers:

  • A solar panel upgrade system that can be integrated into new and existing solar panel manufacturing
  • A simple, plug-and-play technology
  • The ability to enhance existing solar panels, reducing the need for disposal and minimizing environmental impact
  • An innovative solution to address the pressing issues of limited space, low efficiency and high cost
  • A technological advancement for other startups using solar panels.

At Lanus Solar, we are committed to redefining possibilities within the renewable energy landscape.

Join us in shaping a greener and more prosperous future.