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Change Comes in Waves. Breakthrough Wave-Energy Tech for Coastal Communities.


MoU signed with mid-size energy firm (Forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed) ✍️
New patent-pending install/removal method estimated to be 5-7x easier than the promo video 🚫🏗️
200K previously raised (F&F round; 70% left) 💰
Co-founder previously Founded and Sold an Energy Company (Exit) ✍️
US DOE Award of $150K received for simulation effort (TEAMER). More expected in 2022 🔬🔬
Low costs in the American Midwest🌽 U of Iowa has world class hydrodynamics labs 🌊
Tackling multi-directional seas with World leading magnetic motion rectifier designs ⚙️🧲
Accepted into Newchip Accelerator 🚀🚀

Our Team

With fresh perspectives (Aero Engineers) combined with Industry veterans, Laminar Scientific is poised to innovate with relevance in the field. With many island communities suffering high energy costs due to unique infrastructure complexities, a nearshore microgrid solution is our Go-To-Market wave energy product.

Pitch Deck


Warning: Technical Slide


Go-to-Market Manufacturing and Testing Roadmap:

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

The go-to-market system design is maturing on schedule (patents pending)

Risk-reduction through component and system simulation and testing

Any flaws found in testing (above) prompts revisit of design and decision matrices


Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

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