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The protein-packed, premium PB&J made better for you & the planet

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We have watched KRAM grow from an idea to where it is today. Their emphasis on creating a convenient, yet nutrient-dense food is in line with our desire to fuel our active bodies with quality ingredients. We wholeheartedly back this team and their delicious sandwiches. We have watched Austin and Ruth pour their hearts and souls into this startup and we know how passionate they are about providing a healthy version of an American staple (who doesn’t love a good PB&J?). We have shared our love for KRAM with family and friends and those who have tried the “reinvented PB&J”, love it like we do (many becoming loyal customers).


✅ Sold in Sprouts, Central Market, and Erewhon
💪 Partnership with UFC Fighter Michael Chandler; 1.7M+ followers across social platforms
💸 $50M Serviceable Obtainable Market; Natural and Conventional Grocery crossover product
🤝 Strategic partnership with KeHe - a top distributor specializing in natural & organic brands
🌎 A portion of our profits are donated to support farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture
📈 Driving sales with top Food/Bev broker, NDSM - grew Muscle Milk, Marie Callenders, Clif Bar, etc
🥜 Made in-house - Kram controls production costs and schedules

Our Team

Kram was born out of our family passion for health, wellness, and wanting to be an active part of changing the food system with education and healthy food.

Kram is reinventing the lunch box legend to be more sustainable, protein-packed, and functional than ever.

The OG PB&J 🙌

Our Story: Functional Food Made By Family

Kram was born out of our family's passion for health, wellness, and wanting to play a part in changing the food system with education and healthy food.

As an active mother and son, we saw a lack of innovation and healthy ingredients in grab-and-go foods meant for athletes and active lifestyles. These foods were not designed to fuel our bodies properly and have a negative impact on our health and environment.

We've spoken to athletes and families with active lifestyles who were more health-conscious than ever before, and just as excited as us about eating to fuel our bodies and performance daily. Our founding vision is to reinvent classic, beloved food that is more sustainable and health-conscious.

The PB&J felt like a natural place to start: a handheld food that is both a staple and a favorite for many households. Ours included.

When we reinvented the PB&J, we chose to use organic ingredients, support sustainable agricultural practices, and make everything in-house.

Our mission is to be a household brand that creates healthy food options. In the process, we will take active steps to preserve the health of the planet. Our products are made for all and with health and wellness as our top priority.

Ruth (CEO, Mom) and Austin (COO, Son)

Our Vision: No More Compromises For Busy People

We saw a massive need for sustainable, nutritious, on-the-go food in the frozen section and validated it through research and data. The McKinsey study, "The State of Grocery in North America (2022)" affirmed how our PB&J's checked all the major boxes of current demands in grocery. All signs pointed to busy, active people wanting healthier foods and diverse options on the go.

How We Reinvented The PB&J

Our PB&Js are optimized for athletes, busy families, and healthy living. 

🍞 We use sprouted & fermented bread to reduce gluten and other compounds that may be hard on the gut. 

🥜 The house-made colostrum peanut butter is jam-packed with protein to keep us going. 

🍇 Our all-fruit jelly has absolutely no added sugar. 

➕ Plus, we added a mineral complex because we all need more minerals in our lives 🙌

We Found A Proven Market With Only Two Competitors

How Does Kram Stack Up?

We're bigger, we're healthier, and we're the premium product in the space. There's plenty of opportunity for all three to-go PB&J products to grow through diverse verticals.

The Business Model Overtaking A New Vertical For PB&Js

Our Traction Comes Naturally

At the risk of being too cheeky, we like to think our traction so far has come naturally. Kram products have made it into Sprouts, which started carrying our products regionally and has since expanded to all Sprouts stores nationwide. We're also carried by uber-popular west-coast premium product legends, Erewhon. We recently were picked up by Central Market as well.  We solidified our first official distribution partner KeHE (one of the top distributors in the US) and broker partner NDSM (grew amazing food & beverage brands like Muscle Milk, Marie Callender's, Clif Bar, etc).

Our Roadmap To Your ROI

In 2022

➕ We have a guaranteed expansion to 380 Sprouts stores, nationally! (this one is not a projection - we closed the deal!)

➕ Started working with a 3PL facility to expedite our eCom shipments

➕ We will be in 20 natural independent stores

➕ We will hire 2-5 people in production and distribution

➕ We'll double our marketing efforts

By the end of 2023...

😎 We'll roll out initial big box partnerships with Costco and Sam's Club regionally, appear in HEB and Kroger, expand our presence in independent stores, and grow our omnichannel sales with Thrive Market

😎 Get certified! Our products will formally be recognized as organic and non-GMO

By the end of 2024...

🚀 We'll go national with Costco and Sam's Club while gaining a presence in more independent stores

🚀 Kram HQ will get bigger and better - we'll expand our capacity by moving to a new facility

🚀 Hiring will be a priority! We're looking to bring on sales, HR,  and finance experts while continuing to hire in production and distribution

By the end of 2025...

🙌 Our broker will secure a national rollout with Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, and Publix

🙌 Our sales team will start breaking into the collegiate food service vertical

🙌 10 new hires will be brought in to support the big box expansion and the new vertical

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Marketing Partnership Spotlight

"Iron" Michael Chandler, UFC Lightweight Champion

As an early believer in Kram, Michael Chandler joined us in late 2021. In UFC, on-the-go nutrition packed with protein is a necessity. Athletes know how to put their bodies first.

Michael helps evangelize the Kram brand to the athlete vertical. We've also gained key connections to the UFC Performance Institute and many of our current influencers through his partnership. Michael currently has 1.7M+ followers across social platforms that Kram is able to leverage through his work with us. 

Our brand partners develop social trust and rapid exposure. 

We plan to continue acquiring brand partners to encourage exposure in (3) main customer verticals:

✅ Athletes

✅ Parents

✅ Travelers

We can't wait to share the exciting updates of future Kram partnerships as we continue to build out our brand partnerships and marketing programs. 

Join Us! 

This is only the beginning of our journey as we set out to recreate nostalgic, grab-and-go foods that are better for you & the planet.