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reserved of a $250,000 goal
Future Equity
 $5M  $4M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $75K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $4M valuation cap
$100, $1K, $5K, $15K, $50K


Our patent pending Kitesurfing system provide a unique and accessible experience the market.
Our VR-powered simulator accelerates learning, helping users build muscle memory.
6.7% YoY growth. Kitesurfing is set to make its Olympic debut in 2024. Increase Visibility / Demand.
Company built with social responsibility in mind by making the simulator accessible to all.

Our Team


THE FUTURE of Kitesurfing

Remember: on average, we live to be about 72 years of age. So, make it matter!

We invite you to be part of something that will have a positive impact on society as our current form of existence transforms.

The challenge is real. Constant practice of kitesurfing is hard, especially if you live far from instructors and bodies of water.

Consistency is KEY to helping you to achieve your goals. Learning how to kitesurf is no walk in the park, but don't feel discouraged, we have the solution.

According to our own unbiased research, 90% of people who attempt to learn how to kitesurf give up; the reasons being, "It's too hard", "Lessons got expensive", " It was hard to find time" or, my favorite "the forecast predicted wind but when I got there, there was none" and the list goes on...

These are serious pains, and we know the good that Kitesurfing can bring to those who get to experience it. We are transforming this pain into our mission.

The mission?

To make kitesurfing accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere, come rain or shine.

Just imagine how many people we can bring the kitesurfing experience to whom would otherwise never know what it's like. How many lives can we make a positive impact on?

From this dream came

Our passion for this sport together with the experience of our team makes the right company to bring this UNIQUE EXPERIENCE to the market.

Making Kitesurfing accessible to everyone is our number one goal.

We want people to feel what it's like to be moved by the wind.

We want everyone to be able to experience this incredible force of nature.

By investing in this windy adventure you’ll be investing in a service that has a potential market of $121M per year, and is expected to INCREASE EXPONENTIALLY as kitesurfing becomes an Olympic sport in 2024! 

The Challenge: finding the right conditions

The one thing you need to know about kitesurfing is that there are a lot of logistical hurdles. For one, you need to be relatively close to a body water. But even then, this may not be enough! Clearer weather conditions are needed along with the wind. Can you find this anywhere, anytime? Not likely.

The worst part is that all these three conditions need to be aligned quite regularly as the need for constant practice is the key to mastering the art of kitesurfing. So let’s add a 4th element to the above: Luck.

What's the probability for 23K people who search for kitesurfing lessons online every month to get these 4 conditions to align simultaneously? Highly improbable. IS the SOLUTION: Kitesurf ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

Like any good entrepreneur, if you can't find the right conditions, you CREATE them! And that’s exactly what we did! 

To make sure the necessary conditions are always available for kitesurfing, we've created the world's first HYPER-REALISTIC INDOOR KITESURFING SIMULATOR!! 

With our simulator we are directly addressing two separate markets: 

The first being, kitesurfing enthusiasts who seek the convenience of practicing anywhere and anytime to improve their current skills. And secondly, those of whom are either curious or just plain old thrill seekers.

However, majority of this market lives further from bodies of water and/or are too afraid of the risks involved with kitesurfing in the real world. This group alone is comprised of 20K people who search for kitesurfing lessons each month but give up and never end up enjoying the sport! is going with the Wind and in the RIGHT DIRECTION

As of this moment, we can confidently say that we have completed essential steps to make not only a reality, but a fixture in the kitesurfing industry.

Here's what we've got so far:

1.     Patent application filed and in pending status 

2.     Progressing with the migration of our existing kitesurfing videogame to the Unity gaming engine who supports externalizing physics from the software to a VR and physical devices.

3. Development of a motorized simulator with a board base which spins 360 degrees, jerks up/down and tilts back/forth to simulate the motion of the waves

4.     Continuous work with distributors and manufactures to source parts and create the first simulator 

As of right now, we are LOOKING FOR INVESTORS who are willing to fund and support MVP development. 

With this funding, by this time next year, we will have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL SIMULATOR. And by Q1 2024, will be ready to start distribution for the global markets.

The Market Opportunity is HUGE: there is NOTHING like

Kitesurfing is a rapidly growing sport with a lot of room for expansion. The market for kitesurfing gear alone, is increasing by almost 7% annually and is expected to increase even more as kitesurfing becomes an Olympic sport in 2024. 

As an example; when Rock climbing was first introduced as an Olympic sport in Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, there was a 100% increase in interest at US's largest indoor rock climbing gym (El Cap).


At this moment, has the opportunity to be a tool that will enable people to overcome the challenge of finding the right conditions to practice this sport. 

As we said before, on average, 23K people IN THE USA ALONE, search for kitesurfing lessons each month. And did you know, with the traditional methods of kitesurfing 90% of people will give up learning the sport because of the challenges involved with learning the sport?

Our solution will help scale the sport by breaking the logistical barriers and making it readily available to the masses. With we are eliminating the need to be near the water or wait for conditions! 

With over 20K people will be able to learn how to kitesurf ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

In terms of competition, we FILL A GAP IN THE MARKET! is not like any other brand present in the market! Our highly realistic simulator offers a great user experience at a small cost!

And with our UNIQUE SOLUTION we reach a Servisable Available Market of $121MM/year.

How will we make the DREAM COME TRUE? With a RELIABLE business plan!

At we don’t base our predictions on this single service. Our business model is based on several revenue streams.

Simulator sales are, in fact, is only a part of the potential revenue of this futuristic project.


-       Use of Social Media channels, video streaming platforms, and paid search to directly engage those 20K Americans who are looking for kitesurfing lessons each month but give up on their dream.

-       Leverage partnerships with leading kitesurfing organizations such as IKO (International kitesurfing organization) and GKA (Global Kite sports Association), to mutually promote kitesurfing lessons and increase awareness.

-       Promote the simulator as the PERFECT ad space for kitesurfing brands who can take advantage of the most engaging kitesurfing experience outside of the water.

-       Partner with social media influencers in the kitesurfing space to boost awareness.

How are we going to apply the funds we raise? 

We are seeking $750.000 to invest in the following areas:

  • Product Development or R&D – represents the largest share of the investment as it will allow us to invest in essential steps that will help us move forward with the project and start making MONEY
  • Team expansion – we need to hire a team of passionate and experienced professionals with expertise in these most varied areas.
  • Marketing – another essential share of the investment that will be used to create awareness for in the market. Our objective? To become a REFERENCE to all kitesurfing enthusiasts.
  • Business Development – essential to start contacting and getting partners to get on board with our adventure.

Our Incredible Team

At Kitesurf Technologies LLC., we have gathered a TALENTED AND PASSIONATE TEAM of experienced professionals who believe they can change the kitesurfing world. Coming from different industries, from robotics to gaming, automation, digital marketing, enterprise software development, along with kitesurfing instructors and practitioners, our team's biggest dream is to bring kitesurfing to all.

Where will the wind take us NEXT? 

Our next steps include BUILDING A SIMULATOR to launch our platform and start the distribution of our one-of-a-kind solution to the ENTIRE WORLD

With your investment our next steps are: 

-       Launch an MVP Simulator

-       Open a model-operated location that we can use to get partners to learn about our product and invest in us

-       Promote the simulator to achieve 10K hours of simulation sales in the first year after product launch

Our objective is to make people happy: kitesurfing makes us happy, and we are sure it will make others happy too! 

As the saying goes: "Do something you love and you won't work a day in your life". And as Elon Musk would say, "Life is not just about solving problems, you have do something that inspires you to get up early."

This is it for us.

We need YOUR HELP to make our dream come true! Come with us to revolutionize the kitesurfing world!

Dreams do come true. even if after ~ 10 years

Thank you!