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Last Funded September 2023


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2,000 RVs lost to fires each year Kitchenery solves that problem.
Strategic conversations ongoing with large B2B customers (e.g. $500K deal w/ major RV manufacturer).
Backed by STANLEY+Techstars accelerator.
B2B and B2C model. Hundreds of customers on our waitlist, with $0 marketing spend.

Our Team

Kitchen is one of the spaces which gets the most of foot traffic, its the heart of everyone's home and it is so important to make this space accessible, aesthetically pleasing and a socially welcoming space. Kitchenery was formed to bridge the gap in technology, innovation and cooking experience.

Kitchenery: Freedom to Cook! Cordlessly

Kitchenery was formed to bridge the gap in technology & innovation and cooking experience for millions of Individuals looking for a smart, modern and a socially welcoming Kitchen space.

Kitchenery is reshaping the future of kitchen technology, with proven wireless power transfer technology which will eliminate the need and use of power cords in kitchen appliances, give users an efficient way to use their kitchen cabinet space and further provide multifunctional use of their kitchen countertop. Kitchenery makes every day cooking SAFER, SMARTER, and CONVENIENT.

Strong Technical and Business Operations Team!

Kitchenery Advisors are leaders in Corporate America and in Scalable Startup space!

Modern kitchens come with their fair share of inconveniences. The tangle of power cords creates a constant battle for space and organization, making it challenging to focus on cooking. Not to mention, the environmental toll of conventional cooking methods is a pressing concern, contributing to unnecessary energy waste and harm. Additionally, the inefficiency of energy usage in traditional kitchens adds both cost and environmental strain. Gas and electric stoves waste up to 40% energy, cause indoor pollution and release unused methane gas in the atmosphere contributing to Global Warming.  It's clear that these challenges are begging for a new solution. Forward thinking states in the U.S like California and New York have already banned gas cooking and energy policy makers and lobbyists are already taking steps to implement greener and cleaner solutions nationwide.

The kitchen is the space that gets the most amount of foot traffic, it’s the heart of everyone's home! It is so important to make this space accessible, aesthetically pleasing and socially welcoming.

While innovation has rapidly transformed many aspects of our homes, the kitchen space has remained relatively stagnant. Imagine a kitchen of the future where cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with culinary creativity. Picture a space where wireless power transfer eliminates the clutter of cords, where sustainable practices reign supreme, and where wireless energy transfer efficiency is optimized. The Kitchen of the Future promises a harmonious blend of convenience, efficiency, comfort, accessibility, and advanced functionality that redefines the heart of every home.

Kitchenery community thrives with over 125 angel investors who share our vision for transforming the culinary landscape. Notably, esteemed backers like Andrew Hartnett, Jim Jensen, Brett Maternowski, Ken Pomella and hundreds of others have lent their support, emphasizing the credibility and enthusiasm behind our venture. As part of this dynamic community, investors become integral to shaping the future of kitchen technology while benefiting from our innovative and investor-oriented approach.

Introducing Kitchenery's revolutionary Quantum Energy Pad and suite of cordless appliances, featuring cutting-edge technologies that seamlessly integrate into your kitchen routine. Our lineup includes versatile appliances like the Air Fryer, Blender, Toaster, Electric Kettle, and Electric Rice Cooker, designed to empower your culinary adventures with unmatched convenience and efficiency. Experience the future of cooking with Kitchenery's innovative solutions.

Introducing Kitchenery's groundbreaking Quantum Energy Pad—a culinary revolution that ingeniously combines the prowess of an induction cooktop with cutting-edge wireless power transmission technology. With an impressive 1200W wireless power transfer, this pad not only delivers precise cooking control but also seamlessly sends cordless power to compatible Kitchen appliances, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency. As a potential investor, you have the unique opportunity to be a futurist and contribute towards revolutionizing the way we cook and use our Kitchen space on day-2-day basis.

Discover a new dimension of kitchen innovation through Kitchenery's meticulously designed suite of cordless appliances and the cutting-edge Quantum Energy Pad. Crafted with a deep focus on consumer needs, each appliance is a fusion of form and function, incorporating premium materials and intuitive features that redefine culinary convenience. At the heart of this revolution lies the Quantum Energy Pad, seamlessly merging elegant aesthetics with groundbreaking technology to reshape cooking and energy transmission in a way that's as practical as it is elegant.

Kitchenery's Wireless Energy Transfer Tech stands at the forefront of kitchen innovation, liberating cooking spaces from cumbersome cords and restrictions. By seamlessly integrating induction cooking capabilities with wireless power transmission, it ushers in a new era of culinary freedom, unparalleled efficiency, and a sleek, uncluttered kitchen experience. Kitchenery’s technology comprises of two different modules: 

  1. The Power Transmission module (Tx): Designed and Developed to have hybrid functionality (Wireless Power + Inductive Cooking), this module is integrated inside the “Quantum Energy Pad”. 
  2. The Power Reception module (Rx): Designed and Developed to be integrated with-in small kitchen appliances based on their power rating. Once integrated, the device is now capable of receiving cordless power. 

Can you imagine squeezing in a full-sized kitchen on the back seat of your car? Kitchenery appliances are modular, space saving, and have a stackable footprint. Making it a perfect solution for tight spaces. Kitchenery’s business strategy consists of serving the premium and demanding segment  of RV’s, Yachts, Private Jets, Luxury Hotels and similar industry segments in the Recreational and Hospitality segment.

People have started traveling in their own little Private Spaces!

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed. Source-1: Fortune Business Insights , Source-2: IBIS World

At Kitchenery, we are strategically positioning ourselves for 3 key revenue streams: 

1. Kitchenery’s core revenue stream comes from B2B2C and B2C type business models where we sell Kitchenery Quantum energy pad coupled with a suite of revolutionary cordless Kitchen appliances. This is done via: 

  • Strategic Business account acquisitions in the target market segments 
  • Scalable sales via partnering with national and global distributors 
  • Direct-2-consumer via e-commerce strategies: On-boarding the first 1000 futurist families that will have access to Kitchenery’s revolutionary cordless appliances via exclusive reserve now portal: 

2. Wireless Power Transfer Technology (WPT) Integration Services to Kitchen appliance Brands, Manufacturers and device makers. Recurring hardware: Per Device Rx - WPT module sale. 

3. SaaS: Kitchenery’s Transmission and Reception modules can collect curated device data, thanks to integration of Smart MCU, with advanced Data Analytics algorithms, manufacturers can now have curated and hyper-accurate device data allowing them to make consumer-centric product design and feature decisions. This gives Kitchenery a potential revenue stream in the space of Data Monetization and  + AI based simulations on energy, product and consumer trends. Furthermore, in future generations of products, Kitchenery plans to integrate recipes, coupons, deals and similar direct engagements and touchpoints with the end-user opening a broader landscape of revenue generation activities.

Our business strategy revolves around three key pillars. First, we cater to the premium market by demonstrating the demand for our innovative products, targeting distribution through trusted partners, and serving high-end customers in various sectors. Secondly, strategic partnerships amplify our reach, aligning with established kitchen appliance brands and manufacturers to scale our presence in the premium segment. Lastly, our vision extends to mass consumer brand licensing, introducing our technology into everyday kitchens and establishing "Powered by Kitchenery" as the new standard in powering and controlling small kitchen appliances.

Kitchenery is strategically positioned for successful market entry based on recent data from 2022, which highlights our unique value proposition and alignment with existing trends. With a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $15 billion, including the $10 billion Small Kitchen Appliance market and the $5 billion Induction Cooktop market (all within the U.S.), our innovative wireless energy transfer technology addresses key pain points in the industry.

Our fusion of induction cooktop and wireless power transmission not only caters to the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions but also provides unparalleled convenience. By eliminating hazardous cords and offering seamless cooking experiences, we tap into the rising consumer preference for smart, user-friendly appliances. This positioning allows us to capture a significant share of both the Small Kitchen Appliance and Induction Cooktop markets, ensuring a strong competitive edge and paving the way for a successful market entry.

The Global Smart Kitchen Appliance Market presents a compelling opportunity for Kitchenery's innovative products. With a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) exceeding 23% between 2020 and 2024, this market surge is driven by the rising demand for cutting-edge and user-friendly appliances. Kitchenery is strategically positioned to leverage this trend, offering technologically advanced, wireless-enabled kitchen solutions that not only meet the market's appetite for innovation but also provide practical, efficient, and elegant solutions for modern culinary needs.

Investors joining Kitchenery's community through Wefunder enjoy exclusive perks, and the chance to shape the future of kitchen technology. This unique opportunity allows backers to be at the forefront of a culinary revolution, while reaping the benefits of being part of a visionary and dynamic community.

Kitchenery is part of STANLEY + Techstars accelerator

Kitchenery: Freedom to Cook!