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 $1.5M  $1M valuation cap
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🚀 92k+ total members on our waitlist
💰 Estimated $200,000 in Q4 2022
🤝 We've signed major partnerships that could bring at least $5M in revenue next year
🥇 Our team is successfully creating 50 accounts week over week for companies and schools.

Our Team

Businesses hate working with schools because schools do not know what they are doing. The two co-founder navigated the career space in Utah so they both know how hard it is to represent your skills. We build kado to decrease the amount of emails send back and forth and provide a project management tool to schools.

The Future of Work - Digitizing the Skills.

Businesses hate working with universities because universities do not know what they are doing. 

Imagine the logistics of connecting interested students to the right projects,” Wesemann says. “It requires a kickoff call, scheduling, and a lot of administrative overview. There are all kinds of other types of programs like this throughout any university. I’m constantly rubbing shoulders with other leaders at institutions with similar programs, yet they do it on spreadsheets and emails. Kado has a nice system that will more or less automate and push all the overhead logistics onto the parties—the students and the companies. It helps connect the dots.”

Kado helps schools eliminate massive of emails between the school, the student, and the business partner. We are providing the schools a better CRM tool to manage their capstone projects and internship programs.

We have signed major partnerships with fortune 500 companies to take stock of their overall approach to skills and enduring capabilities as part of their workforce architecture.

Kado is an All-in-One platform for managing your capstone projects and internship programs.

- Plan, track, and manage your capstone projects and internship programs.

- Work smarter as a team with real-time chat. Tag individuals or groups, assign tasks to students, and link tasks to get more done together.

- Businesses can post capstone projects, internships, and entry-level role through Kado.

We help universities facilitate interaction, view what's going on, and Track the performance of students.View dialogue between students and employers.Approve projects.

Kado helps provide a central hub for students to see all their skills, their past projects, and the job they are working on. Train students early to really understand their skillset and they come in and onboard - they can put anything they think is valuable of what they have done.

Chat with employers.Access project management tools.

We charge a school within a university $25,000/year for our platform

We charge a university $100,000/year for our management platform

We charge a business $250/month to post an internship or an entry level job.

Kado was founded by two immigrant entrepreneurs who experienced the career navigation space in Utah.  

Gladymir Philippe: Co-Founder and Chief Technology Engineer. 

Computer Science degree - Utah Business 20 in Their 20s (2021)

Siya Mali: Co-Founder

He worked at quip and Lawvu

We bootstrapped Kado to this point and we are ready for funding to improve our platform.

First, we want to democratize access to wealth with our first raise by giving students the opportunity to not only to better tell their story of the skills they are gaining through college experience - be part of Kado with a minimum investment of $100 that will grow to thousands of dollars before graduating college

Parents can also invest in Kado while their kids are in elementary or high school. 

Anyone can invest to help businesses discover the skills that immigrant college students have.

Universities and companies in Colorado and Utah will have full access to Kado in Q4 while we are improving the platform to give access to more schools and companies in other states. 

We have partnered with Edtech startups for students to take STEM courses on Kado and boost their skills. Our management platform will be ready to use next year - our signed clients will be able to assign tasks to students on Kado.

We believe we can have an exit of over $1bn in 2028 or get acquired by Linkedin or fortune 500 companies.