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Juvo Jobs

Taking the hassle out of hiring. Juvo revolutionizes the way people find jobs.


Huge market demand; 80 million hourly workers in the US, each change jobs 3 to 5 times per yr.
Juvo's geolocator tech highlights the jobs that are closest to the seeker. We push the jobs to you.
Exceeding expectations. Scaled nationally in 120 days.
An experienced team with 30+ years in hiring and HR technology. Proven track record of returning investments 10 fold.
Personal investment in this project. Ensuring hourly workers thrive in our family & yours.

Our Team


Hourly work and salaried work are not the same. So why do we expect people to find these jobs in the same way? In fact, there has never been a system in place to enable 63% of America's workforce to find employment. That's double the population of California that have been overlooked! 

Job boards just don't cut it. They have failed to evolve to meet the needs of hourly workers today. Meaning, across the US there are 80 million hourly workers looking for jobs without sufficient tools to support them.

We understand this struggle professionally and personally. When our children were searching for jobs, we were frustrated by the lack of awareness of local opportunities. Therefore, we created Juvo; a better way to connect seekers and employers that takes the hassle out of hiring.

We identified three key issues with the current system: awareness, location, and application. 

Juvo addresses each of these directly to enable the hourly worker to thrive.


As a business, having employees that live nearby, that can come into work on short notice is essential. Yet the average hourly worker faces a 19.7 mile commute each way to work. We know this is unsustainable for the seeker and the employer. But, current job boards are not addressing this problem. Organizing by zip code creates too broad an area. Indeed, depending on where you live, a job that appears to be 5 miles out of your zip code can actually result in an hour and a half commute. This needs to change.

We have four children: Preston, Megan, Daniel, and Stacie. They are only a couple of months apart, but their experience of finding work could not be more different. For Preston and Megan, their journey toward salaried jobs was enabled by a variety of tools. But for Daniel and Stacie, who work in hourly wage positions, no such support was available. 


Then we spotted another issue. When Daniel and Stacie did find a position that looked suitable, the long process of filling out a paper-application, waiting for a possible interview, and waiting again for an offer, frustrated the gap between paychecks; putting them in more financially vulnerable position than their siblings. 

Due to the income disparity between hourly and salaried work, it just doesn't make sense to us that hourly workers should go through the same application process. Employers want to see a candidate's attitude and aptitude towards the position, that's why Juvo hosts video resumes instead of cover letters. So the employer can see the candidate's personality and connect immediately. 


Juvo is not a job board. 

Instead, the Juvo app leverages innovative geolocator technology to organize job openings by location. The app actively pushes job opportunities to seekers that are nearby. This is an approach that no one else is taking. 

Juvo is creating a paradigm shift from seekers looking for jobs, to jobs finding seekers. We know that seekers and employers are moving towards more automated technology to help with employment, and Juvo is already experiencing great success with this model. 

On average a thirty day ad will set your business back $250+. This model is flawed as it relies on the right seeker, being on the right page, of the right job board at exactly the right time to see a job opportunity that could be just round the corner!

But on Juvo, job postings do not time out. Vacancies are always visible, and it’s free to use for seekers! In fact, employers only pay $4.99 to connect with seekers. It’s that simple.

Our board of advisors has been specifically chosen for their knowledge in taking companies with the same two-sided market model to scale. Their knowledge of the revenue model and our understanding of the hiring process, puts Juvo in the best position to flourish. Not just as a business, but as a force for change.

(Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed)

For the past fifty years the turnover rate in hourly employment has remained steady. The average seeker has five employers a year. Juvo’s revenue model demonstrates that this churn is not an issue but a reality in which Juvo can thrive.

For Juvo, one seeker generates on average, $60 per year. As our number of users grows, and we add more job opportunities to the platform, the number of connections made will exponentially increase. We are already seeing evidence of this growth, as we gained 43,000+ new downloads in Jan 2022 alone!

At this stage in Juvo’s journey we are looking to raise $5 million to accelerate our national expansion. We anticipate having 10 million seekers on the app within the next three years. This funding will be put towards marketing and scaling operations that will enable us to continue to transform the job market nationwide.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Juvo was born out of our desire to support our local economy. This is essential to the way we do business, and to how we are scaling as a company. Founded in Georgia, Juvo is now used across all fifty states. When we launched in June, after our first round of seed funding, we aimed to be nationwide within the year. But the dramatic demand for Juvo's services enabled us to achieve this in one hundred twenty days.

Our community partnerships are key to Juvo's early success and future scalability. Partnering with universities, apartment complexes, and local non-profits enables Juvo to act as a facilitator to success across all aspects of a seeker’s life, from education to accommodation. Vital to this is, of course, stable, suitable employment, which in turn benefits all aspects of the local economy. This is what we term our flywheel effect: a self-sufficient, self-scaling revenue model which can be replicated nationwide.

Juvo has already connected tens of thousands of seekers and employers. But with your investment we can further develop this tool to ensure America’s 80 million hourly workers thrive.