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Invest in Jesus Revolution V2, Inc.

Jesus Revolution V2 is a Documentary film, whose time has Come...


We are Producing the definitive movie on the Jesus Movement of the 1970's "
Jesus Revolution V2 asks the question "Is it happening again?"
We have the Musical groups, the authors and the people both here and in Europe from the movement.
Through our distribution and marketing the film should see a fantastic run.
With our Social Media and the Concert, the film will be a major sensation

Our Team

Because of all the outpour of support. This is a film that needs to be made

Jesus Revolution V2 

A second Jesus Revolution is imminent. A production team has been brought together to make a Film that tells the story of The Jesus Movement of the 70’s and today’s Revival


1968: In War Torn America, Protests are being held across the country over Vietnam and Civil Rights. Martin Luther King Jr & Robert Kennedy have been assassinated. These issues are pitting American against American. Following Woodstock, a massive spiritual movement called “The Jesus Revolution” takes place and unites a fractured World. Fast forward 50-years and we are facing that same tear in the fabric of Societies. Another Jesus Revolution is Needed.


Based on the research and books of Larry Eskridge, Dave Hoyt, Richard Bustraan and Billy Graham, “Jesus Revolution V2” will cover the worldwide Movement of the 1970’s. Filming here, Europe and the UK, we will visit the places, explore the events and meet the People that made that time

 We will be covering the 70’s Movement in the UK & Europe where Arthur Blessitt and Larry Norman were Key Influences. He’ll cover the Jesus Family’s Lonesome Stone, The GreenBelt Festival and the controversial Jesus Army. Lonnie Frisbee’s Biographer Roger Sachs and Lonnies’ best friend Danny Lehmann will give us insight into Lonnie and the revival of Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel. Kenn Gulliksen, founder of “The Vineyard” will take us back to the beginning, circa 1970 and how the Vineyard now has over 2,000 Churches worldwide. Explo 72’ (The Christian Woodstock) will be explored and many of the attendees and Performers will tell us about that monumental event, including “Love Song".

Is another Jesus Revolution happening?