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Jivati is an innovative bio-hacking startup creating the NextGen of beverages 🥤

Last Funded December 2021


raised from 72 investors
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🤓 A strong advisory board: former VPs of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and a successful CPG entrepreneur
Established entryway to sell products in convenience stores and retail businesses across the nation.
🌿 100% plant-based + multi-functional + hard seltzer beverages are projected to grow 128% per year!
Dynamic Management team with a strong network for a powerful launch. 🤝
A business model with multiple revenue channels: e-commerce, subscription model, and retail. 💰 💰
A vision to build a global household brand of multiple products 💰
The demand for plant-based beverages is here to stay. Jivati designed to be a leader in this niche.

Our Team

Jivati was conceived out of hard times, and it means "to be alive." We all have a unique journey with its ups and downs. I want to enhance people's life by providing them the right energy to keep going no matter the occasion.


is an innovative bio-hacking beverage startup focused on creating the Next Generation of Beverages. Using FoodScience, Jivati creates multi-functional products essence with 4 powerful holistic ingredients (100% plant-based) to improve an individual’s well-being without polluting the environment.

 Jivati is a much-needed departure from today’s assortment of the same sugary and artificial drinks, which cause numerous health issues to consumers.


Jivati is a Hindu term derived from the old Indian language of Sanskrit. It means “to be alive.” 

Our mission is to inspire every person to enjoy a happy life every day. Develop the next-generation beverages to answer the need for a healthier lifestyle. Our beverages will keep you going no matter the occasion: work, travel, health issues, stress, exercise, or non-stop partying. There's no chemical sludge in our products to slow you down or cause health issues.


Jivati is ushering in a new philosophy and approach to beverages. This is a groundbreaking forward advance in the beverage industry, which has stagnated for long periods of time, innovations seeming to pass it by in a period other industries are progressing rapidly. Rather than fall into the status quo or the old, tired beverage concepts that other beverage brands have accepted and even embraced, Jivati is choosing to do something pioneering, introducing innovative, bold drink options for every occasion.

The ingredients included in Jivati beverages are among the most in-demand and nourishing in the world: botanicals, adaptogens, terpenes, flavonoids. These ingredients – when added together – represent natural essence that the market has not seen to date. Selected to boost energy, mood stabilizer, strengthen immunity, relieve pain, create relaxation, and improve mental performance and focus, the ingredients in Jivati deliver a wide range of benefits

Because these ingredients, so gentle and powerful, Jivati beverages are not like competitors’ beverages. While sparkling water may seem the same from one brand to the next, it will not seem the same when the can says Jivati on it.

Multi-Functional Formula & 100% Plant-Based


We’re a tall glass of just what the soul ordered, crafted to match your mood. Relax, focus, energize, destress – whatever flavor the moment requires, we’ve got you covered. This is your ride; we’re just here to improve the view. So even though today maybe another day, it’s your day. And to us, that’s the reason for the celebration.

Jivati's initial three beverages would allow us to broadly reach out to the general population while fully understanding the current high demand: sparkling water, hard seltzer, and alkaline water.

We have 7000 + loyal followers who are interested in our beverages. Our products will be available to them this year. 

Business Model

The business model is simple. Revenue is based on units sold. As we scale up, the COGs will decrease as well. 

Jivati's business model embraces multiple revenue streams giving us a competitive advantage. (e-commerce, retail/wholesale distribution, subscription-based model)

 (wholesaler/distributor) initially build the Southern California B2B pipeline. Once we establish a strong revenue channel in Southern California, we will move into the next specific location with a strong population of our targeted audience. (Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Washington D.C., NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, etc.)
After establishing a stronger brand recognition and revenue flow nationally, we will begin to enter into the international markets starting with Toronto, Vancouver, London, Japan, etc.

 (online) - will be through our e-commerce website that will be build post-funding in 3 months. This will create a robust online presence for the company, and consumers can buy our non-alcoholic products directly from the site. (It will evolve into a specific offering/subscription base)

(retailerwill also implement a back-end subscription-based model for small businesses to purchase our products directly. (Gyms, new restaurants, hotels, offices, bars, etc.) This model is better fitted for small businesses that do not want to buy in bulk from large wholesalers/distributors.

We have a strong PR & Digital Marketing Team to launch us nationally and internationally. A dynamic sales & distribution team with an established network to place our products in the market. 


What sets Jivati apart from other beverage companies are the ingredients to our
lifestyle, not just our brew. We like to celebrate life by living it up.

Jivati’s unique brand story, a focused and energetic team, along with a business model that embraces multiple revenue streams give us a competitive advantage.

Jivati is designed in 3 tiers to create an influential brand.

  • Brand Lifestyle (A brand with a unique real story)
  • Holistic Products (Products that have a real need in the marketplace)
  • Multi-Functional Ingredients (plant-based ingredients causing a degree of disruption)


Jivati is more than a business; it’s a movement. One of the reasons I created Jivati was because the beverage market is saturated with numerous companies that provide the same type of sugary and artificial drinks that cause harm to people's health which doesn't allow them to enjoy life to the fullest. I have created a brand lifestyle that will produce several lines of products according to the needs of the consumer to keep them going no matter the occasion. 

Here's how Jivati will use the money we raise on Wefunder.

A portion will be spent on key team hires, sales and marketing efforts, manufacturing contracting, and operational budgeting. Our overall funding goal is listed below; we will start executing our go-to-market strategy by raising at most $1M capital sourced through Wefunder and $500K sourced off the platform.